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Ravi Wrote a New Song For a Girl Group!

Ravi writes a LOT of songs, but they're not all in the style we see on his mix tapes.

For example, he wrote this VIXX song, 'Heaven,' which is an over-the-top cute and poppy song that is soooo not typical Ravi-style.
His most recent song is for VIXX's sister group - Gugudan! It sounds just as lovely and cute and I can't wait to hear the whole thing :)

Listen at 0:47!

What do you think?!

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Ravi is oozing with talent. It doesn't surprise me that he's able to write different styles of music. That is the true measure of a song writer as far as viability an staying power is concerned. He has the chops to have a long career on stage and behind the scenes. This just shows you what he's truly capable of.
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exactly <3
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