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Putting another load of laundry into the dryer, you took out the blankets and towels as you began to fold them. Humming along to some of the Exo songs that you knew by heart, you watched your little boy chew on one of his toys as he looked up at you with cute big eyes as you smiled at him.

“Don’t worry, Daddy will be home soon.” You reassured him, more like yourself as it was Christmas and you were supposed to be together as a family, yet they called an emergency practice.

The door opened as your little boy, Jaehyung turned his head and began to crawl with the toy in his mouth as he crawled out of the laundry room to the doorway to greet his dad.

“Hey my little boy~” You heard as you smiled and finished folding a towel and set it on top of the laundry basket before greeting your husband. He held Jae in his arms happily as he blew on his cheeks, making the baby giggle and crumble in his arms.

“Hey jagiya~” He called as he extended an arm to you as you hugged him tightly. Jae went back to chewing on his toy as you kissed your husband’s cheek.

“What have you two been up to today?” He asked as you all moved to the couch.

“Well we opened up his presents and he began to play with them and I cleaned and caught up on laundry.” You said as you ran your fingers through Jae’s little hairs that stood proudly on his head. “What did you do today Oppa?”

“We just danced and worked out today. They pushed us pretty hard today.” He said as he tickled his son’s sides as he giggled again causing a smile to show itself for a few seconds on his face.

“Relax then, play with him. I know that he has missed you.” You said as you heard the buzzing from the dryer as you kissed his head and moved to grab the warm blankets.

“Have you been keeping mommy company?” He smiled as he lifted Jae up and Jae stood on his lap with help. “Have you been a good boy? Did you like the presents that Santa brought you?” He kept talking to his son with the one sided conversation.

Sliding to the floor, Jae moved from his lap as he watched his son happily. Exo had been under a lot of pressure lately and so had he. Watching Jae move around the floor, he hoisted himself up with the help of his dad’s leg as he stood up and steadied his feet as his father’s eyes lit up with happiness. His grabby hands encouraged Jae to walk the few steps to him.

Jae balanced himself with his arms as he moved his one foot in front of the other, moving the other one cautiously, he placed it back on the ground as he walked into his father’s hands.

“Jagi~ Come quick!” He called as you ran out of the room and leaned on the side of the couch.
“Jae just walked.” He said as he kissed his little boy.

“Oh really?” You said as you came around the couch and sat on the ground across from your husband.

“Go to mommy, Jae.” He whispered as he turned Jae around. Clapping your hands together you urged him to walk to you as he smiled brightly and set one foot in front of the other as he soon took more and more steps to you.

“Good boy, Jae.” You lifted him in the air as you smothered his face with sweet kisses. “You’re getting so big, my baby.” You smiled as you looked over at the proud, and wide smile of your husband. “Walk over to daddy.”

Setting him on his legs you moved him back as he had to walk more and more to get to his dad. He made it about half way before he fell and crawled the rest of the way to his dad.

“Ah is my little boy tired, your legs will get stronger~” He said as he massaged his little legs with his hands. Jae grabbed his shirt happily as he arched his head back and smiled up at his dad. “My walking boy~”

He planted a kiss on his cheeks as you moved closer to him, wrapping your arms around his sides. Both of you smiled happily at your little boy as he played with some more toys in his arms as you two smiled happily, and proudly at your little son, who now could walk.