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🌞Hoseok's Smile Is Brighter Than The Sun🌞

Sorry For All These Random Appreciation Posts Lately.....lol

(This Will Be My Last One....No Promises Though xD)

It's So Hard Not To Smile When He Does ❤

I Want To Protect This lil Rain Of Sunshine From This Cruel World ;-;

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I always look forward to see his smiles everyday. 😍😆
6 months ago·Reply
Who doesn't? 😊💜
6 months ago
My spouse (who isn't into kpop) watched the Spring Day MV with me and he was like "That's J-Hope right? His eyes always smile."
6 months ago·Reply
He ain't lying though
6 months ago
soo like you trying your own mod supporter chingu too???? 😣😣😣😖😖😖😍
6 months ago·Reply
ugh, I can't. like he smiles, I smile. its infectious. 😫😫😫😫
6 months ago·Reply