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EXO Sci-Fi
Days passed. They told their parents what really happened. They all believed them and vouched to the company that they had all been sick for those days. Their parents, their earth parents knew some day their real parents would come back for them and they were warned about the monster, they were prepared. “Where are you going to stay?” Kai asked Tao. Tao shook his head, “I don't know. I think I'll just go back to China. My fah…” he bit his lip, “he had a compound there with a house built on top. I suppose I can stay there.” “You can stay here with us” Kai insisted. Tao looked at him with sullen eyes, “A part of me would like that but I just can't. What about Lay?” “He's welcome to stay too. My parents said he can stay with them, even Suho's family says they have a bed for him and you. He said when he gets back, he'll join us.” Kai looked at him. Tao's expression dropped even more, “What?” “I wish I could have been able to tell him where his parents are, I couldn't remember. I just remember a place in the mountains. A building, there were people working there.” Kai thought for a moment, “The facility?” “What facility?” Tao asked curiously. “Yeah, the place where that hunter kept us when we were little. It was up in the mountains but I don't know the exact location.” Tao's face changed, Kai continued, “Yeah, from what Nero had said, it was still occupied. I wonder if he knew they were there… but if he did, he would've tried to get them out.” Kai reached into his pocket and pulled out a medallion. “I think this belongs to you now.” He held it up in front of Tao, Tao took it. His thumb tracing over the outline then he hung it around his neck. “I’m going to try to catch up to Lay and help him.” They hugged and when he let go he found that Kai had transported them to the airport. “He's leaving on a flight to Japan. If you hurry, you can catch him.” Kai gripped Tao’s hand, “I'll be seeing you, brother”

Tao nodded his head and ran into the airport. Ten Years Later... Years went by quickly, the nine succeeded in carving a career as a music group, and Tao having made his own mark as a solo singer, the Exolusians were ready to return home. They all stood in a field under a full moon, staring at a familiar oval shape, gleaming in the moonlight. “Well… who's going first?” Tao asked glancing over at the others. Kyung’s mouth curled up in the corner, “Why don't you go first.” “But I thought only Grawl tech was only accessible by The Grawl….” Lay said, then it hit him, “oooh I see, yes Tao, you should go first.” “What? Why me?” he asked. “Well because… in theory, uh...hmm,” Suho laughed nervously, “The Grawl hunter gave you his blood, so we figured there was still a trace of it in you…” “So in theory, the ship may recognize it and open up!” Sehun said opening his hands like a door. Tao huffed, “I thought you said that Lay's parents figured out how to open it.” “Sort of” Lay said shyly. “Xiumin's father sent blueprints to build a device that would open it but…” Baek said emphasizing the but, “it'll reboot everything, everything will reset and we'll loose the navigation charts.” “And what's wrong with that?” Tao asked. He crossed his arms. Xiumin chimed in, “Without the charts, it'll take us just as long as it took for our parents to get here to get back. With the charts, maybe one months tops. This doesn't have stasis for us to sleep in, the Grawl don't age…. Which is probably why you still look 19.” Tao caressed his jaw, “I do?” They all nodded. “If your father could send a blueprint for this device, why can't he send a new navigation chart? He came here didn't he, so he should have one too!” “Because, to protect us on this planet, everything about it was destroyed.” Xiumin answered, “Especially the path in-between.” “Please, just give it a try.” Chanyeol said pulling Tao closer to the ship, Tao looked at the smooth surface, “What if it doesn't work?” “Nothing will happen, just try, just try.” Sehun egged him on. He glanced over at Suho and Chanyeol, whom pressed a finger to their lips. Xiumin got a big smile, “If you can't do it then we'll use the device” Tao raised his hands. He took a deep breath, his shaky hands hovering over the surface. He looked back at them for support, “What the hell?!” He said in disbelief, seeing that they had moved back several yards away from the ship. “It's okay, go ahead!“ Baek called out. He shook his head and very quickly placed his hands on the surface to get it over with. He left them there for a minute but nothing happened. He turned around raising his hands in the air like ‘what now’ “Maybe it's dead!” He yelled to them, “Maybe when the Grawl hunter died, it became useless.” The ground vibrated. Tao heard a hissing sound from behind him. He slowly turned around expecting the worse. The top of the ship lifted up and then down, a piece of the side slid away. The inside lit up, the ship sounded like it was trying to power up then it died completely. The guys watched in amazement. They all jumped when they heard voices come up from behind them. “Ahhh, so he got it open then?” Ziyang said. Lay turned and went to their side, helping his mother. “It'll be so good to be home.” Lay's mother said as they walked towards the ship. “I don't think it's going to work, I think it just died.” Kyung said as they entered. All the lights that were on before, were dying out. Tao fiddled with gadget after gadget but nothing. “The power cells must've finally drained. It sat too long.” Tao said as they exited the ship. Everyone sighed. Ziyang looked around, took a deep breath, looked at his wife whose face shined bright in the moonlight. His wife seen that look on his face and knew what he was thinking. “Ziyang… what if he can't.” She said softly. Her heart sinking with the thought of never returning home. They both looked at Kai. Kai raised his eyebrows. “Are you talking about me?” Kai asked.
Everyone's attention went to him. “You've seen Exodus.” “I have…” he realized where Ziyang was going with this. He thought about the dreams, he recalled the place his mother had shown him numerous times when he felt the need to see her. He felt a hand rest on his shoulder. He looked back into the old man's face. “Everyone grab onto me” They all huddled around Kai, grabbing a piece of his clothing and holding onto each other. He stared up into night sky, closed his eyes and thought of only Exodus. Into the stars, they disappeared.

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