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MONSTERS: Hidden Vengeance

Stepping back from my window, I walk across the hall to where I have MJ. I didn’t want her to feel like a prisoner but really in some ways she was. I couldn’t just let her go without talking to the detective first to see where we stand with this whole situation. And, I sure as hell couldn’t have her running back to Simon and run that damn mouth of hers, allowing them ample time to pack up and leave or change identities. Knowing her and her relationship with Simon, that’s exactly what she would do.

He has called to find out where she been at. So of course since she is so good with lying, she just let him know that she was at the hospital for a couple of days. He’s used to her disappearing a few days at a time, especially when Alexis was in one of her moods, so it was nothing new to him.

I walk over to her room and open the door only to see an object coming whizzing past my head. It was my lamp from the nightstand.

“Have you lost your damn mind?! What the hell is wrong with you?!”
“Can you blame me?! I don’t need them running off because you wanna go and run your mouth to Simon.”
“You know me, oh so well.”
“Yea I do, but it makes me wonder exactly how much you really know about him. How much you know about his past.”
“What does it matter to you? It will be my undoing at the end and I’m sure you would be more than delighted to see me falter at the hands of the man that I betrayed you for.” If only you knew the real truth Jay.

“Yea you’re right. You can do bad all by yourself, right? So by all means. I came in here with a proposition for you. Before you even respond, yes it has to deal with Simon and Alexis You only have two choices: Either take it or reap the consequences. It’s your choice. You can hear the detective out and make your choice then.”
“Whatever Jay. There is no way that I would betray Simon for you. He loves me. More than he does that whore Alexis.”
“If you want to believe that, then by all means keep on. He will never leave her for you. And if he’s told you that he would, well I can tell you that he has only done that once before. He loves her alot more than you really know. But, hey, what do I know. I’m going to call Detective Kwon. Think about what I said.”

And with that I closed the door and walked right out of her room. She so fucking stubborn, but whatever it’s her demise not mine. She just don’t realize how fucked up he really is. I shake my head as I head downstairs to call Detective Kwon.

“So, I told her and told her to think about it. But you may have better luck convincing her than me.”
“Alright, where should we meet?”
“My place…. 6pm”
“Alright, I’ll see you then.”
“Oh, and Detective…. You may want to bring those documents with you. Maybe then will she only understand the situation.”
“Got it.”

Hanging up the phone, I went into the living room and poured myself I drink. I needed something to help me keep my calm. This was only the beginning. I guess this is what they mean when they “The Calm before the Storm”. Because as of right now, the peace is so liberating but yet, in its silence there is this hidden threat with a mix of chaos waiting to be unleashed unto those seeking retribution, peace, love and the truth above all else.

MJ’s Perspective

I watched as he walked out of the room, leaving me with those two choices to choose between. Of course, he already knows the answer. I would rather die than betray the one person that I love. Yea, I love Jay truly he is the one person, that I should have stayed with but Simon has this undeniable charm about him. It’s what made me fall for him the first time.
I feel like I’m losing my mind again. I can’t fall for it again. I was there for it all, in the beginning with him. I knew what Simon and Alexis were up to, but I had kept my mouth shut. It wasn’t fair to Jay. He was getting played every which way. The money that went missing all those years ago. It was never me, it was Alexis. That bitch was doing it because she was fucking Simon and she knew he would never question her since she was his new main bitch. I only copped to that shit because I knew anything that bitch would say to him, he would believe her. He would do anything for her, the same way that he used to do for me. But because I was so in love with him, I never expected what happened next.

But it’s all good, cause that bitch and Simon will both reap what they sow. It’s just a matter of time before their entire world comes fucking crashing down. Now that I think about it, maybe I can accomplish this even faster with Jay and that Detective Kwon person’s help. It only seems befitting to help out the one person, that I helped to betray to gain some type of trust. Jay is a fool, if I was to tell him that I’m still in love with him and that I want to come back to him, he would let me.

He wouldn’t even know what to do once all of the truth is revealed at the end of it all. This seems to be the only opportunity I will have to get my revenge. If I’m going to do this, then there has to be something in it for me. I’m not doing this shit without some kind of guarantee. My main concern is my freedom. As long as I can maintain my freedom once it’s all said and done, then I’m good.

As I continue thinking to myself, I walk across the room and stand right in front of the elongated mirror standing there beside the dresser drawer. Taking a good look at myself in the mirror, I unbuttoned a few buttons of my shirt to look at the scars left on my chest from that night. My reminders for why I’m here. For one reason and one reason only. To get back at Simon and most definitely take Alexis down with him.

“That’s right, Rae.” I said to myself.
“It’s time for you to complete your vengeance so you can move on with your life. It’s time to settle the score. You didn’t do this all for nothing. From that kind stranger that found you early the next morning at the bottom of the hill, to helping you change your identity and learn to survive and fight for what you want. Teaching you the way of revenge. Although you were warned of the deadly cost. You will take your revenge.”

I buttoned up my shirt and went back to the bed and waited patiently for Jay to come back to find out my decision.

Jay’s Perspective

After having a couple drinks in the living room to get my mind together, I decided to head up to MJ’s room and find out her decision. I pray that this is the right decision. I hope that this is not gonna fuck me over, I thought as I started my ascent to her room. As I approached her door, I could hear her voice through the door. I know, she ain’t talking to no one cause she don’t have access to anything. Nor does anyone knows that she is here.
Before, I knock I hear say,

“That’s right, Rae.”

Rae!? I said to myself. And then it hit me. What the fuck is going on? There is no way that MJ is really Rae. There is no way. Simon said he made sure that she was dead. And if that was the case then how in the hell is she here right now. Putting my ear closer to the door, I finish listening to her.

“It’s time for you to complete your vengeance so you can move on with your life. It’s time to settle the score. You didn’t do this all for nothing. From that kind stranger that found you early the next morning at the bottom of the hill, to helping you change your identity and learn to survive and fight for what you want. Teaching you the way of revenge. Although you were warned of the deadly cost. You will take your revenge.”

IT’S HER!! IT’S REALLY FUCKING HER…. I thought to myself. I was in so much shock that I started walking backwards and without realizing it, I almost fell down the stairs. Sitting at the top of the stairs with my hands in my head, I can feel my brain processing every bit of what I just heard. I feel so dizzy and sick. Rae. Fucking Rae. Simon’s first true love, that he would have done anything for but ended up “killing” her instead.

I needed to gather my thoughts. Maybe this could work. Simon doesn’t know that she is still alive and neither does Alexis. It could work. She thinks that, I’m in the dark, so as long as I keep it that way. She won’t know that I know. That’s what I’ll do. I gather myself together and cleared my throat before I opened the door.

“Have you made a decision?” I asked.
“Yea. I made a decision, but I need some guarantees in return.”
“We can discuss that once the Detective gets here. Which will be soon. Soo… What’s your answer?”
“Fine. I’ll do it. But like I said, I want my conditions met once we talk to the Detective.”

I turned around and walked out closing the door. Rae

That’s right Rae. You’re back and no one will see it coming

Those were the last words I heard her say before she laughed causing chills to creep up my spine.

Rae. Rae is back.

Well then my dears, I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. From here, shit might get real crazy. So, I hope you’re ready

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