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With such a busy day behind you, you looked forward to relaxing in your apartment, for once. Setting your keys on the counter and flinging your purse onto your couch, kicked off of your shoes in the corner of your kitchen and walked across the hard cold floor to your fridge and grabbed a cold, cool drink of water. The fluid rushed down your throat with a cooling sensation as you closed your eyes to enjoy a break that you never had all day. That feeling was short lived when the sound of knocking on your front door rung into your head. You slumped and slowly walked to the door exhausted from the day and opened the door. You leaned an the door as you scanned the ground.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Standing there with his classic smile, G Dragon stood in the hallway with a bag.

You acknowledged GD into your apartment, he took off his shoes and bowed to you. GD placed the bag on the counter. He turned around looked at you with wide eyes, his eyes flickered back to your right arm and then back to your face, each time getting more worried.

“What happened?!?” GD took your free hand in his own.

“Nothing, just a little accident… you know me always clumsy.” You also looked down at your arm.

“Can I sign it.” GD’s face suddenly lit up.

“Why not.” You said with a smile appearing on your face as GD went to go grabbed a permanent marker. He placed the felt tip onto your white cast, you closed your eyes to try and make your day better.

“Done.” GD said with such accomplishment. You opened your eyes and looked down at your cast. There laid a big heart and in it were the initials GD & _ _ . “So I have the whole afternoon planned, do you have time to spend with me?” GD looked at you with his puppy dog eyes and you nodded slowly.

GD ran and grabbed the bag from the counter and pulled out the first activity that you would do together. Drawing.

With the white paper and the colorful markers and pencils that he had brought, you looked down at them, then looked at your hand. You picked up a pencil in your left hand and switched it into your right, placing your hand on the pencil and setting the graphite onto the clean piece of paper. Your hand couldn’t grab the pencil with the cast in between your thumb and pointer finger. You tried over and over to hang onto it and you even tried it with other finger combinations as well. Tears began to swell up into your eyes, a silent tear fell onto the clean paper like a bomb. You tried to suppress your emotions by thinking of what you could be doing right at that moment but that only made you cry even more. GD’s hand touched yours and you ran into your bedroom and shut the door. GD followed you and knocked on the bedroom door.

“Sweetie? What is wrong? Why are you crying?” GD getting softer with each phrase

“I can’t, I can't” you opened the door and flung yourself onto the bed, smuggling your crying within a pillow. GD walked over and placed his hand on your back, he lifted you up and put you on his shoulder. You continued, “I can’t…even do my favorite thing…drawing.” you started to cry in GD’s shoulder.

“I can change that.”GD took your hand and led you into the foyer. He grabbed your coat and led you outside.

Still wiping your tears away from your eyes, you arrived on a playground. You eyes started to light up, GD pulled you toward the swings, for you loved the swings. You both started swinging and you began to pick up speed with GD. As you got higher and higher your grip on the swing began to get looser and looser. Next thing you knew you were in the rocks face down. GD swooped you up and you started to cry again.

You whispered, “I can’t, I can't”

“You can , you can.” GD whispered into your ear as he brushed your hair behind your ear.
“Come with me.”

You both got into his car, driving around for hours you finally stopped on your apartment’s street.

“What are we doing here?” You stared at GD with wet eyes

“You will see.” GD took your hand again and went up to your apartment.

He told you to close your eyes as you went up the stairs. He allowed you to open your eyes when you were resting on your couch. You opened your eyes and GD threw a blanket over your head, removing the blanket, GD pulled you into his shoulder and you laid there with the blanket for hours when he sang his own rendition of One of a Kind for you, it was soft, sweet, and ear candy.

When he finished, “ When you are unhappy, I am unhappy. I love you and I want you to always smile, so I can smile. This time is hard for you but it will pass and I will be your constant. Lean on me and I will always catch you.” You cuddled into shoulder and shut your eyes as he kissed your forehead. You spent the rest of the afternoon in that position, as you fell asleep on GD and GD fell asleep on you.
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