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With your pillow under one arm and your blanket under the other, you shuffled out of the bedroom slowly. Window coverings diffused the bright sunlight into the darkened space while you slowly moved to the couch. Your baggy pajama pants slowly slid across the floor behind your feet, your slightly tight tank top riding up above your hips, leaving a little stomach exposed as you rested your pillow on the couch and sat down with a sigh.

Gathering the large, soft blanket in your lap, you grabbed your phone and placed it on the mountainous blanket in your lap. Slumping back into the cushions of the couch, a message came through your phone. Opening up the message you read the name at the top of the screen.

My Dragon

A little smile pulled on your lips as you opened up the message.

Do you want to go out today? - GD

Your thumbs froze as you read the message, wanting to go and be with him would be amazing and fun but with the pain of cramps and not being able to find a comfortable position to be in, you turned your smile to a frown while your thumbs slowly replied.

I would love to, but I am not feeling that great today so I will have to pass. Sorry :(

Not getting a reply back, but seeing the little check mark under the message tell you that he saw it, you laid down on the couch and started scrolling through various sites to pass the time. 

A while later there was a knock on the door, closing your eyes, you really didn’t want to get up. Instead of answering the door, you just laid on the couch hoping that they would go away. However there were a few more knocks on the wooden door, just as you were going to yell for the person on the other side of the door to leave, the knocking stopped.

Relaxing against the couch, another message buzzed your phone, opening the message, you looked at the bottom for the most recent text. Reading it over your eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

I know you are inside, can you open your door please *big puppy eyes* - GD

I don’t want to get up, just use your spare

I forgot that I had one, mianhae XOXOXOX -GD

The lock on the front door jiggled before you heard it open and someone walk through the door. Not bothering to look, you pulled the blanket up over your head and used the light from your phone to keep you company.

“Jagi, I am here~” G Dragon closed the door and slipped off his shoes, hearing his feet move into the kitchen, you tried to pretend like you were invisible, however when you heard his footsteps come closer, you held your breath.

“Go away” You whispered feeling him near you

“Why would I leave you when you aren’t feeling your best?” G Dragon asked as he carefully pulled the blanket up from over your head and folded it over your shoulder.

“There’s my beauty” He smiled and leaned in to kiss your forehead, brushing your hair away from your face, he smiled at you as you kept your eyes down.

“I don’t get a Hello?” G Dragon asked while he tipped your head up a little, closing your eyes you gently shook your head. “In that case, I will go unpack the things that I brought for you.”

Kissing the top of your head, he stood up from his crouched position, walking into the kitchen you heard the rustling of the plastic bag on the counter as you carefully sat up.

“What did you bring?” You questioned quietly, smirking he turned around and showed you what he brought.

“Some Chocolate, ice cream, hot chocolate in case you don’t want anything cold, the new movie that you have been dying to see and cuddles from me.” He showed you all of the objects, before he held out his arms nice and wide for the last one.

“H-How did you know?” You pulled the blanket up a little on you and leaned against the couch cushions.

“Well I thought it was really odd that you didn’t want to hang out with me and then something just clicked in my head.” He walked back over after putting the ice cream in the freezer and bringing the rest of the items over. “What would you like to do first?”

“The movie and some chocolate?” You tilted your head at him, nodding his head, he unpacked the dvd and slid it into your player before he sat on the couch.

Rising his arm on the back of the couch, he opened the chocolate and dumped the little candies into a bowl that he brought over and held them out to you. Popping a few of the candies into your mouth made you happier as the previews played across the screen.

Laying out your blanket across your legs, you grabbed a heating pad and put it on your lower stomach as you adjusted how warm you wanted it. Rubbing your bloated stomach with your hand made it seem a little calmer with the cramps. However when another wave of cramps flooded over you, you laid your head on G Dragon’s leg.

Looking down at you, he brushed your hair away from your eyes as his fingers slowly ran over your hair.

“You okay?” He questioned quietly as the movie started to play, the pain was a little much for you to say anything so you just nodded as you closed your eyes and tried to slow your breathing.

Watching you more than the movie, he moved his hand to your arm and laced his fingers with yours. The movie kept playing and it turned out to really take your mind off of your current situation. About half way through though, you looked up at your boyfriend and he looked down at you.

“Can I have those cuddles, please?” You batted your eyes a little causing him to smile and nod.

Moving under you, he brought both legs up on the couch and on either side of you as you scooted up a little and rested your head on his chest, his hands wrapped around your upper stomach.

“How’s that?” He whispered quietly, nodding your head, you gently nodded your head and watched the movie once again. 

Eating your chocolate and enjoying his warm arms, he felt your body tense as he started to move his hands gently on your stomach. Feeling the bottom hem of your tank top and your soft stomach, he watched you carefully as he gently rubbed his warm hands over your exposed stomach. A soft hum came from you as you put your hands over his and looked up at him with a smile, kissing his chin gently, you giggled and watched the movie once more as he
continued with his little massage.

As the movie continued to play, you were so relaxed and at ease that your eyes started to drop from the lack of sleep the night before. G Dragon’s strong heartbeat lulling you to sleep along with his gentle hands melting away the pain. 

The credits started to roll across the screen while dark storm clouds rolled in over the city. looking down at you, he wanted to see how you liked the movie, but finding you sleeping on him was almost a better answer than he was expecting.

Leaning down and pressing his lips on your forehead, he turned off the soft yellow light of the lamp before he closed his eyes and rested his head against yours. Happy that he could help you in any way that he could and even spend time with you, especially when you weren’t feeling your best.