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“We are on in five… four… three… two… one.” The cameraman called

“Hello and welcome to Splash Sports, where we put sports in water and see how well the contestants do.” The announcer Taehyun introduced the game.

“We have many special guests today.” Namhyun introduced the guests, “_____ and Jiyoung or more well known as G-Dragon in Big Bang.” You both walked out from opposite sides as you convened in the middle of the stage. “So we will be putting you through some sports and who ever can win at the game will get a point. The team with the most points win.” The contestants nodded at the challenge as they looked curiously at the sport that you were going to be competing in. All of the contestants including you were in bathing suits which was just awkward for you to begin with. They spun this big wheel to see what we would be doing first.

“Oh! This one is one of my favorites.” Namhyun said

“The couples that we paired up will go into the pool and they have to swim with their partner to the other side and on the way back they have to switch.” Taehyun explained as you began to get nervous as your legs began to shake. Jinyoung’s fingers gently tangled one of yours as he rubbed it trying to soothe you as you took deep breaths. Jumping into the pool, the boys were first as you wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist as he took off. You were making good time as you reached the other side of the pool. Switching he did the same thing to you as he enjoyed the ride back as you both won first place. He helped you out of the pool as he hugged you tightly, getting a point by your name was so exciting.

“Now for the next event.” Namhyun introduced, “The couples will be going into the deep end of the pool as they both have to hold their breath for as long as they can, they can share air but have to come up together.” Jiyoung’s arm rested on your shoulder as he whispered words of encouragement into your ear which brought goosebumps to your skin.  The first group went and just barely passed the thirty second mark, the other groups were around that time as well. It was now your turn. Slowing down your breathing you were able to take in more air as you both jumped into the water together. The weights held you below the water as Jiyoung held onto your hand the whole time, keeping his fingers intertwined with yours.
You were struggling for air as he turned to you and pressed his lips against yours, sharing some of his air with yours as he counted past a minute, pressing your lips against his, he shared your air too, it was going on a minute and a half before you squeezed his hand and he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you to the surface. Both of you were tired as you had gotten another point by your name, just laying by the pool catching your breath he still held your hand and that is when the MC’s noticed.

“Ah! Looks like Jiyoung and _____ are getting comfortable, they shared their air, hugged as well and not are holding hands for the second time today.” The announcers brought up. “Do you have any comment on that Jiyoung?”

“We are just doing our best to win this, we are in this together and we are going to win together.” He gave you a confident smile as you smiled back at him. You both got up and walked to grab a towel as he helped you wrap one around you with a blush tinting his cheeks.
Both of you walked to the spectator area as you watched the other couples hold their breaths.

“The next event will take all all of the points. Diving. The best diver has to perform and do their best and the highest score will win.” Namhyun said as the couples chatted to see who would go up there.

“You are doing so good. Did you want me to dive for us or are you ok to dive?” He asked concerning your energy.

“I can dive.” You said with a smile on your face as he patted your leg gently. You both watched the other divers before you went back to warm up.

“It looks like ______ is diving for their team. She is the only girl that is doing the dive today, so we shall see which combination she will do.” Everyone watched as you took the second highest board. Getting to the edge you were going to do a front flip and a half with a twist.
Breathing to calm your racing heart you jumped and executed the dive, you didn’t have a splash and you heard cheering from under the water. Swimming to the surface you saw your score 38/40. It was certainly the highest score as Jiyoung couldn’t contain his happiness as he ran to you and hugged you lifting off of the ground.

After you had all dried off, you all went back to the stage as you were to talk about the ending.

“So Jiyoung, do you have special feelings for ______? You two seemed to be very touchy feely out there.” Taehyun gave the mic to Jiyoung.

“I would consider her to be a friend after today, but nothing more unless she wants to be.”
He shot you a glance as you blushed looking down at the fish netted dress that you wore.

“Are you two going to contact each other after today?” Namhyun asked  as you took the mic this time.

“I think it would be a very wonderful friendship, just getting to know him is so much fun and I had a blast today.” You explained as his fingers played with yours.

“Are you treating her any differently than you would another contestant, Jiyoung?” Taehyun asked

“Well, she is very pretty and athletic. She likes teamwork and working hard, she is very positive and easy to talk to. I think that I have made a friend and I am just glad that she was my partner.” Jiyoung held up your hand with his finger intertwined with yours as you both got medals in the small ceremony. Teamwork got you through today and you were so happy that you got a great partner such as Jiyoung.