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"Gio. Time for breakfast."I said setting his breakfast on the counter. "Coming."He said getting off the couch and sitting in his regular seat."When is Daddy coming?"Giovanni asked eating his waffles. "Soon." "How soon?" "Your birthday soon."I said cleaning up the kitchen. "Yay." "Hurry si we can get you to day care and me to work." "Ok Mommy." It's been almost 3 years! Crazy how time goes by.Guess What.My mom Keyshia.Yall remember her.Well she went back to event planning and I do help her out at times also my Aunt Monique,you'll meet her soon,is letting me work at her bakery.Oh girl yes I can bake. Anyways I am with Chase still but I don't live with him.What happened that night hasn't happened since.I promise. Anyways Romeo would kill me if I did and I'm trying to maintain our relationship again but it's still rocky. "Boy.How do you manage to get syrup on your chest and stomach?"I asked taking him to the bathroom. "I don't know."He said while shrugging. I couldn't help but laugh a little and start the bath.I got him in and began washing his body.I quickly got him out wrapping a towel around him and went to his room changing his clothes. "Grab your back pack."I said as I grabbed my purse and keys. We headed out of the apartment and into the car.I drove to his day care walking him inside checking him in. "Be good."I said giving him a kiss. "I will." "Bye." "Bye Mommy." I left and headed to the bakery.I pulled up to see Mom's car there.I walked inside setting my things down saying hi to mom. "Let's plan my grandsons birthday party." "Right now?" "Yes.I don't have any client meetings today.I was thinking let's do a pool party." "I like and of course with his ninja turtles." "We can have your Aunt make his cake and stuff.Anyways who is coming so I can make invitations." "He wants the kids from his class at day care to go.I know Angel is bringing some of his friends.Lonnie and Rico.Chase." "I'll just make them for his class." "Sounds good.Theres like 15 I think." "I'll make 20 just in case." Someone walked in coming straight to the counter. "Hi.I'm here to pick up and order for Leslie Harden."She said. "Let me go get that." I walked to the fridge pulling out two boxes full of cupcakes with the name on them and showed them to her making sure the order was right. "Perfect.Thank You." "Have a nice day." "Oh I didn't tell you.We are going to Korea soon for a family reunion.Your Dad told me about it yesterday." "Oh cool.Giovanni can meet his cousins.Are We staying in Busan or going to Seoul." "I think Busan." "Nice." After the family reunion talk we continued planning Gio's birthday and a few things she has going on for her clients that she'll need help with.
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I would love a triology and great story I miss this CX