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Pacing around the front room, chewing on your nails out of anticipation while your eyes stayed glued to your phone that laid on the arm of the couch. Having to wait on a call from a friend was one thing but having to wait for an opportunity of a lifetime, that was something totally different.

Huge butterflies swirled around in your stomach, your knees quaking and feeling like jelly as you released your weight from them. Waiting just for the screen on your phone to light up and receive a call.

Sighing, you turned your neck away from the phone, ruffling up your hair in anticipation, your eyes looked out the window in an effort to try and distract your mind from the worried thoughts that were running through your mind.

A soft buzzing came from the couch, whipping your head around, you trotted over to your phone to see if it was anything important concerning the call that you were expecting. Lifting up your phone, you answered the incoming call with a smile on your face.

“Hello~” You chimed happily

“Hello.” A manly voice came over the phone as you played with the ends of your hair with your other hand. “I am Gonghyun calling from the regional police department.”

“O-Oh” You looked quickly at the clock and you saw that it was already a few minutes past the hour that they were supposed to be calling you at. “What is the matter officer?” You questioned wanting to speed up this conversation.

“Do you happen to know where G Dragon is?” The officer asked, your mind was already flying at an amazing speed, but somehow the question didn’t register in your mind. The buzzing of your phone indicated another incoming call, pulling the phone away from your ear, you saw the number and discovered that it was the call that you had been waiting for.

“How would I know? I am just a friend” You snapped prancing in place while you wanted to just hang up the call right away.

“Do you know of anyone else we can call to try and find him?” The officer questioned.

“Try his band mates.” You were going to say more, but the buzzing on your phone ended and you sighed in disgust.

“Do you happen to know their names and numbers?” He asked

“You will have to call YG Entertainment for that information” You clarified, keeping your promise to the company and to the band, to keep their numbers and personal information confidential.

“Thank you for your time” The officer hung up as you dropped onto the couch. Pulling up your recent calls, you called the number back that was missed in a desperate chance to catch them before they moved on from your application.

“Hello” A lady answered the phone this time, your hopes started to rise.

“Hello, I saw that this number called me” You vaguely told her

“Oh I see, Miss _____” She cooed while you heard papers being shuffled around.

“Yes, ma'am” You nodded your head, your hands clutching the phone tightly, just awaiting her news. “I am sorry but since you didn’t pick up the call we had to go with someone else”
Your heart dropped hearing her words.

“I understand, thank you for the opportunity and have a good rest of your day” You politely ended the call and leaned back while your eyes looked up at the ceiling.

Screaming at the top of your lungs in frustration, you fell over onto the cushions of the couch and covered your face with a pillow, using the pillow as your weapon you beat the couch until your phone ran again and adverted your attention from your current situation.

Reading the caller ID you picked up the call seeing that it was from Daesung.

“Hey Dae” You sighed, answering the phone.

“Hi~ Did you get a call from the police?” Daesung asked you his voice laced with worry, tilting your head slightly, you pulled the pillow onto your lap while you nodded your head.

“I did, it had to do something with G Dragon and them wanting to find him. But don’t worry I didn’t give out your guys’ information” You explained.

“I got the same one” Daesung replied in shock. The pounding of your heart increased, feeling it beat against yours rib cage you sat up against the couch and looked straight ahead.

“Y-You mean he isn’t over there?” You clarified

“We thought he was over with you” You heard Taeyang yell his name while Daesung talked with you. “We have tried to contact him but we can’t seem to get him, just a busy signal and that stupid answering machine of his”

“Okay” You nodded your head, while you sprung to your feet and grabbed your coat and keys, “I will be over in a few minutes and we can talk about what to do next” You told Daesung.

“Okay” Daesung hung up the call, before returning to search for G Dragon.

A few minutes later you arrived on their doorstep, ringing their bell frantically a few times, you tried to catch your labored breath. The door opened with Seungri’s worried face staring at you.

“Don’t worry we will find him” You reassured as he opened the door wider for you, walking inside, you slipped off your tennis shoes while Everyone was turning the place upside down trying to find their friend.

Walking over to the coat closet, you opened the door in attempts to hang up your jacket while you searched for him, however your eyes widened when you saw what was really inside.
G Dragon

Sitting on the floor of the closet, his eyes glued to the screen and playing a racing games by the sounds of it.

“Yah!” You pushed your foot against his knees, causing him to get off of balance and fall over, turning and looking at you, he removed the ear buds from his ears and looked up at you.

“Hey! ______, you’re here!” G Dragon sprung up on his feet while you shook your head in disgust.

“Guys I found the trouble maker!” You shouted, so that the other guys could hear you, their heads popped out of rooms and from behind couches.

Everyone came trotting over to see if it was really him and G Dragon happily waved and smiled at everyone, feeling a little happy that his plan worked.

“That wasn’t funny, we thought you were really kidnapped or something!” Daesung told him

“Ease up, no one can lay a hand on me” G Dragon happily boasted

“Because of you I didn’t get to finish my game!” Seungri moved in closer to G Dragon

“I missed an important call because of you!” You added along with the others

“Just call them back” G Dragon shrugged his shoulders and made his way through the crowd that was surrounding him.

“I did, but they had given it away already” You told him, feeling tears start to sting your eyes and swell in your eyes.

“I’m sorry, but it was just a little prank call” He said looking through the fridge, pulling out a water bottle, he slipped his phone into his pocket and sipped the cool water slowly.

“Just a little prank call? What if you were actually hurt?” Taeyang added while you shook your head and threw your coat at him. However your coat just hit the floor with a thud and you stormed your way out of the apartment.

“I wasn’t, besides you guys would know if I was missing before the police knew” G Dragon stated, Daesung watched the door slowly close behind you, his gentle heart hurting seeing you so upset while Seungri watched the door close too. G Dragon saw their heads turned away from him.

“I’ll go talk to her” G Dragon sighed and placed his water on the counter before jogging out of the apartment, however he didn’t have to run far seeing you sitting on the stairs, while you leaned against the iron rods holding up the hand rails.

“_________, I’m sorry, so sorry that I made you miss your call” He stood over you and then moved and sat next to you.

“How were you supposed to know that I was waiting on the most important call that I have had in months” You retorted, folding your arms over you while you looked away as a tear rolled down your face.

Guilt started to seep into G Dragon, hanging his head a little lower, he nodded his head. “I guess I did take it a little far this time” He confessed.

“Why did you do it?” You questioned while trying to even your breaths so that you wouldn’t cry in front of him.

“I thought it would be something funny and fun but I can see that it was one sided and I owe you all a big apology” He confessed while he glanced over at you. Nodding your head, you got up and walked towards the dorm.

“I’m really sorry, _______” G Dragon added as he followed you back.

“It’s fine” You whispered pulling the door open and walking inside, grabbing your shoes and coat.

“No it isn’t, you are mad at me now and I hurt everyone that I care about, please… let me do something to try and undo what I did” He told everyone as he blocked the doorway from you.

“Like what?” Seungri asked being in a little brighter mood.

“Maybe all of us going out for a movie and dessert? My treat of course” He proposed while
the members looked at each other and eventually all of them nodded their heads. With all of their eyes on you now, you folded your arms and looked at G Dragon in the eyes.

“Only if you promise no more pranks for the rest of the week” You told him as your only condition.

“Promise” He placed his hand over his heart and nodded his head sincerely.

“Okay… then we can go, but I am going to get the most expensive treat there is” You warned

“Then you have to share!” Daesung chimed as everyone filed out of the door to enjoy their day on G Dragon.
that's true your very welcome
that's wasn't very nice of you g dragon you should know better then to do something like that lol
hahahaha well you live and learn! Thank you so much for reading <3