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EXO Sci-Fi
Kai appeared in the Grawl's path, the hunter ran harder and slammed into him, knocking him several feet into the air. Kai landed hard into the pavement, knocking the wind out of him. He gasped for air, his side hurting from where he landed. The Grawl hunter jumped over him. Kai watched as the Grawl's body fazed back into its original form as he came down on the other side of him. The Grawl stumbled but kept running. The others came running to Kai's aide, helping him off the ground. “Why did you do that?” Kyung asked. His normally deep voice a pitch higher with concern, “He could've hurt you.” “I'm fine, I'm okay” Kai whispered still trying to catch his breath, “I was hoping to snatch him away to some place far.” “You had good intentions but lets try to stay together.” Nero said. They continued their chase. Xiumin and Sehun sat behind a bush listening for anything coming. “Hyung…” Sehun sounded nervous, Xiumin looked at him surprised. “Hyung?” Xiumin mocked, “What's on your mind, Dongsaeng?” Sehun smiled, “I like how that sounds. It feels right… but I was wondering, how are we going to capture him? He seems like a strong being and from what Nero says, very hard to kill.” “It'll take all of us. We'll have to hit him all at once or try to even if just one of us still standing” he patted sehun's shoulder, “Don't worry, if the war was won back home, we can win it here too.” Sehun nodded. Someone was coming. They could hear the sound of footfalls coming fast. Xiumin and Sehun got ready. They peered over the hedge and seen someone run by, then another and then could others went flying by. They looked at one another. Xiumin came out into the open. He seen someone familiar. “Kyung!” Kyung stopped in his tracks and turned, “Xiumin. Where are the others?” “We were hiding and waiting for that Grawl to arrive.” He looked at the others as they all came to a stop, “You didn't catch him?” Kyung shook his head, “He didn't come here?”
Chanyeol and Chen came out if their hiding places.
“No one, there's been no one.” Xiumin said looking around, “Wait… Where's Suho?”