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A/N - This part is just going to be a bunch of random information and it's mostly just a run-down of the "companion" character in each member's branch (story line). These are just characters that have appeared in previous chapters and what they're like. Also I've re-edited previous chapters to make more sense for future chapters and corrected some obvious mistakes. If you see another error I didn't see please comment.
Jungkook: Yi DaeChul – receptionist, often jealous and can seem unapproachable, known by most for being kind
Taehyung: Kim HeiShik (Shik) – very serious but can be very wild at times and is very caring
Jimin: Lee KiYon (Kiki) – supervisor, very nice but somewhat unapproachable and sometimes unsociable
Namjoon: Chi KyungJa – a lead part in the choreography division and seems tired a lot
Hoseok: Yoo SooHei – coordinator, stern and playful but is almost always business
Yoongi: Choi SoHwe – uptight and wants everything to be exactly as planned
Jin: Ryuk InJa – a very big fan of BTS and can get distracted from them from time to time but is a very hard worker when needed
Y/N – was interning at a science lab as a social scientist before the experiment. She is physically and mentally strong and can handle pressure quite well.

A/N - This part probably wasn't needed. Also sorry about not updating...

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