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ESPN Player Poll Results: MJ and Kobe More Clutch than Lebron

In a player poll about who they would want to take the last shot if MJ, Kobe, and Lebron were on their team, 88 percent of the players picked Jordan, with Bryant getting the other 12 percent. This begs the question why is Lebron getting no love? Lets look at the numbers... According to ESPN S&I, for game-tying or go-ahead field goals in the final 24 seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime of postseason games, Lebron checks in at 41.2 percent (7-for-17), while Bryant is at 25 percent (7-for-28). Jordan rules that stat, though, at 50 percent (9-for-18). This begs the question why do players and fans think Lebron is not clutch? People need to throw that argument out the window. Comment below if you agree or disagree.
stats dont lie. lebron is more clutch than kobe. dont know why people still debate about it
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