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Jumping to his feet to the sound of your knuckles on the wooden door made his heart flutter.

“Ready to get beat?” Gongchan said as he opened the door to greet you.
“I was born ready~” You cooed, as you walked into his apartment. Looking around his apartment you saw a pillow fort made right in front of the tv. Bending down, you took off your shoes and rummaged through your bag for your lucky controller.
“What’s that?” He asked as he saw you pulling out a glow-in-the-dark controller from your bag.
“Oh- Ah it is just my lucky controller, since I heard that you were really good” You blushed as you both walked over to his tv to sync up the controller to the Xbox.
“How about we play some Wii games first?” He offered sitting on his knees looking through his games. “Mario Kart?” He took the game out of the stack that he had and handed it to you so that you could look it over.
“Looks fun!” You said as you placed your controller aside and grabbed one of his. He helped you hook up to the wheel since he didn’t have the nunchuk attachment. He put the game into the Wii and started signing up the riders and doing all of the pregame stuff.
“Here’s the controls” He wrapped his hands around yours as he showed you what to do, “Go, stop, turn, use your powers, wheelie, and um look behind you.” He finished giving you a quick run down of the controls as you hardly could concentrate on the directions since his hands were on yours. You have had a crush on him for about a year but never told anybody, he was in all of your core classes. He invited you to come over to thank you for all of the hard work that you had done for him and for the grades that you were able to give him.
The game started as you saw the numbers flash on the screen for the countdown. You got off to a slow start but Gongchan was about to the head of the pack before you found some boosts. Getting the rocket you blasted to the middle of the pack as you quickly caught up to second place right behind Gongchan, he slowed down teasing you that you could be in first place. You both crossed the finish line but the game obviously favored him and declared him the winner. In anger you hit his shoulder as he giggled throwing his hands up in the air.
“You can choose the next track” He said in between his laughs as you became more determined to beat him this time. Choosing one of the easier tracks he scoffed at the simplicity. Gongchan gently slid a blanket over your legs and his as the hours seemed to tick into the night. The illumination of the tv lit up both of your faces as you continued playing Mario Kart. After a few hours you had managed to finish one race in first place while the rest he had won or tied with you.

“Look another marriage!” Gongchan called as you had tied once again, you bit your lip as you tried to hold back from showing your feelings.
A couple more races followed just so that you could win your first race. Once you saw the first place number fly up on your screen, you threw your hands up in the air as you laughed feeling the satisfying feeling of victory.  He smiled at your actions and finished a little further back.
“How about we play an Xbox game now?” He said with a smile on his face like he had completed his mission. He leaned over you to grab the remote to change the input for the tv to show the Xbox connection. You looked around the small fort that he had made, noticing how different it was from yours, but his seem to stay up for longer. His hand slipped as his fingertips reached the side of the remote as his body weight landed on you, falling onto the ground, pillows and blankets fell on top of you as a heavier object did as well. Gongchan gently removed the blanket that covered your head as a single blanket wrapped tightly around Gongchan and you so that you couldn’t move. He tried to get up just to fall down on top of you again making your faces inches apart.
His eyes gently scanned over your face taking in every perfection and indescribable, beautiful feature on your face. You took in his perfection and traced your eyes along his lips as his fingers pushed your disheveled hair out of your face. Moving his lips closer to yours, fluttering his eyes shut he pressed his lips gently against yours, closing your eyes and moving your fingers along his neck softly as he gently pulled away.
“Who won that little battle?” He asked referring to the kiss
“I think it was a marriage” You smiled, feeling your cheeks tingle with the heat of his breath close to your face.
“Game on” He smiled kissing your lips gently again. Trying to win this time.