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Feel free to swap the names upon the ending you would like to have, both of these guys are great and I had a hard time choosing myself on who to end up with this story, so feel free to swap the names if you dislike the ending.
Three people, two hearts destined to be one, one left out to find another

“What could go wrong with working with your two best guy friends?” You questioned yourself, looking up at the sign from the street, it wasn’t a very big store but it was modern and with a need for a local bakery the business was destined to flourish.
Taking in a deep breath, you walked up to the front door, pulling open the door, you took in the new store smell, a hint of wood along with the subtle hint of flour and sugar that seemed to float through the air.

“________!” One of your best friends, the founder and store manager, Eunhyuk happily greeted you with open arms.

“Hey Eunhyuk, you look cheerful for being under a lot of stress” You teased, wrapping your arms around him and giving him a quick hug.

“The smile is only because you are here” Eunhyuk cheekily remarked, “When you leave, I think I will get worry lines”
Eunhyuk patted his forehead and cheeks with care, his face turning into more of a pout as he looked upwards into the soft hanging lights.

“Aish, if you don’t stop poking your skin, I will poke it for you” You giggled, leaning up and trying to poke his cheeks as he refused backed away from you, a smile pulling on his pink lips once again.

“Are you guys going to just stand around or can you help me unload this flour and sugar?” A voice asked after a thud, looking over you at your other best friend Donghae behind the counter.
Trotting over a few steps, you turned back around to look at Eunhyuk, “Hey are you going to help us?” You questioned as his eyes were too busy looking over the decor.

“I-I… I have a few other things to do… I am sure you both can manage” Eunhyuk smiled sweetly as you. Playfully saluting him, you skipped off behind the counter and hung up your jacket and purse before rolling up your sleeves as you trotted out to the backdoor.

Seeing the truck backed up to the door, Donghae was busy at work moving one bag of flour at a time towards the edge of the truck so he could carry them inside easier.

“Muscles ready to be put to work!” You cheered flexing your arm muscles. Watching his eyes as he turned around, he chuckled and shook his head lightly from side to side.

“Can your muscles carry one bag or two?” Donghae questioned with a smile, hopping down from the truck and placing his hands on his hips as he looked at you with a bright twinkle in his eyes and a smile curling his lips.

“Two!” You beamed happily, a little too chipper causing him to smile brightly.

“You sure you can handle it?” Donghae questioned, turning back and picking up a bag of flour and resting it in your arms as you widened your eyes in surprise at how heavy it was.

“You okay?” Donghae questioned seeing the change in facial expressions from you, ready to
catch the bag if you can’t handle it.

“I’m good!” You nodded with a smile as he watched you carefully turn around and walk back inside before he lifted two bags with his arms and walked them inside.

“Where would you like them?” You questioned, your voice slightly straining while your body moved to accommodate the extra weight you were carrying.

“In the flour stack, here” He smiled and walked over to the stack, setting two bags down effortlessly as he helped you lift your bag on top of his. “Ready for another trip?”

Walking back and forth for a few trips, your feet began to shuffle across the floor. Your arms aching from the constant strain of the bags and even though the bags stayed the same weight, they somehow seemed heavier with each bag you carried.
“We could sweep up a little” Donghae offered seeing how you were getting worn out and there were still more to carry in.

“Is that okay?” You questioned, your hand shaking as you reached out for the broom.

“Totally, it is only a few more bags” He patted your shoulder, saying good job as he headed out, grabbing three bags per trip, you watched his muscles ripple under his worn t shirt.
Beads of sweat lightly surfaced across his forehead and neck as you slowly swept the surrounding area. Your eyes wondering over his form as he walked through the door with two bags of flour and sugar over his built shoulders.

“Once that is done, the two of you can head home for the night” Eunhyuk tapped his thumbs against his phone as his eyes never lifted from the phone in his palms.

“Okay” You replied as he nodded his head

“Have a good night, I am heading home” Eunhyuk, pushed his phone into the inside pocket of his suit coat. “_______ would you like to get some dinner together?”

The offer came to you as a surprise, your eyes wide as your lips parted slightly. Blinking a few times, you looked back over at Donghae, knowing he usually offered to the three of you and not just you.

“I think I am going to stay and help clean up a little” You declined
“We’ll do it another time then~” Eunhyuk smiled, just then his phone rang and he waved the two of you off before he answered the call and headed out into the cool night.

“Aish!” A loud rip sounded behind you, whipping around, you saw a whole bag of flour scattered across the clean tile floor.

“Are you okay?” You questioned rounding the counter and looking at Donghae, covered in a white powder.

“I’m okay…. we better get this cleaned up though” He sighed as you could tell that the long, hard day was wearing on him.
Grabbing a broom, you gathered the flour in a dustpan before tossing it in the trash bin.
Scooping up a few dustpans full, you just had the fine flour still stuck to the floor. Grabbing a damp rag, you carefully moved the rag across the floor to capture the fine flour.
Hearing Donghae bring in the last of the bags, he sat on the stack and ran his fingers through his hair. Watching you work the floor, you shook out the flour before continuing again.

“You know you can leave, I can finish this up” Donghae offered, grabbing another damp towel and joining you on the floor.

“It is a lot for one person, besides more hands make light work” You smiled, glancing up at
him as he nodded slowly. The two of you worked until there was no more flour on the title.
Standing upright, you slid your hands into your jean pockets and looked around making sure everything was cleaned.

“Why did you turn down Eunhyuk?” Donghae probed, his hands ringing the towels between his hands as he ran them under the water to get rid of all of the flour.

“I didn’t want to leave you alone…” You lightly bit your lip as you twirled a strand of hair around your fingers, “Besides, I didn’t want to go alone to dinner with him”

“Why not?” Donghae tilted his head, turning off the lights and grabbing your jacket and your purse and handing them to you.

“I don’t know… it would feel weird without you there and I wouldn’t want anyone to think…. welll… you know…” You gestured to it as Donghae walked you out the front door and locked the front door behind you.

“That you were dating” Donghae finished as you nodded, sighing softly as you felt the cool night brush over your warm skin.

“Yeah…” You sighed softly, your eyes dropping down.

“Why don’t I buy you some ice cream, you did help me so much today after all” Donghae changed the subject as your eyes lifted up to his.

“I would love that~” You sang happily

“But would that be okay? I mean it might look like we are dating” He teased, brushing his shoulder against yours.

“That would be okay with me” You whispered softly, your heart pounding against your ribs as you tried to hide that you had feelings for Donghae, not matter how strong they were.

The two of you found an open creamery, choosing your ice cream, he paid for both your treat and his before the two of you leaned against the railing overlooking a babbling stream.
“You know, you and Eunhyuk would make a cute couple” Donghae leaned against the railing, his arms supporting his weight while his tongue licked around the edge of the two scoop ice cream cone.

“I-I don’t think so…” You replied quietly, taking a small lick from your cone as well.

“Why not?” His head turned to yours, tilting slightly as he hung on your every word.
Shrugging your shoulders, your eyes looked down at the babbling brook while your tongue tried to form some words, “For one, he is too caught up in his work, he isn’t very kind and is too busy flaunting his money in my face…”

“Ah~” Donghae nodded, “It wouldn’t be because you had your eyes on someone else, now would it?”
When Donghae questioned you, your eyes lifted up to his as you slowly shook your head from side to side hesistantly.

“You sure?” Donghae adjusted his stance so his hips leaned against the railing, his eyes fixated on you.

“There might be someone I like…. but it would be awkward if I liked him and showed my feelings…” Your fingers ran over the cake cone between your fingers as you finished off the ice cream inside.

“Why would that be?” Donghae probed deeper

“I wouldn’t want to hurt the relationship we have and especially with others… it wouldn’t be the place…” You told him, your eyes lifting to meet his.

A slight twinkle shined in your eyes, slowly telling all as Donghae’s brown orbs read your eyes like his favorite book.

“What if the guy liked you back? You wouldn’t know if he liked you or not” Donghae reasoned, his eyes softening as you could tell that something had changed between him and you.

“Then he would have to make the first move, so I knew it would be okay” You shyly tore your eyes away from his as he nodded.

“Shall I walk you home?” Donghae questioned, looking at the time on the watch hugging his wrist.

“T-That’s okay, I know your home is in the other direction.” You pulled your jacket over your cooled skin as you buttoned the front.

“You sure? It isn’t a problem” Donghae offered again

“I’m sure, maybe another time” You nodded in reassurance as he nodded.

“Thank you for all of your help today” Donghae smiled sweetly at you

“Thank you for the ice cream” You bowed to him returning the sweet smile, “See you tomorrow”
The two of you then parted ways, him walking one way as you walked the other way. With the distance increasing between the two of you, you looked over your shoulder to see his slight shadow moving underneath the street lights, his pace slow but steady as you returned your eyes forward unaware that a moment later, he stopped in his tracks and turned around to watch you.

“I hope you like me….” Donghae whispered into the dead of the night, before continuing his walk home.

Reaching your home, you pushed open the door as the dark abode welcomed you inside. Slipping off your shoes, you carefully hung your jacket and your purse by the door before you headed to your bedroom to change into some comfier clothes for the night. Exchanging your jeans for some sweat pants and your flour dusted shirt for a clean grey tee. You pulled your hair into a loose braid as your kitten walked into your room and sat down, watching you for a moment before she approached you, rubbing the side of her body against your leg.

“Hey Missy~” You sang, leaning down and running your hand down her head, along her spine and up her tail.

“Should we go see what movies are on tonight?” You questioned picking her up under her forearms and cradling her in your arms as you padded out into the living room.
Settling down on the couch, Missy settled in your arms as you thumbed through the channels, sighing you settled on one of the movies you knew of. Watching the characters move across the screen, you ran your fingers through Missy’s fur letting your mind wonder.

“What do I do when there are two cute guys that both want me?” You questioned yourself, looking down at Missy, her paws gently pulled on your sweat pants, bunching it up underneath her paws as she nuzzled her head into your lap.

“You know who the boys are, don’t you?” You then started to talk to Missy, “Donghae and Eunhyuk. They are both sweet guys, Eunhyuk has all of the money and Donghae has the work ethic and the ideal personality.”

Petting behind her ears, she purred softly and moved to her side as your fingers mindlessly moved through her fur, “Eunhyuk has his moments, yet he is more invested in work and flaunting his money. On the other hand, Donghae is just a sweetheart, he is a gentleman and I always have a good time. Yet tonight Eunhyuk asked me to to dinner with him. I know he must be lonely with his money, but I don’t want him to like me romantically.”

A soft call came from Missy as you blinked a few times, bringing you out of your thoughts,
“You know I like Donghae, I get nervous when I see him for the first time in a while, I watch my words around him and yet I can be completely comfortable and myself when I am around him. Eunhyuk… well I have to watch my p’s and q’s with him and be polite and proper and he doesn’t like to do a lot of the things I like to do.”

Talking to Missy for a little while longer, you turned off the lights and carefully lifted your sleeping friend up and brought her into bed with you. Plugging in your phone, you checked a few things before turning off your phone, one quote you saw staying in your head.

Who would you rather be sleeping next to?

The weight of your eyes slowly caused your world to go dark for a moment, wrapping your arm around yourself, your hand rubbed your side as you tried to picture one of the two guys next to you, his arms wrapped around you tightly while his warm breath spilled over your exposed skin.

Months passed as the two guys competed for you affection and attention. With Eunhyuk flaunting his money and showing off his toys and the life of luxury you could have with him, if only you gave him your heart. However, Donghae had his charms, his gentleman ways and his personality that had you coming back for more. A smile never left your face when you were around him, being yourself was enough and every night after that, you slowly began to make up your mind as to who you would like by your side.

The small bell on the front door jingled as Eunhyuk walked into the bakery, his eyes wondering around before leaning up against the front counter. Checking his watch a time or two, the jingle of the small bell snapped his head up.

“Oh Eunhyuk… I didn’t know you would be here so late” Donghae looked at his friend leaning against the counter.

“Just meeting a friend” Eunhyuk smiled, “What are you doing here Dongie?”

“______ and I were going to go out and see a movie tonight” Donghae answered, letting the distasteful nickname Eunhyuk called him roll off his back.

“O-Oh…” Eunhyuk stammered

“Who are you waiting for?” Donghae probed, his hands sliding into his pockets

“_______” Eunhyuk answered as Donghae’s eyes widened in surprise.

“How can you be doing something with her, when we are going to see a movie?” Donghae questioned calmly.

“I asked her first, you must be mistaken that she would want to go out with a worker like yourself” Eunhyuk boasted

“We will let her decide when she gets here then” Donghae reasoned, knowing that the two of them would start fighting over nothing when it is your call in the end.
Just at that moment, you pulled the door open. Walking into your two best friends looking like they had just gotten over a small fight.

“Hey guys” You tried to act chipper, your Mary Jane lace up heels, clicking against the tile floor.

“Hey” Donghae gave you a sweet smile as Eunhyuk watched the two of you interact, you standing between the two guys. The air went silent between the three of you until Eunhyuk cleared his throat.

“You ready to go to dinner?” Eunhyuk smiled softly at you as your eyes widened.

“I thought I told you that I had plans already” You repeated, knowing when he asked you to dinner that you had told him about your plans.

“What are your plans then?” Eunhyuk’s smile faded from his face, his arms folding over his chest.

“A movie with Donghae, we were going to see the latest action movie” You told him.

“A-Ah okay…” Eunhyuk mumbled, his gaze darkening, “Wait… a-are you two… dating?”
That word caused you to freeze in your tracks, your eyes looking into Eunhyuks’.

“No, we are just going out as friends” You explained

“So you won’t go out with me as “friends”?” Eunhyuk stepped towards you

“We have been out together, we went to your house and you showed me your cars and we took a drive, we even went golfing and on your yacht.” You answered.

“Do you think I just do that for anyone?” Eunhyuk began interrogating you

“I’m guessing you don’t” You replied, given his body language.

“I don’t… I just did it because…” Eunhyuk began talking quicker before he stopped

“Because?” Donghae probed

“I like you" Eunhyuk confessed

“This just got awkward” Donghae whispered under his breath, shifting his weight from one leg to the other.

“Why?” Eunhyuk shifted his gaze to Donghae.

“I like her as well” Donghae rubbed the back of his neck, his eyes kinder and softer than Eunhyuk’s.

“I guess it isn’t up to us” Eunhyuk sighed as both of them turned towards you.

Knowing you had to make a decision right there and then, you clasped your hands in front of you while looking between the two guys. Minutes felt like hours as you looked at each one before closing your eyes, bringing you back to your late night thoughts.

“Eunhyuk, I appreciate all that we have done together. Donghae, you have been such a sweetheart.“ You complimented each one before you looked at them once again, “I don’t mean this to be hurtful to either one of you.”

Moving towards Donghae, you stood beside him as Eunhyuk’s eyes widened knowing that you made your choice.
“You’ll have nothing” Eunhyuk resentfully yelled

“At least I’ll have love. That is all I need” You retort back as you slip your hand into Donghae’s.

The two of you watched Eunhyuk growl, spinning on his heels and then walking out of the bakery. Watching Eunhyuk look back at you for a moment, you nodded your head thanking him for everything before he sped off in his car.

Letting out a struggled breath, the hand around yours gently squeezed your hand, getting your attention.

“What made you choose me?” Donghae questioned, your eyes lifting up to his.

“Many reasons” You answered shortly

“Will I ever know what those reasons are?” Donghae tilted his head cutely to one side as you hummed, tapping your lip in thought.

“Maybe one day”