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Setting your hands on your hips, you looked at your reflection in the mirror at your satin red halter top, the hem of the skirt fell just above your knees as it hugged your curves. The curls in your hair, gently slid over your shoulders as you pulled some of your hair up and added a perfect red bow to match your dress.

A knock on the door caught you off guard as you slid on some black heels, quickly making your way to the door, you pulled it open as Eli stood there in the hallway.

“Hey, I hope you wouldn’t mind, but I came over a little early.” Eli said softly as you shook your head and let him inside. He wore a nice black sweater with a white collar around his neck as a black trench coat wrapped around him as his dark washed out jeans and his black converse just made the outfit.

“I don’t mind at all, I was ready anyways.” You said as you scanned his outfit.

“You do look beautiful.” He said as he played with a box that was in his hands.

“Thank you, you look handsome as well.” You softly said as your eyes caught onto the box as he looked down at it.

“Oh, I just wanted to say thank you for coming to this party with me and for being my girlfriend and for putting up with me. I got you a little something for the occasion.” He said softly as he removed the lid and slid it into his coat pocket.

Eli presented you with a beautiful corsage, it had a bow that was surrounded by baby’s breath and emerald leaves that sparkled in the light. He gently slid it onto your wrist as the bow matched the color of your dress perfectly.

“Thank you so much, this is really beautiful.” You said as you smiled at him as he took your hand and gently kissed it softly.

“Thank you, for everything.” He said before you grabbed your coat, with his help, he put it on and you headed out the door.

The music played loudly as he walked hand in hand with you into the large room where they were holding the company party. Helping you with your coat, he took off his and hung them together as he wrapped his arm around your waist before going into the room.

Many eyes were on you and Eli, even though your relationship was public, you still were weary on how people perceived you. Yet Eli stayed right by your side as he walked with you around the room. He introduced you to many suited men that were high up and well renown business owners. 

All of the Ukiss members were there (past and present) as they all talked with you happily.
Some of the other groups were there as well as they came up and complimented you both on how happy you two looked together.

With hours of mingling now winding down, some of the elders left as the crowds were thinning out. Eli took your hand softly as you looked over your shoulder and smiled at him.

“Will you come with me for a second?” He asked next to you ear as it sent shivers down your spine. Nodding your head in response, you walked next to him as you both exited the main space. Trusting Eli, you followed him as he lead you though the halls to a window that overlooked the city. The car lights moved with the road as the office lights in the buildings twinkled against the cars.

Eli stood in front of you as you looked at the city below.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” He asked as you looked at him with a smile. Nodding your head softly, he smiled at you and looked up. Following his eyes, you looked up as well.


Biting your lip at the sight, you discovered that you had been set up. Dropping your eyes from the mistletoe, you knew that he hasn’t ever kissed you on the lips before, blushing, you loosened your grip on his hands slightly as he looked down at you.

“It’s just a tradition.” He said as he cupped your face with his trembling hands, kissing your forehead softly, you wrapped your hands around his wrists as his lips lingered on your skin.
Closing your eyes at the sweet sensation of his lips against your skin, he gently pulled away.

“I love you.” He whispered softly as his eyes trailed across your angelic face as you fluttered your eyes open.

“I love you too.” You whispered back as you took a step towards him. Taking that as a yes, he rubbed his thumbs against your cheeks as you closed your eyes again as your face began to move closer to his.

Tilting his head to yours, he presses his lips against yours as you kissed back. Moving your lips against his, soft and slow. Both of you smiled into the kiss as fireworks set off in your hearts as butterflies were released as you two kissed.

Eventually, both of you pulled away from one another as you smiled at him and rested your head against his shoulder, he wrapped his arms around you as he held you close. Your arms wrapped around his waist as you smiled happily.

“Thank you Eli. Merry Christmas.” You whispered as you kissed his ear softly.

“Merry Christmas ______. Thank you too, my love~” He hummed as both of you stood there admiring the beautiful and magical moment that you two shared.