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The Gold Box (BTS fanfic) New Characters 18+
NOTE: Since we have had new characters coming into the story. I am going to write a description for you guys so it's not confusing

Jungkook: 22 Years old. Tall, handsome, and full of sex appeal. From a young age he was introduced to the underground world. Even before he turned eighteen, he started working in the human trafficking field. And now he is one of the biggest human trafficker, and only plans on getting more powerful than before, knocking down all of his rivals. To him business is the start and the end of all things. Everything revolves around how much money and power he will get. He is very competitive. If you are not talking money, he don't wanna talk.  
Kaida: 22 years old. She is a young detective who specializes in catching human traffickers and drug dealers. She is half Japanese (father) and half Irish (mother). When she is on the field she is bold, quick witted and full of confidence. She is the daughter of Seoul's governor. Her next case is to hunt down all of the biggest human traffickers.

Stephanie: 22 years old. She is a Korean-American. She is Kaida's partner and specializes in human trafficking cases too. A graduate of KIAST University. Her mother worked as a nurse with the U.S military and her father was a former military officer. She works on international cases due to having a photographic memory and strong knowledge in foreign languages.

Hoseok: 25 Years old. Behind his wide smile is man that hold in secrets and scars. He is flirtatious but can turn into a scary merciless monster in a second, when his authority is questioned.

Jimin: 22 years old. When he is working, he is ruthless. He only thinks about his missions and never fails to complete them. He is accurate in his calculations. His expertise lies with assassination. But when he is not working he is playful, clingy and flirtatious. His eye smile makes the girls melt for him.

Jane: 20 years old. No one knows her real identity. She is someone who is vicious and greedy. She will get what she wants and how she wants it. Compromise is not a word in her dictionary. She is friends with Raejin. But how long will that friendship last?

Jin: 27 Years old. He is Jane's boyfriend and her partner in crime. There are two things he cares about in this world money and Jane.


This story is not only written by me but my other friends to :) So BIG THANKS TO MY GIRLS LOVE YOU!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
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