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I love BTS . They're amazing!
However, my bias has to be *drumroll*

Kim tae hyung! He has had my heart since I saw him in DOPE.(2 years ago?) He was so cute in his shorts
Anyways, I love v, because he's different. I mean all the bts members are so extra but V is just so adorable and it makes me want to protect him and his smile. Plus he's so kind and gets along with everyone. The Hwarang cast adore him. I don't blame them.
Of course, kim taehyung also gives me heart palpations. *dead*
I was so proud of him in Hwarang! He did such a great job! If you haven't watched it, check it out! V really put his all into his acting.
Anyways, that's my man. (lol I wish)

I had to share at least on gif of my bias wrecker-Jhope. That gif is proof he's telling me to choose him!! I'm not crazy Stay in your lane hobi!

*I do not take credit for gifs*

Love it! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
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Your Welcome 😊
same ....samee
lol glad I'm not the only one