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Rusting of your sheets filled your quiet room while you tossed and turned about in your large Queen sized bed that you had all to yourself. Sighing in disappointment of not finding a comfortable spot to sleep in, you rolled over on your stomach before you pulled a book from your nightstand. 

Pulling the beaded string of your lamp, you closed your eyes as the soft yellow light filled the dark room. Slowly opening your eyes, they adjusted slowly while you flipped open the cover of the book that laid on the bed. Propping yourself up on your elbows, you smiled to yourself while you looked over the scrapbook that your best friend had made for your wedding.
Photos of your dress and Jiyong looking stunning in his black suit that fit his figure perfectly. Pictures of you and your husband together made your heart swell, yet you closed the book and slid it back into its place.

Knowing that it would be another sleepless night, you pushed the covers off of your legs. Swinging them over the side of the bed, your toes touched the cool carpet below.

Standing on your feet, you slowly walked over to the window. Twisting the wand that was attached to the blinds, you opened the slats letting in the surprisingly bright moonlight. Reaching to the other side of the window, you pulled on the strings, lifting the blinds up before you opened the window as far as it could go.

Cool, crisp night air rushed into your slightly warm bedroom, the feeling of the refreshing air brushed against your warm skin. Looking out into the quiet night, you carefully crawled out of the window and sat on the shingles of the roof that slanted downwards away from the house.
Easing yourself down on the shingles, you pulled your knees up against your chest while your eyes lifted to the sky. The stars soared above you with the vibrant blues, greys and soft greens. Slowly moving in a circular motion with the Earth’s rotation.

Stars were sprayed against the sky like splattered white paint, while your eyes gently took in the beautiful, calming atmosphere. Dropping your eyes from the sky, you watched the rooftops of the houses around you. The song of crickets and the occasional owl stirred the quiet night slightly.

Resting your chin on your knees, you wrapped your arms around your legs and looked up at one star that twinkled brighter than all the rest. Just slightly right of the moon, you watched that star for a while before a childhood memory arose in your mind.

“Star light, star bright, the brightest star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might have this wish, I wish tonight…” You whispered the childhood rhyme before looking down at your fingers that gently scratched against your skin. “Would you mind bringing me my husband, Jiyong, tonight? I miss him so much. Especially after he left to tour Asia… I just want him back with me.”

A few silent tears ran down your face while the strings on your heart got pulled tightly, causing a tightening in your chest. Gently, a breeze brushed against your skin, sighing, you closed your eyes and let the tears that were riding on the brim of your eyes run down your face as well. Biting your lip gently, you took in a shaky breath.
Little did you know, Jiyong was home, he was walking into the bedroom actually. With his designer backpack in his hand, leaning the backpack against the wall next to the door. His eyes looked up and saw the disheveled bed, the blankets and sheets all twisted and bunched to the middle of the bed. Scanning the room with his eyes, he picked up on the turned on lamp and the cool breeze from outside.

Shuffling over to the window, he poked his head out, his eyes widened in shock when he saw you sitting on the roof. One thought came into his mind as he walked back to the bed and pulled a blanket off of the comforter. Folding it quickly in his arms, he walked back over to the window, watching you for a few moments.
Balling his fist loosely, he knocked on the window frame, making you move just slightly. Too lost in your thoughts, you didn’t look over your shoulder so Jiyong carefully climbed out of the window and sat beside you. Wrapping the blanket around your shoulders, he brought his arms around you with the blanket.

Feeling the new layer covering you, you looked over your shoulder at a familiar face, a face that you would never forget. Jiyong  gently rested his head on your shoulder, a content smile on his lips while his eyes were closed.
Slowly, you rose your hand as his grip tightened around your shoulders, his hand wrapping around his wrist as he nuzzled his head against your shoulder. Touching his hair softly, you saw his lips part and his white teeth shine, moving your fingers slowly into his hair.

“I missed you” He whispered ever so softly against your shoulder, while pulling you back into his chest. Easing yourself against his chest, you then rested your head against his, you pulled the blanket from around your shoulders.
Turning around in his arms, his grip loosened on you slightly as you wrapped the warm blanket around his shoulders. Looking into his chocolate eyes, you paused your movements, just to get lost in his eyes like you always have.

“I missed you too~” You whispered just as sweetly, before eskimo kissing him gently. Turning around the rest of the way, you pulled the blanket around him and moving closer to his body, you sat between his legs as his arms moved around your stomach. Leaning against him and Jiyong leaning against the house, put you in a perfect position to look up at the sky.

The blanket tightly wrapped around both of you while you two just stayed in silence.Watching time move the stars and the colors of the sky. Sweet kisses started to be placed carefully on the side of your face. Each kiss getting slightly longer than the last.
“Ji” You started, melting slowly with each kiss that he gave you, causing you to relax in his arms more.

“Yes, love?” He hummed against your skin.

“I wished for you to come home” Your voice becoming quieter while you rested your head against his shoulder, moving slightly in his arms where you were curled up on his lap.

“What did you wish on?” Jiyong whispered back, smiling so brightly already from the cute response from you.

“A star” You smiled softly, cuddling against his chest as his arms rubbed your arms, encasing you in a blanket cocoon.

“Which one~” He hummed, resting his head on yours.

“The one to the right of the moon” You replied just as a yawn slid from your lips. Spotting the star that was still twinkling brightly, he smiled and kissed your hair gently.
“That is a very beautiful star” He mumbled against your hair, “But not as beautiful as you”

Smiling, you looked up at him, seeing the light change in the sky. The tip of the sun broke
over the horizon, creating a silhouette of the houses and buildings in the distance. Visible rays of sunlight reached out as far as the eye could see to bring the gift of light to everyone. 

Vibrant golds, oranges, pinks and reds pushed the dark blue and grey night away. The bright colors gently lit both of your faces while you closed your eyes and positioned your head just so on his chest so you could hear his heart.

“Jagi, did you know the last time we stayed up to see the sunrise together was on our wedding night?” He pointed out with a smile.

“I remember, I remember that we couldn’t fall asleep because it was just like a sleepover and we talked together the whole night.” You giggled softly at the memory.

“Then we cuddled the rest of the day” He added before he yawned and closed his eyes trying to push the sleepiness from his body.

“I think we should do that again” You nodded your head gently, the sound of his heart already starting to lull you to sleep.

“Then it is a date~” He sang softly before he pressed his lips on yours, waking you up long enough to crawl back inside and into bed, with him following closely behind.

Once both of you were in each others arms, both of you fell asleep, soundly and deeply. Spending the rest of the day together, happily cuddling together under the soft covers.