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Stumbling to your feet, you lifted your phone to your ear, in hope that your parents were around. The dial tone rang in your ear, you heard them pick up.

“It’s time, it’s time” You whimpered as you tried to talk loud enough so that they could hear.
You heard some yelling on the other side of the line. Your vision went black as you laid on the floor.

“Call the ambulance!” Your mother called your father as the ambulance soon appeared on your steps. They barged through the door as they found you unconscious on your bedroom floor. You water had broken and it was only a matter of time til you had your baby. They loaded you up carefully, monitoring the baby and yourself. The sirens blared to warn of the danger that you and your baby was in.

White walls whizzed past you as you slowly grasped life once again. You sat up your hospital gown clinging to your sweaty body. Several nurses and doctors were pushing you down the hall.

“Where is he? Where is he?” Grabbing one of the doctors arms

“Where is who?” The teal mask moved on his face

“G Dragon, my- my” Another wave of pain shot through you

“I don’t know the ambulance brought you in and your parents are out in the lobby” He said again holding your hand to get you through. A pair of door swung open as you were wheeled into a room with machines both big and small. You knew that this was it, the delivery room.
Rolling you about half way in, steps echoed in the hallways as rushed talking soon followed.
Looking over your shoulder you thought you saw him, running after you.

“Wait! Wait that might be him” The doctors didn’t stop as some nurses stood by the door.
They rolled you in getting you in position, hooking up monitors to you all over your chest and belly. Watching the windows of the doors brought you some sort of hope as you hoped for his face to appear. The monitors began beeping as a face was shown in the small window.
Opening the door you saw him. G Dragon. He rushed over to you just to be pushed away.
Tears began to fall down your cheeks as you needed him. After a few short moments he came back with scrubs on and trotted up to you.

Leaning down he locked his lips with your petting your head. Threading his fingers through yours, you knew that he was here to stay.

The feeling of moving over took you as you opened your eyes. Looking at the man who was holding your hand.

“Hey you did great!” He leaned down to you again kissing your cheek, “They are going to release the baby in a couple hours” The bed finished rolling as a nicely decorated room surrounded you. He pulled up a chair and sat next to you, playing with your hair. “They put you out when the baby was having trouble, the heart was slowing down so they had to..” He faded off as you and him both looked at your stomach.

“Is that why, my stomach hurts” You lifted your gown to reveal a hideous scar that was from the C-section. Tears began to fall as he caught them

“It is beautiful, just like you” He kisses the back of your hand as the room fell silent to the beeping machines around you.

“Thank you for being with me through the pregnancy but you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to” You said playing with the light sheet that covered your figure.

“Well…” He paused making you nervous, he moved to reach his bag as he pulled out something. Kneeling beside your bed. “This would make me so happy, the happiest man in the world if you could be my wife forever and always” He pulled out the ring and held it in his hand as happy tears run down your cheeks as you cover your mouth with your hand.
Nodding your head, he slips on the ring and wraps you in a hug, kissing you passionately. A knocking on the door interrupted your moment.

“I have a very healthy someone I would like you to meet” The doctor came in and handed you the little sleeping bundle. “I would like to present you with your son.” More tears obscured your vision as you cradled your son in your arms with your fiancé by your side.

Nothing could be more perfect than this moment.