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Starting out as friends


The two of you bumped shoulders as you played, shouted insults and promises playful. There were threats of bodily harm as the two of you played, ignoring the rest of the boys who were staring at you from the doorway. You jumped up in joy when you see that you had won. A small happy dance ensued making the rest laugh and the two of you to jump.

Jungkook stood, his arm wrapping naturally around your shoulder as you turned to look at the rest of the group. You blushed darkly and looked down, not having been introduced to the rest of the group yet. Your childhood best friend tightened his arm around your shoulders as you looked at your feet.

“Who is this Jungkook?” one of the other members asked.

You looked at him, noting his bright pink hair, and blinked slightly. A slight frown curled your lips as you resisted the urge to question the decision to ask him why his hair was pink. Your eyes wandered around the group taking in the purple, light brown, black with blue highlights, blonde and dark brown hair colors of the rest of the group of boys. You looked up at Jungkook with a confused look on your face, the light from the sun making his light brown colored hair seem to have blonde highlights in it.

“Jungkook-ah, introduce me?” You asked him, a pout curling your lips.

A soft chuckle escaped your friend as he smiled at you. You heard a gasp from the group of males and looked at them, blinking in confusion.

“Y/N-ah, this is Jin-hyung, Yoongi-hyung, Namjoon-hyung, Hoseok-hyung, Jiminie and Taehyung-hyung.” Jungkook listed pointing at each in turn.

You blinked as the pink haired boy, Jimin you reminded yourself, frowned at Jungkook and opened his mouth.

“Show some respect you brat, I'm older than you.” Jimin said, a little irritated but you could tell he didn't really mind it.

You frowned and slapped Jungkook’s arm and shook your head.

“Oppa would smack you for doing that to him Jungkook-ah.” You said, speaking about your older brother. “He'd tell you to show all of your elders respect, you know that. Be glad that Seung-hyun-oppa isn't here.”

Your friend shuddered at the motion of your older brother as a smirk curled your lips. A soft laugh escaped you as you smiled up at your friend making the rest of the guys look at you confused.

“Ah sorry my name is Lee Y/N.” You said giving them a bow stepping away from Jungkook to do so. “I grew up with Jungkook-ah.”

The group stared at the two of you with wide eyes as you cuddled into your best friends side with a wide smile spreading your lips. A chuckle escaped your friend as he shook his head and the pair of you went back to your game.


When you got jealous


You frowned as you watched Jungkook trying to avoid the fans around him. You held his towel in your hands for him, knowing that he would want to wipe off his face afterwards. A hand landed on your shoulder making you look over your shoulder at Hoseok who had his eyes trained on the maknae.

“You know that he's just awkward Y/N-ssi.” he said looking at you. “You know that he doesn't know how to act really around girls that aren't you.”

You sighed as you nodded, clenching your hands in your shirt self-consciously. You smiled thankfully up at Hoseok and patted his hand.

“Thank you Hoseok-oppa.” you said softly, a tiny smile curling your lips.


Asking you out


Jungkook had asked you to come to the dorm, which as of recently wasn't much of a surprise. You had become somewhat of a permanent fixture in the dorm rooms, even the managers didn't really notice that you were there anymore. You sighed as you threw on the hoodie that you had stolen from Jimin as he was one of the only members who had a similar body structure to you, even then it still was big on you. You left your apartment and headed toward the dorms, glad that they were close by.

You entered the dorm, and was met by the male you had stolen the hoodie from. He raised an eyebrow at you and the hoodie, a smirk curling his lips as he looked at you.

“Jungkook is in his room.” Jimin told you. “He's been pacing waiting for you to get here.”

You nodded and smiled at the older male, thanking him before heading toward your friends room. You passed by Namjoon who smirked at you with earbuds in his ears as he headed to Jin’s room. You rolled your eyes at the male before heading to Jungkook’s door. You knocked and entered when you got the go ahead.

You blinked at the sight you friend made. His hair was messed up, looking like he had been tugging on it as he waited for you to get to the dorm. He turned to face you, biting his lower lip as he did so. You smiled at him, hoping that it was comforting, watching as the tension in his shoulder bled out and he slumped where he stood.


He took in a deep breath before releasing it. A soft squeak escaped you as you were pulled into his arms, the strong limbs locking around your hips. You looked up at your friend in confusion and bit your lower lip.

“Please don't interrupt me Y/N-ah.” he said looking at you seriously, making you blink and nod.

“I don't want to be friends anymore Y/N-ah.” as he spoke those words you froze in his arms before starting to struggle to get away, tears in your eyes, when his next words made you freeze. “I want us to be more. I don't want this kind of relationship with your I want us to be together. I really like you Y/N-ah, a lot more than I should. Please, please give me a chance to become something more to you.”

You stared up at your friend with wide eyes, a blush painting your cheeks as you did so. He looked down at you with pleading eyes, a tiny pout curling his lips. You bit your lower lip contemplating your next move before leaning up and planted a chaste kiss on his lips and pulled away blushing darker. He blinked at you with eyes as you nodded, and let out a loud whoop of joy. He lifted you in his strong arms, the strong muscles lifting you easily as he spun you in a circle.

Setting you down he buried his face in your hair and spoke softly, the words a soft whisper that you barely caught.

“Thank you, so much Y/N-ah.” he murmured a childish grin curling his lips.


On a Date


You stood in the middle of your room as you finished getting ready for your date that Jungkook had invited you out to. You studied yourself in your mirror that hung on the wall opposite you as you pulled your hair into a messy bun at the nap of your neck. You tilted your head thoughtfully and smiled happily, nodding as you grabbed your bag, satisfied with what you had on.

You looked up when you heard the knock at your door and headed to it. Opening the door you smiled up at Jungkook who had on a beanie covering his distinct hair color. You smiled up at him and shut the door, locking it behind you. You blinked when he tugged at the bandana that you had tied around your head and laughed softly. You waved to your doorman as you and Jungkook left, the doorman’s eyes wide as he got a good look at who you left with.

Jungkook and you walked down the street, not really caring about where you went, as long as you ended up at the festival that was going on a few streets over.


When he got jealous


You yawned as you looked at Jungkook as he and Jimin were playing games. A soft laugh escaped you as you laid on the couch behind them and watched them quietly, your head pillowed on a small throw pillow. Jungkook threw his hands in the air with a cheer as you watched him get first place in the game. Jimin started to protest making you chuckle softly as you watched the pair, a tiny smile on your lips. A startled sound escaped you as someone say down on the couch and lifted your feet into his lap. You turned your head and smiled at Hoseok as he placed your feet in his lap and laughed. He smiled at you widely, his teeth showing as he did so.

Jungkook frowned as he turned in place and looked at you, a dark look on his face. Jimin quickly nudged the young male who jumped and looked at his hyung. Jimin frowned at him and looked at their friend who was laughing and enjoying spending time with Hoseok.

“They're friends Kookie.” Jimin sighed shaking his head.

“Hoseok-hyung is still too close to her.” Jungkook gritted out.

Jimin frowned at the maknae before looking back at you as you giggled, a bright smile on your lips. Hoseok’s laughter was just too contagious for you. You couldn't help but laugh along with him at the stupid joke that he'd made.

She's mine Hoseok-hyung Jungkook thought.


Why you broke up


You frowned at Jungkook, tears welling up in your eyes as you looked at him. The look on his face made you want to cringe as your friend glared at you. You opened your mouth to ask what was wrong when he cut you off.

“Where were you?” he asked with a sneer.

“What do you mean?” You asked him with a frown, hurt at his look.

“You promised to be there and when I couldn't find you I was devastated.” Jungkook growled making your eyes widen.

“Jungkook-ah wait..” you were cut off by him as you tried to explain why you hadn't gone to see him like you promised.

“Forget it, just don't come anymore.” he snarled before walking away.

You watched him leave, tears rolling down your cheeks. You watched him walk away blankly, hands trembling as you sobbed.


When he won you back


It had been two weeks since Jungkook had broke up with you and you were still depressed. Your mother had called saying that you'd grandfather was on the mend and out of the hospital. On the day of the concert that you'd told Jungkook that you would be at your grandfather had been admitted to the hospital because of a heart attack. You turned over in bed and stated at your wall blankly ignoring the sound of your door opening.

Hoseok sat down next to you, running his fingers through your hair, sighing softly. You leaned into his hand a soft sob escaping your throat as you rolled over and buried your face on his thigh. Out of the group he had been the only one to listen to your reason why you had been unable to make it. You were thankful that he had stuck by your side and it helped. He had been the one to come to the hospital after hearing what happened and had personally visited your grandfather which surprised all of you, your family included.

It had broken your heart when Grandfather Lee had asked where Jungkook was and you had to tell him that he wasn't coming. His eyes had widened before they had saddened as he looked at you. When Grandfather Lee had opened his arms to you, you had thrown yourself into his arms and sobbed harshly. It had been a week since that incident.

You felt Hoseok tense up and lifted your head, only to stare into Jungkook's eyes. You stiffened and buried your face back in Hoseok’s thigh, not wanting to see the face your ex was making. You heard and harsh breath leave your ex as he came further into the room, more footsteps following him.

“Y/N-ah, please look at me.” you heard Jungkook beg and froze in shock.

“Just leave Jungkook-ah, Taehyung-ah.” you heard Hoseok growl and whimpered. “Haven't you all done enough to her?”

There was a silence as Hoseok’s words sunk in, making you afraid of what was going on. Steeling yourself, you lifted your head once more and stared at Jungkook’s anguished eyes and looked at him blankly.

“Grandfather Lee called me.” Jungkook said making you stiffen. “He told me what was going on. Why didn't you tell me Y/N-ah?”

It was Hoseok who answered for you making you blink.

“None of you gave her the chance.” Hoseok snorted. “As soon as she did something bad in your eyes she wasn't worth your attention anymore. She was blacklisted by all of you, I was the one who was there Jungkook, not you or any of the others. Her family basically adopted me as one of them because of all that I've done for them the last two and a half weeks.”

A bitter smile curled your lips at his truthful words and nodded at his words. Jungkook looked at you with anguished eyes as Taehyung rested a hand on his shoulder.

“I will make it up to you Y/N-ah.” Jungkook vowed. “We all will.”

With those words he and Taehyung left, both looking over their shoulders before they left. You looked up at Hoseok and smiled thankfully at him.

“Thank you Hoseok-oppa.” you whispered.

He nodded, smiling down at you. He stood and held a hand out to you to help you up from your bed. He led you into the kitchen where he made you a simple lunch, knowing that anything else would unsettled your stomach.

Two weeks after the fiasco in your apartment you headed to work and yawned as you entered the small cafe tiredly. When you went into the back to get changed you found a note pasted to your locker door. Grabbing it you read it confused.


I don't know how I should express myself, you know this. I have a hard time around girls, you especially. I've had feelings for you since we were young and it only made it harder to tell you once I became an idol. You've always accepted me for being me and it makes me so happy that you do. I ruined that though, didn't I? I don't know what to say, other than I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that I didn't listen. I'm sorry that I didn't take the time to hear you out. The thing in most sorry for though is that I made you cry. Grandfather Lee got ahold of me and scolded me for hurting his granddaughter. I wish he had done more than that though. I wish that he had hurt me like I hurt you. You know how grandfather Lee is like though, he isn't that type of person. He told me to make it up to you and win you back though. On the inside of your locker is a present from me, in hopes that it even makes you feel somewhat better about our situation. It has a picture of us at our happiest in it. There really isn't much more for me to say right now to be honest, so I'm going to end this here. Just know that I do love you despite what is happening right now.


You smiled as a few tears slipped down your cheeks. Opening your locker you blinked at the sight of the locket inside.

You slipped it on and got changes for work. Heading out you were met by your boss who looked at the locket with raised eyebrows. You nodded to the unasked question and got to work. It was when you were getting ready to get off when BTS walked into your place of work. A squeal from a customer alerted you to look up and you found yourself locking eyes first with Hoseok and then Jungkook. Jungkook's eyes light up when he saw the locket hanging around your neck making you smile.

You headed over to seat them when Jungkook stopped you.

“Do you forgive me?” he asked anxiously.

You nodded and he pulled you into a hard hug, burying his face in your hair as he did so. You wrapped your arms around his hips ignoring the sound of their fans yelling at you. You heard one of the members yell back at them and pulled your head away to look at the others. You were surprised to see that it had been Yoongi who had yelled at them. You blinked at the others as they all stuttered out their apologies, trying to talk over each other. You laughed and shook your head amused as you looked at the others and smiled at them, relaxing into Jungkook's arms.

I'm never letting her go, not again Jungkook thought looking down at you as you joked with the others a wide smile on your lips. He smiled and looked at your manager who was shaking his head and clocked you out for the night.

“Take her home boy.” he told Jungkook. “Don't hurt her like that again or you will have all of us here to deal with.”

Jungkook nodded, turning his attention back to you watching as you played with your locket as you talked with the others.

“There's no way I'm letting her go, not again.” Jungkook whispered watching you.

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