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At first the fights were far and few in between, ending quickly the two of you soon made up with sweet kisses and meaningful sorry’s. However, time grew on, a bigger and bigger rift started to grow between you two. The distance between the two of you caused more problems and more fights to emerge. With more nights sleeping on the couch to count, the once meaningful act of him carrying you back into bed became a distant memory as the two of you wanted less and less of a makeup after each fight. Finding each other’s differences almost too much to overcome, you started to doubt if he even loved you like he did in the beginning.

The late night cuddles turned into being in two separate rooms trying to be as far apart from each other as possible. The laughter that once filled your walls turned into sour yelling and fighting as endless tears fell against the floor. The sweet ‘I love you’s are barely heard but only reread in texts and remain in the past.

Gentle slamming of draws being pushed in and out woke you from your shallow sleep.
Opening your eyes slowly, rolling your aching body over you slowly pushed yourself up from the cushions on the couch. Blinking your eyes a few times, you turned your head towards the noise. Seeing Eunhyuk already dressed for work, gathering a few things for his lunch, he placed the small containers of food into his backpack on top of the counter.

Watching him for a few moments, your eyes finally caught his as he stopped packing for a moment to look over at you. Spinning on his heels he turned around and pulled a few water bottles out of the fridge, slipping them into his backpack he pulled the zippers closed before lifting the backpack onto his shoulders.

“Eunhyuk” You cooed quietly while you watched him move to the front door, pausing right in front of his shoes, he looked over at you with his tired and reddened eyes.

“Yeah?” Eunhyuk’s voice seemed hoarse from last nights yelling

“I just wanted to ask you something” Your eyes shifted down to the bunched up blanket in your lap.

“Can it wait? I am going to be late to practice” He stated

“It can wait” You nodded your head, watching his eyes move down to his favorite pair of sneakers, he slipped them over his socked feet before moving over to the front door.

The sound of the alarm beeped a few times as he held the door open, you laid back down on the couch and he walked out the door. Another pair of beeps followed the sound of the door sliding back into place. Sighing, you closed your eyes as a reserved tear leaked from the side of your eye and trailed over your dried tears that stained your face.

“I just wanted to ask if you still loved me” You whispered, rolling over onto your shoulder, you pulled the blanket up under your chin and closed your eyes while holding the blanket over your mouth to quiet the sobs escaping your mouth.

As hours passed, your mind continued to wonder, rethink through all of the fights and the major fight that you both had last night. Brushing your hair out of your eyes, you pulled yourself up off of the couch and put yourself to work, knowing that working helped you think clearly through things, you first started off with a shower and got dressed in a pair of sweats and a contrasting tank top. Next, you gathered all of the dirty laundry and started a few loads before cleaning your apartment.

The sun moved across the sky while more of the apartment got cleaned between switching the loads of laundry. Noticing how low the sun was getting to the horizon, you knew that Eunhyuk was going to be home soon. Lifting the last basket of laundry from the laundry room, you sat on the couch and started to fold them as you hummed to the soft radio in the background.

About half way through folding the clothes, you heard the front door chime and open, taking in a deep breath you closed your eyes for a moment as you waited to hear his voice sing that he was home. Listening carefully, you heard his shoes shuffle against the tile in the entry then his shoes hitting the hardwood as he slipped them off. Shuffling of his socks moved over the hardwood before he placed his backpack on the countertop.

Still waiting for his words to spill from his lips, you continued to fold your laundry. Hearing him move around the kitchen a little, he finally cleared his throat.

“So what was it that you wanted to ask me?” He questioned hanging his emptied backpack on the back of the chairs that sat at the island.

“I just wanted to ask you…” You felt your heart skip a beat as you went over this moment in your head a thousand times.

Feeling him sit on the opposite side of the couch as you, you folded the clothes slower as you
licked your lips trying to buy you time.

“You wanted to ask me” He probed while pulling out his phone and checking on a few things as you took your time to tell him.

Glancing over at him, you found him on his phone not even paying attention to you and that was the final straw, you shook your head and stood up. Taking your laundry with you, you started to walk past him, his eyes looked up from his phone as he placed his leg across the open walkway.

“What were you going to say?” He questioned gazing up at you.

“Nothing” You mumbled as you pushed his leg out of the way with your foot. Stepping over his feet, you balanced the basket on your hip.

Jumping to his feet, his hand gripped your wrist and turned you around, losing your grip on the basket, you watched it crash to the ground as the clothes toppled over and scattered over the floor.

“Tell me” He sounded a little bit more demanding, your eyes looked into his as you saw a different side of him that you have only seen a few times before.

“Tell me” Eunhyuk gripped your wrist a little harder causing your mouth to open while you tried to twist your hand from his tight grip.

“Please, just let me go” You started to struggle against his grip, trying to pry his hand from yours, you tugged and pulled on your own arm just at a chance of escape.

“Tell me and I will let you go” He waged with you, nodding your head, you stopped tugging for a moment.

“I was going to ask if you still love me.” Your hushed tone seemed to freeze everything you could see.

“Y-You don’t think I do?” Eunhyuk blinked a few times before your question registered in his brain. Shaking your head from side to side, you bit your bottom lip harshly awaiting his outburst that you knew was coming.

“How do you think I don’t love you? We share an apartment together, we share everything, we have spent a year and a half together and you don’t think that I love you? Do you think I was just playing around when I asked you to be my girlfriend? Do you think that an ‘I love you’ is easy to say to the person you really love?” Many more questioned started to bombard you, feeling your wrist being released from his, you knelt to the ground and gathered the scattered clothes into the basket.

His words seemed to stop for a moment while your heart was beating faster and faster against your ribs.

“What makes you think that I don’t love you?” He finally asked hearing his knees crack as he bent down next to you, you looked over at him with tear covered eyes.

“Because you scare me” You snapped at him, “If we love each other than why do we fight?
We have been fighting more lately than we ever have.” You stated while standing up and placing the basket back on your hip.

More words were exchanged as the simple question blew up into the worst fight the two of you have ever had. Letting the hours pass, you knew you couldn’t take much more of this, trotting away from him, you ran into the bedroom and slammed the door hearing him follow you. Leaning against the door, you didn’t hear his words stop. Covering your eyes, you started to cry uncontrollably, dropping the basket beside you, you slid down the door as he tried to push it open.

“_______, ______” He called repeatedly, taking a breath he turned around and rested his back against the door and that is when he heard your cries on the other side.

Hearing you cry on the other side of the door tore his heart to pieces, a churning feeling filled his stomach as he just wanted to show you that he truly did love you, but he was just under a lot of pressure and released it out on you.

Walking away from your door, he stepped into the small music room/office and pulled a classical guitar from its stand, making sure it was tuned; he walked over to the bedroom door and started picking at the strings creating beautiful chords.

The music started to cut through your sobs, causing your tears to fall silently as you heard your boyfriend’s sweet voice overlap the guitar chords.
Maybe we need just a little more time Time that can heal what’s been on your mind You can find what we lost before it all slips away We need time to mend from the mistakes I’ve made God only knows what a heart can survive So many tears from all the pain in our lives And where else could we go after all we’ve been through I still believe my life is right here with you So just hold on And it’ll wont take long I hope that you can love me When the pain is gone I don’t want us to fall through the cracks of a broken heart Don’t want us to fall through the cracks of your broken heart I know its taking a while but every lesson, i’ve learned And if your heart speaks tonight, I’ll hear every word If you want to be free I’ll never stand in your way But with all that I am, I’m asking you to stay Hold on And it’ll wont take long I hope that you can love me When the pain is gone I don’t want us to fall through the cracks of a broken heart Don’t want us to fall through the cracks of your broken heart There’s a light that can burn It exists in the heart You can feel it when you know love is true If you could try to be strong And keep the light burning long It took a lifetime but i found it in you Hold on And it’ll wont take long I hope that you can love me When the pain is gone I don’t want us to fall through the cracks of a broken heart Don’t want us to fall through the cracks of your broken heart
Rising to your feet, you carefully opened the door to see him and his guitar standing right outside of your door. Lifting the guitar from his arms, he rested it against the wall behind him, slowly moving closer to him, you watched his glistening eyes while his quivering lips were brought between his teeth.

“I’m sorry” You confessed, slipping your arms around his torso, you placed your head on his chest while a few more tears fell and soaked into his shirt.

“I am sorry too” Eunhyuk whispered against your hair while his arms snaked around you and pulled you closer to him. Tears dripped off of his skin and onto the crown of your head as he placed a few kisses in your hair.

“Let’s try to not fight anymore okay?” He whispered as the two of you were listening to each other’s quiet cries and hitched breaths.

“Okay” You choked out as he held you tighter, tucking your head under his chin, he closed his eyes and licked his quivering lips. Holding you like that for a while, he pulled away a little to look down at you.

“Say… can we cuddle and make up for the nights we were apart? I want to show you how much I love you” His words made your heart flutter like before.

“I would really like that” You looked up at him with your wet eyes, lifting his hand, he carefully wiped away your lingering tears and kissed your forehead.

“Then maybe a nice massage for you, since you have been sleeping on the couch” He smiled and caressed your cheek with his feathery touch.

“I’ll have to pay you back in kisses for that then” You cooed, he grinned widely before lifting you up effortlessly  into his arms and carried you to the bed where the two of you would spend some time trying to repair your relationship so you wouldn’t fall through the cracks of a broken heart.