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“How much longer?” Hyunseung gasped trying to re inflate his lungs.

“Only a few more hours” Doojoon replied between breaths, a low whine came from the member’s mouths while they laid on the ground trying to relax so that their bodies could recover and do the dance again.

“Why do we have to have such hard work outs?” Dongwoon mumbled as he laid on the floor, his chest heaving up and down with his rapid breaths.

“It is endurance, it helps us through concerts.” Yoseob commented with a little voice.

Heavy breaths filled the room, all of the boys closed their eyes trying to relax and enjoy the break that they had. Their manager walked through the door, in a happy mood, he clapped his hands together. Waking the members up from their resting positions. Stumbling to their feet, they stood around while the manager had a bright smile on his face.

“Good work today, I am sure that you are all very tired, but today is a special day and I would love for you all to practice a few more hours before heading home.” The group whined at the manager’s request.

“Why?” Dongwoon whined.

“It has been a request.” The manager said simply before turning around and walking out the door.

“They should be practicing a few more hours for you.” The manager looked at you with a sweet smile on his face.

“Thank you manager-nim, I owe you one.” You smiled.

“May I ask what this is for?” The manager questioned

“Gikwang’s birthday, I was going to set something up in their dorm for him, and I just need the members to keep him in the room until I am ready.” You couldn’t hold back your smile.

“Oh I see, here is the key to their apartment, if you need anything else my number is on my card.” He handed you his card and the key as you smiled brightly before hugging him tightly.

“Thank you manager-nim! I will have to save you some cake!” You bowed to him once again before running down the hall to get ready for the private party for Gikwang.

The manager went back into the room to find most of the boys sleeping on the floor, all of them except for Doojoon.

“Doojoon, can I talk to you for a minute?” The manager asked, Doojoon noddded and headed out into the hall with him.

“I’m sorry, they fell asleep and- ” Doojoon tried to explain, the manager chuckled.

“Don’t worry about it, Gikwang’s birthday is today and _______ needs a little time to get the dorm ready for the party just for the two of them.” The manager spilled.

“What about us Hyung?” Doojoon asked leaning up against the wall.

“Hmmmm, maybe I could take you and the other boys out or something.” The manager muttered under his breath.

“That is a great idea!” Doojoon cried before going back into the room, the manager shook his head before heading down the hall to try and book a restaurant for tonight.

Meanwhile you were already at the dorm, trying to clean up and make the place presentable for a private party with only Gikwang and you. Knowing that the company would throw a bigger party for him over the weekend, you just wanted this party to be for the two of you.

Decorating a little with black accents and your black present for him, you dimmed the lights before you went to go shower and change for the night ahead. 

“Let’s just dance once more.” Doojoon pleaded his members, they eventually pulled themselves off of the floor and danced once more for Doojoon.

“Are we done now?” Hyunseung asked leaning up against the wall of mirrors.

“Yeah, we are.” Doojoon slid down to the floor in exhaustion. The manager knocked on the door before entering.

“What would you guys like for dinner tonight?” The manager asked with a playful smirk on his face.

“A-Are you going to buy us dinner?” Junhyung asked with wide eyes.

“Anything you want!” The manager cooed. Quickly the guys picked their sweaty bodies off of the floor, grabbing their things they quickly moved out of the studio and into the van.

The manager drove back to the dorm while the members slept in the van. Shaking Gikwang’s leg, he woke up slightly coherent.

“Go rest and have fun.” The manager opened the door while Gikwang looked at him oddly.

“Shouldn’t I go to dinner with the other members?” Gikwang asked rubbing his eyes.

“Enjoy the surprise inside.” The manager cooed before watching Gikwang leave with his bag in hand. Shuffling his feet through the glass doors, he made his way up the stairs while the van drove off to dinner.

Lifting his feet up each step, his eyes took more time to open every time he blinked his eyes. Finally reaching the dorm door, he slid the key into the brass handle.

Pushing open the door, his bad dropped to the ground while he slipped off his shoes. Lifting his eyes slightly, he saw you, opening his eyes wider he rubbed his eyes to make sure that you were standing in front of him.

“Happy Birthday Giki!” You took a few steps towards him, wrapping your arms around his tired body.

“W-What are you doing here?” He asked you while his arms wrapped around you.

“I wanted to celebrate your birthday with you, silly.” You giggled looking up at him.

“I-It’s my birthday?” He pointed to himself, nodding to his question a smile curled onto his lips.

“That means I get presents!” He started getting excited while setting aside his exhaustion.

“You do” You leaned up and kissed his cheek. Go shower and change into something comfy.
Ruffling up his hair, he nodded before heading to the bathroom.

Coming back out a while later, he was welcomed by you singing a song on the karaoke machine. In some really comfy pajamas he walked behind you wrapping you in a back hug. Resting his head on your shoulder, he began to sway you slightly from side to side.
Continuing to sing, you tried your best in front of him until the song was over.

“You should really be an idol, you have an amazing voice.” He whispered in the quiet atmosphere, kissing your cheek gently, he took the microphone from your hand.

The introduction of the song played while the lyrics danced in his head already. Letting out the words, he stayed with you, his melodic song came out like honey, resting your head on his shoulder behind you. He smiled resting his head on yours while both of you swayed to the song.

Once the song was over, you smiled up at him. He kissed your forehead gently.

“Can we open presents now?” He whispered setting the microphone down on the table.

“Anything you want birthday boy.” You giggled before taking his hand and leading him to the couch.

Happily bouncing on the couch, he sat in front of you, while you grabbed the present you set it right in front of you

“Happy Birthday Gikwang.” You smiled, his eyes got wide as did his smile, his hands grabbed the present bringing it to his lap so that he could unwrap it. Pulling the white ribbon, the bow came undone as the ribbons fell to the sides of the box. Carefully lifting the lid, his jaw dropped once he saw the present that was inside.

“J-Jaigya…” He stuttered slightly, tearing his eyes away from your gift he looked at you while you bashfully smiled.

“You said that you always wanted a hat and a sweater, so I got you a hat and a black sweater.
Do you like it?” You looked back at him, moving your present to the side, he moved towards you. Wrapping his arms around you, tears began to fill his eyes.

“It’s perfect. Thank you.” His soft voice was taken over by emotion. Holding onto you tighter,
you wrapped your arms around him rubbing his back.

“You’re welcome.” You whispered back before kissing the side of his head. A little while later both of you broke away from the hug.

“Can you sing a song for me?” Gikwang grabbed the microphone, holding it out for you, you nodded with a smile.

“You should choose the song.” You tapped the microphone gently to turn it on. Choosing a song for you, he moved onto the couch as he rested his head against your shoulder.

Starting your song, he wrapped his arms around you, getting comfortable, you wrapped your free hand around his shoulders while his head rested on your upper chest.

Soft hums came from his lips while you played with his hair. Lulling him to sleep with your song, soft snores came from his lips while you kissed his head gently.

“Goodnight birthday boy.” You smiled before pulling a blanket over him and yourself. Turning off the lights, you soon fell asleep with him in your arms.

The moonlight bled through the windows, letting the beautiful and peaceful night surround the two of you on such a special evening.
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Awe, my baby is so cute!!😘😘 I'm still being lazy but I gave myself some time to read this 😝😝
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It was my pleasure 😇