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Fans Tell Dean to "Hurry Up and Die?!"

Um, WTF.

So at the GAON awards, Dean was giving his acceptance speech. Normally, the audience would poiltely be quiet to let the winner speak, with maybe a few cheers of support (we've all watched an award show, right?)

But this time, the crowd didn't quiet down.

You can hear people screaming, and you don't need to speak Korean to hear the anger in their voices.

According to translations, members of the crowd were screaming "hurry up and die" and "get off the stage."

No word as to who they were or what their motives were but what the actual hell.
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That is so disrespectful. I am disgusted. Even if you hate someone you should never tell someone to die. So wrong. DEAN ILL LOVE YOUUUUU
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it hurts to hear them chanting those ugly words... but as my best bitch KARMA says... "IMMA BITCH AND THEY WILL GET THEIRS! " this younger geratiin has no sense of loyalty nor respect. and what they wish upon another human being. will fall upon their families for 7 GENERATIONAL LIFE TIMES!
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Am I gonna have to choke someone? It is unacceptable.
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Okay, ummmm...... I don't wanna fight nobody, but that's just not okay 馃槴 MY POOR HUBBY DOES NOT DESERVE THAT TREATMENT!!!!!! No human being on this 馃審deserves treatment like that!!!!!
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