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Standing behind the curtain, your knees began to shake, your fingers played with each other, moving over your smooth nails then around the rings and up to the bracelet that hung over your hand. The black curtain blocked you from the live audience of a new variety show called Songs of Love.

“Welcome to Songs of Love! Where new idols share their love of music with us as well as fun games with Idols of Popular bands, like Infinite, EXO, BTOB, and much much more!” The announcer called while the theme song played afterwards.

“Thanks for stealing my lines. Mr. Yang” The other MC giggled as the music died down.

“That was in the job description. Dongjoo” Mr. Yang shrugged his shoulders.

“Who do we have behind the curtain today?” Dongjoo questioned, the curtains parted and that was your queue to walk through on your heels and dress.

The crowd happily cheered for you while some fanboys in the audience called your name loudly. Waving back at them, you joined up with Dongjoo and Mr. Yang.

“Wow _______ you look prettier in real life than you do on the big screen.” Doonjoo happily complimented while you bowed to both of them.

“Thank you, but I have to thank the lovely ladies backstage for making me this beautiful.” You smiled while your hands hung by your side.

“Wah so modest.” Mr. Yang replied.

“We have something a little special for you to do today.” Dongjoo announced while Mr. Yang turned around and grabbed a paper and an envelope.

“Oh really? I’m up for the challenge.” You smiled back at them.

“Put an idol who is your ideal type on this slip of paper then put it into the envelope then we can start!” Mr. Yang explained. Nodding happily, you turning around and wrote on the paper.

Seo Eunkwang

Slipping the paper back into the envelope, you handed it back to Mr. Yang.

“Thank you.” He bowed to you before handing it to one of the ladies behind him.

“Thank you for writing down a name. Now because it is a special day for you, we will give him a call and see what he says.” Dongjoo replied, nodding your head, the lady behind you took the letter backstage and dialed the number.

“Hello?” You heard his voice over the speakers on the set.

“Hello Eunkwang, this is Songs of Love! You had been chosen by our own _____ _____ as her Love Call.” Mr. Yang’s voice boomed.

“Love Call?” Eunkwang questioned while his cute tone made you blush slightly.

“She wrote your name down as her ideal type. We would love to have you two meet and maybe go out for a coffee or something.” Dongjoo explained shortly.

“It is also her birthday.” Mr. Yang added in a sing song voice.

“A-Ah I see. Is she there?” Eunkwang stuttered.

“Hello.” You waved looking at the audience.

“Happy Birthday first off, but… ummm.. if you aren’t doing anything later, can I personally wish you a happy birthday?” He asked rubbing the back of his neck.

“That would be great. I will look forward to it!” You smiled uncontrollably, before he hung up with a final goodbye.

“Wow, that worked out better than we thought!” Dongjoo beamed next to you. 

“Thank you for playing today and we will see you next time on Songs of Love! Bye Bye!” Mr. Yang waved at the camera with Dongjoo and you dancing to your song that came over the speakers. 

After the filming of the show, you changed and headed back home. Relaxing for the rest of the day, you changed into some leggings that barely hit your knees, and a wide neck sweatshirt that hung off your shoulder.

Working on your next song, you tapped the eraser of your pencil against the plain paper, humming some notes, you closed your eyes while you tried to concentrate.

A knock on the door broke your concentration, looking over your shoulder, you stood up from the couch and put the pencil and paper on the couch before skipping over to the door and opening it.

A man stood there in the door, with a bundle of your favorite flowers in his hand, a black tux hugged his body perfectly while his hair was in your favorite style.

“Hi…” Eunkwang stood there in all of his glory with a cute, small smile on his face.

“Hello.” You stood there hanging onto the door while you hand twisted the handle. “W-Would you like to come in?”

“Why would I come in when we could go out?” He said cheekily before breaking out into a fit of giggles. The nervousness went away with his little ice breaking joke.

“Where will we go?” You questioned with your heart beating faster with each moment in his presence.

“Hmmmm somewhere.” He teased while you moved out of the way and let him inside your apartment.

“I better go change. I would feel silly going out with you in this.” You told him shyly, he nodded with a little smile.

“I’ll just put your flowers in some water.” He calls after you, you disappear behind your door.

Heading right to your closet, you looked at your dressed, chewing on your bottom lip you finally chose a long black dress with a slit up its side. Grabbing some shoes that matched you came out of your room.

His eyes lifted to see you walking towards him.

“Wow, you look beautiful.” He whispered a little stunned about how beautiful you looked.

“Thank you, will this work for where we are going?” You asked smoothing down your dress.

“Definitely!” He beamed, coming to your side, he offered you his arm. Sliding your arm through his, you smiled up at him. Leading you out the door, he closed your door behind the two of you. Walking down the stairs then out the doors a black car awaited for you. 

A smile started to curl onto your face while the driver got out and opened the door for you.

“I-Is this for me?” You asked thinking that he mistook you for another girl.

“Of course, it is your birthday after all.” He smiled while he let you get into the car first.
Sliding in after you, he closed the door and the driver got behind the wheel.

Turning your head, you saw the beautiful buildings pass you by while the lights danced off of the cars.

The quick ride soon ended, but it was parked in front of a beautiful modern building with soft lighting leaking from the windows.

“What is this place?” You asked curiously while he helped you out of the car.

“I thought you would like to go dancing but it is also a really nice restaurant too.” Eunkwang smiled taking your hand in his and waving off the driver.

The glass doors opened while you two walked into the beautiful elevator, pressing the top floor, he smiled at you. The little bell dinged with each floor that passed.

“_______, did you really put my name down on that sheet?” He asked a little embarrassed.

“I did, but I really didn’t think that they would call you.” You softly remarked.

“I wasn’t doing anything anyways, I was just shocked. I didn’t think that anyone would do anything like that to me.” He told you honestly while the elevator started to slow while reaching up the top floor.

“Well I like you.” You whispered softly, just loud enough for him to hear before the bell dinged and the doors slid open. Sliding his hand into yours, he guided you out into the dimly lit area with the beautiful wood dance floor with the band slowly playing. A few couples covered the floor, swaying in other people’s arms, you started to smile seeing them happily dancing with each other.

“________?” Eunkwang caught your attention, while you turned your head to look at him. “May I have a dance with the birthday girl?”

“I would love that.” You smiled up at him while he lead you to the dance floor.

Moving in front of you, his hand gently rested on your hip, his other hand gently slid into yours perfectly. Sliding your hand up around his neck, he started to move with you. The soft music fell into the background while you looked up into his beautiful brown eyes.

“You know the announcers on that show were right.” Eunkwang quietly remarked.

“Right about what?” You asked tilting your head to the side.

“How beautiful you are in real life rather than on a screen.” He dropped his eyes from yours briefly.

“T-thank you, you’re more handsome in real life too.” You remarked, his hand gently slid around your waist and moved you closer to him while his hand rested on the small of your back.

Feeling the heat from his body, all you wanted to do was hug him and hold him close. His hand gently moved yours to his shoulder while his other hand moved around and pulled you against his body. His dancing became slower and more like swaying as you pulled yourself against him. He smiled while rubbing your back gently.

The song in the background caught his attention as he started singing into your ear, only for you. The words were made up but laced with your favorite songs. Hearing his voice sent shivers up and down your spine, his smile got wider when he felt you relax into his arms. Taking a deep breath you let your eyes flutter closed while taking in his calming scent.

“Happy Birthday Beautiful.” He whisper into your ear, feeling something starting in his heart.
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Awwww....how sweet. I do think EunKwang, though dorky some of the time, would be a wonderful and caring boyfriend.
thank you!!! I think so too the dorky guys make the best boyfriends in my opinion~