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Sorry, it's been so long since I posted. I was gonna post this chapter on Tuesday but Vingle started acting funny and I haven't been able to post anything until today 😔. Anyways, enjoy this chapter! Start from the beginning: Chapter 1 ------

Chapter 11

Jackson locked eyes with Nara sitting in the aisle seat of the second row. The last person he wanted to see right now. He wanted to look away but couldn't. She still had this hold on him since the very first time he saw her. Jackson saw that by the expression on her face, Nara was as surprised as he was. He was wondering if maybe taken this week's vacation had been a mistake but JYP himself had insisted that he needed it to clear his mind. He didn't want him to start the world tour for their recent album if he didn't feel a hundred percent well. For that, he was thankful to him. God knew he needed to figure out what he was gonna do about Nara. ---- Nara averted her eyes from the entrance and felt the embarrassment on her face. She still felt the pain of seeing Jackson's disappointed face every time she closed her eyes. She needed to figure out what the elders were going to do about him, that was her priority right now. She will try to mend their relationship later. She saw him turning around and make his way to first class. It seemed he was on his way to Hong Kong to see his parents before the tour began. She wasn't aware of this trip. Jackson had cut all communication with her, before he would usually text non stop and when he was visiting his parents he usually let her know he was going home. Nara sighed with regret knowing full well she only had herself to blame. Nara came out of the airport to a group of screaming fangirls with a bunch of signs up. They were waiting for Jackson. Nara couldn't understand how they always found out exactly where he was. They stopped screaming when they saw it wasn't him. She went fast through the line trying to get out of the way as fast as she could. She stood outside of the terminal waiting for Yoo Hyun, who was supposed to pick her up. It was a raining really hard so she couldn't do anything but wait. Minutes later the screaming picked up and Nara could see that Jackson had finally made his way out of the terminal. The small group of girls started screaming non stop. She turned to see he had stopped to give some of them autographs and take some pictures. Apparently, he appreciated they were waiting for him this early in the morning and didn't want to disappoint them. Nara once again locked eyes with Jackson and bowed to acknowledge him but he pretended not to notice. "Nara!" exclaimed Yoo Hyun trying to get her attention. Nara came out of her trance to find Yoo Hyun standing in front of her holding an umbrella. "Oppa? Hi," she said bowing. "I hope I'm not late, this rain made me drive slower than usual." Yoo Hyun said turning his attention to the screaming fangirls. "Is that?" He said pointing in Jackson's direction. "Yes." Nara said following his gaze. "I didn't know you were bringing him along," said Yoo Hyun sarcastically. "He didn't come with me!" Nara said exasperated. "I think he's visiting his parents." "Well, what a pleasant surprise." Yoo Hyun said smiling to himself. --- Jackson turned to see Nara being lead into a black SUV by her supposed friend. He kept giving autographs but couldn't avoid to look their way. Yoo Hyun closed the door behind Nara and turned his way. He smirked to Jackson before assenting his head. Jackson didn't return the favor and once again saw a smile on Yoo Hyun's face. It seemed this bastard was also well aware of who Jackson was. He saw him turning away and walking to the driver's side with an air of triumph on his stance. Jackson couldn't do anything but to stare at both of them driving away. His ride finally parked in front to let him in. He made his way inside leaving a trail of screaming fangirls behind. Jackson felt his blood boiling. He didn't know if it was because of what Nara had done or because of the familiarity Yoo Hyun seemed to show towards Nara. Either way, he didn't like how he was feeling one bit. "Are you feeling well?" Jackson's uncle, Mr. Lu, asked. "Yes." Jackson said looking at him. "Any new developments regarding your, condition?" He asked. "Yes and no." Jackson said unsure of if he should involve his uncle on what was going on. His uncle slowed down, "what is it? There's something you're hiding, isn't it?" "Well...I think it's better I tell you all about it at home." Jackson said. "All right." His uncle said pausing, "I also have something to tell you." Jackson looked at his uncle and he could see that something was also bothering him. It seemed this trip home wasn't going to be as relaxing as he had hoped for. Next Chapter: Chapter 12 Please let me know if you wanna be tagged or just follow the collection for updates 😁.