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Fans Tell Dean to "Hurry Up and Die?!"

Um, WTF.

So at the GAON awards, Dean was giving his acceptance speech. Normally, the audience would poiltely be quiet to let the winner speak, with maybe a few cheers of support (we've all watched an award show, right?)

But this time, the crowd didn't quiet down.

You can hear people screaming, and you don't need to speak Korean to hear the anger in their voices.

According to translations, members of the crowd were screaming "hurry up and die" and "get off the stage."

No word as to who they were or what their motives were but what the actual hell.
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This breaks my heart! He stood so strong though!
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I'm glad that he just kept talking though. I feel like I would have been too shocked to keep speaking :(
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I would have cried if I was in his position but im proud of how he handled it and kept on talking
9 months ago
Who TF! WHY?! Imma bout to fite someone! Dean is my fave solo singer! Why?!WHy!? WHY!!??
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Dean works TOO hard for people to be that mean!!!
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Ima start swinging, my sister told me about this last night when we were the only ones at home and I let loose, I was ready to fight. If I was there I would find those girls and punch them in the face; BOOMBAYAH BITCH! Then I would shout, if I knew Korean, "You keep doing you boo! You amazing, you hot piece of fine man! Continue to slay bae! Don't let no one tell you different!! I love you Dean- Dean!!" And then I would drag those girls out of there. It also makes me wonder of some of them were ARMYs and how BTS must've felt about their fans being rude to another artist. 馃槨馃槨馃槨
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Well it could've been anyone but some ARMYs are pretty intense and maybe they were mad that Dean got that award, maybe they thought BTS deserved it more I don't know. Of course maybe it was just people that wanted to start something..
9 months ago
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