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I know y'all probably already know this is happening, but I thought I'd share. Just saw it's set to release in Japan December 1, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it since I tend to be justifiably pessimistic about live action adaptations of anime, but I will say this:
Al looks pretty damn awesome!
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I bet it's gonna suck honestly no live action anime is ever going to work out. Did you guys see how bad attack on titan's live action movie was?
I don't wanna judge it prematurely, but I don't have high hopes. There are certain elements of anime that simply don't translate well to live action, but there are exceptions; for example, I haven't seen them personally, but I've heard some live action adaptations for Death Note didn't turn out too bad, I believe because it doesn't have many of those elements. FMA, though, I'm not so sure; if executed well, it might work...