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“I can’t believe you dared me to do that” You lightly pushed Taeyang as he chuckled and pushed open the front door of the dorm.

“I can’t believe that you actually went along with it” Taeyang pushed you back playfully.

Walking through the door, both of you slipped off your shoes.

“What crazy thing are you going to have me do now” You questioned him

“Because dancing in front of a crowd wasn’t punishment enough?” Taeyang chuckled as he walked into the kitchen to get you both drinks.

“Well I don’t think that you singing a serenade to your fangirls was such a good idea either” You smiled and plopped yourself down on the couch.

“What? They enjoyed it” Taeyang giggled as he brought over two chilled bottles of water.

“Especially when you proposed to them with Ring Pops” You laughed and twisted the cap off of your water bottle. “Of course you had to sing them your Wedding Dress song” You sipped your water.

“I wasn’t the one screaming” He sipped his water too

“The girls were screaming and security came over and almost had us arrested” You pushed his shoulder a little while he tried to swallow his water instead of spraying it all over you.

“Well I wasn’t the one making all of the boys whistle, now was I” Taeyang teased

“Yah! I can’t help that, I had to do my dance per you and you were the one cheering with them too” You blushed and sat back into the cushions.

Just then, you heard a bedroom door open and you looked over the couch and smiled seeing G Dragon come out of his bedroom.

“Hey, G” You smiled as he stopped in his tracks and smiled at you.

“What are you doing here? I didn’t know you were coming over” G Dragon B-lined for the couch, sitting between you and Taeyang.

“Well… it is kind of a long story but I wanted to go some place where we wouldn’t get arrested.” You glanced over to Taeyang who just laughed and shook his head.

“I see, but I bet they came for you, since you have fine written all over you” G Dragon smiled and leaned back on the couch, however Taeyang couldn’t handle his cheesy pick up line and sprayed the water in his mouth all over.

“Y-Yah! What are you doing, using those cheesy pick up lines” Taeyang chuckled before he got up and grabbed a towel to wipe up his mess.

“Nothing, it just seemed to fit” G Dragon looked over at you and winked causing you to tint a slight pink color on your cheeks. “Anyways, I came out here to show you something that I have been working on.”

“Oh really?” You were happy for the subject change as you twisted the cap back on your water bottle and G Dragon stood up and smiled as he faced you and Taeyang.

“What song is it going to be this time?” Taeyang chuckled and folded on over the other as he held a pillow on his lap.

“One that I just wrote of course” G Dragon smiled and looked at you.

Looks are not an issue But a cute girl who knows style Even though our hobbies are different Our tastes are the same A girl that I can relate to a lot When we watch movies or listen to music

H-H-Hey!” Taeyang stopped him and G Dragon stood there glaring at him, “That is my song, what are you trying to do? Get a girl?” He raised his eye brow at G Dragon.

“Well I wrote it” G Dragon folded his arms over his chest. “How would you get a girl?”

“For one, I wouldn’t use cheesy pick up lines” Taeyang told him as he moved the pillow from his lap.

“Well then what would you use?” G Dragon shifted his weight from one foot to his other.

“Compliments” Taeyang smiled and turned to you, “I really like the shirt that you are wearing today, the necklace really suits you too.”

A smile came onto your lips while you looked down at your white laced top and your simple necklace.

“Thank you” You genuinely said.

“You are very welcome” Taeyang smiled and bit his bottom lip before he looked at G Dragon, gesturing for him to try.

“I really like how you styled your hair today” G Dragon tried as he sat in the seat next to you.

“No, no no! You are saying that you don’t like her hair just the style, you have to compliment her on something that she wouldn’t get a compliment on” Taeyang advised

“So like her eyes?” G Dragon started to take his advice to heart, Taeyang nodded as he decided to try it.

“I really like your eyes, they are like gems” G Dragon smiled at you softly, and you felt your heart pick up pace, you moved your eyes trying hard not to blush more.

“Thank you” You squeaked quietly.

“What else?” G Dragon smiled and looked over at Taeyang.

“Girls like little things that are sweet and sincere, like a flower or a song, but since you rapped for her I guess that would work.” Taeyang smiled at you. “Or you could try asking her out to an activity so you can spend more time with her, like one on one time, girls like that” Taeyang smiled knowing how much G Dragon likes you.

“______, would you like to get some ice cream with me today?” G Dragon asked, holding out his hand for you to take.

“I would love some” You slipped your hand in his, but little to your knowledge he pulled you up off of the couch and trotted to the door with you.

“W-What are you doing?” You questioned him, just thinking that you were still playing pretend.

“We are going on a date” G Dragon looked back at you.

“A real one?” You asked, your blush creeping back onto your cheeks.

“Of course” G Dragon nodded

“What about the girl that you like?” You probed. G Dragon looked at Taeyang who just chuckled and left the room.

“The girl that I like…. is you”
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It feels weird reading a story with both of them since I had a dream about them >< nothing bad but I just find it weird..
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No one was sad xP hehe