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EXO Sci-Fi
Suho couldn't call out to the others. The hand covering his mouth, pressed hard as he watched Nero and the others go running past him. Sharp nails dug into his neck, right at his Adams Apple like a warning.

He heard them talking and then suddenly splitting up, digging through the bushes, calling out to him. The Grawl pulled him back, dragging him further into the foliage. Someone came close to where they were hiding

“Don't make a sound…” the Grawl whispered into his ear.

Chen was almost on top of them, he had come so close that Suho could have reached out and touched him. But the surrounding trees and bushes were thick and too dark to see into, Chen went on by.

The hunter watched as everyone got further away. He picked Suho off the ground and carried him out, cautiously keeping an eye on where everyone was at. Suho didn't realize until now that where it's ship was, there was no light. All the lamp posts were out. He happen to catch Chanyeol and Kyung walking along the river bank, looking over the railing into the water.

Each step was quiet. Just as they were half, something happened, Suho's feet touched the ground and then he felt the weight of the hunter on his back, pushing him down. The hand that was covering his mouth, shrunk in size and became human. Suho shoved the weight off and turned around to watch the Grawl hunter's body try to faze into that of Dr. Yin.

Yin looked up at Suho, “Run!”

Suho took off running.

The Grawl's fists slammed into the ground as he growled under his breath, “Damn it… damn you! I'm done with you, Go away!“ Then he heard inside his head, ‘you'll never be rid of me, I told you the day will come when I'll have my revenge!’. The hunter stood up, making an ominous hissing sound. He tried to make a run for the river but Nero tackled him. The hunter grabbed him by the neck, lifting him off the ground before tossing him across the ground like a rag doll.

A wall of fire blazed up in front of him and all around him. Trapping him. Then a web of electricity made its way into the cycle, attacking him, sending jolts throughout his body. The ground began to rumble underneath his feet, as pieces of the concrete came up and bombarded him.

Through the flames, he could see a familiar face staring at him, eyes filled with anger. The hunter charged through the fire, grabbing Tao.

“Time to give back what was given to you!“ tentacles whipped out of its body, attaching themselves to Tao. Tao screamed as he felt his life being drained. Lay and Sehun run up and tried to pull Tao away.

“Suho! I need water!” Xiumin yelled, Suho pulled water from the river into Xiumin's direction. Xiumin turned the water into long pieces of icicles and shot them at the hunter. One pierced its side but it didn't do anything to make the hunter stop. Tao's body was growing weaker. Nero came running out of nowhere with his staff in hand.

“You're not going to take my son again!”

Nero got between them, shoving one end of the staff into the Grawl's eye, gouging it. When that happen, the Grawl's grip momentarily loosened on Tao. Sehun and Lay still pulling their hardest, dragged him away. Nero and The Grawl stood toe to toe, glaring at one another. Nero swung his staff to strike but the hunter blocked it. Nero felt its long fingers wrap around his throat, his grip tightening, his life draining slowly. Nero called out to Kai.

“Kai!... Kai, remember what I told you… Do it, do it now!“ Nero yelled.

Kai's heart stopped, it was unthinkable. If he took the hunter now, Nero would be lost as well.

“DO IT!”

Kai ran up and ready to took hold of the hunter. He looked at Nero, his eyes starting to fill with tears.

“It's okay, do it” Nero's voice was weak, his face growing paler by the second. Then his body went limp in the Grawl's grip.

Everyone watched as Kai disappeared with Nero and the hunter, for what seemed like forever and then reappear alone. He stood, looking at his empty hands. Then he fell to the ground, covering his face as he started to cry. Kyung came and sat next him, putting his arms around him. Slowly, one by one they all sat with him.

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