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If you can't be together forever what would you do?
A couple hours has passed by and your finally in Jeju. You stretched as you got out the car. You enjoyed the fresh air that was different from Seoul. The air was even more clean than at your grandmother's neighborhood. You intensly looked at your left hand. You closed your left hand and opened it and closed it again. You were relieved that it was back to normal but you knew it wasn't permanent.

"Y/N!! Your luggage!" Jimin screamed before you can walk into the house that you guys had rented out for the week. "Ah...right sorry..." You headed to the trunk and you looked at the stacked luggages. None of them looking familiar. You bit your lip. You were confused. You didn't remember which of the luggages was yours. Now you were scared. Before you knew it Jungkook came up from behind you and grabbed a black suitcase and a smaller black and gold one. "Here carry this one." He said as he gave the smaller one.

"Why?" Jungkook looked at you confused. "It's yours." You nodded pretending you were just being an airhead laughing,"Right!" You saw him walk into the house and place your luggage in your room. You saw him pull out his phone and you grabbed before he can do anything,"Stop." He looked up at you,"Give me my phone back."

"Don't tell Youngjae about earlier please...I'm sure it was just because I was sitting down for too long." He sighed heavily and pointed at the luggage,"Then what was that with the luggage." You smiled trying to play it off,"I was thinking if I should just have one of you do it. Since it's kind of heavy. And I was just spacing out when you handed me my bag." He rubbed the back of his head and bit his lip. "Fine but if anything else happens I'm telling Youngjae." You nodded as you placed his phone on his hands,"Understandable."

He then walked away as you went ahead and opened your bag of cameras and equipment. You noticed Nayeon walking in at the corner of your room. "You can go ahead and choose which bed you want. I'll take whichever." She nodded and smiled as she chose the bed in the middle. "This one I guess." Suzy then came in sitting at the one closest to the bathroom leaving you with the one by the patio. "This settles it then." They nodded as you placed your medicine in the drawers of the side table. "Birth control pills?"

You shook your head. "What is it for?" You smiled,"For my migraines." Nayeon looked at you puzzled,"Since when have you had migraines." You smiled as you took a camera from your bag,"Since I've been having trouble staying asleep." She slowly nodded as you started to take pictures of the view from your room.

The trees, the clear blue sky, the ocean, and the people. Everything was visible. Everything was laid out to you like a perfect canvas and all you had to do was capture it. Click. You were engrossed in taking pictures when you felt a hand on your shoulder,"Food's ready."

You nodded at Suzy as you headed to the kitchen with the girls laughing along the way. Nayeon was telling us a story about the time Jimin and her went to the beach. Apparently Jimin had not worn sunscreen and ended as red as a tomato by the end of the day. "Sounds just like him."

"Like who?" Jimin asked as us three looked at each other and bursted out in laughter,"Nothing." You said as Jimin stuck his tongue out,"I want to laugh too." Jin then smiled,"Oh then I have a joke for you!" Suzy rolled her eyes and covered her face,"Oh god no." Jin ignored her remark and asked everyone on the table,"How does a cow laugh?"

"How?" You said as Suzy looked at you as if though you just pressed the button to end the world. Jin then smiled and said, "Moohahahaha." Everyone was quiet but you burst out laughing. "Seriously Y/N?" You looked at Jimin as you were wiping the tears forming from laughing too hard and when you had finally caught your breath,"Yes what the heck that was funny." Jin then patted your head,"At least she understands humour." You smiled as you drank water and stuffing some meat and rice in your mouth. "Oh this is good! Compliments to the cook." Jin smiled and bowed,"Thank you." You smiled as you chewed.

After dinner you helped wash the dishes and clean the table with the girls. "Suzy you're so lucky! Jin is so handsome and such a great cook. Unlike my Chim can only eat." You laughed,"Chim's a good cook just well he likes being babied but if you ever get sick he'll cook you a delicious porridge." Nayeon nodded slowly and leaned forward and whispered with a smile,"Should I pretend?" You shrugged laughing,"Whatever you want to do sweety." The three of you then burst out laughing once again earning some weirded out looks from the boys.

It's already your last night here in Jeju and all you've done was assist Jungkook with his photo shoot. You were getting frustrated that you haven't gone out to take pictures for yourself not even once. So after lunch you headed to your room and grabbed your grandfather's camera and slipped out without anyone noticing. On the way to the beautiful oceans of Jeju you passed by an old man who was struggling to carry his groceries. "Oh..." You then ran up to him and grabbed his groceries,"I'll help you sir." He smiled and bowed,"Thank you young lady. But you don't have to. I got it." You shook your head as he tried to reach for his groceries.

On the way to his house the old man talked to you about how he had met his wife by helping her with her groceries when they were younger. "I finally had the courage to talk to her and after that the rest was history." You smiled,"Where is she now?" The old man looked up,"She's dead...she went and got sick...that idiot...and left me here..."

"I'm sorry..."

"For what?" The old man said looking up at you puzzled,"I didn't love her any less just because our time was short together."

You smiled,"Did you regret it?" He shook his head without hesitation,"Never. I enjoyed my time with her. Everyday we did something special. I couldn't forget her and what we had. Maybe thats why my second wife hates me." He laughed a little. "But she understood...She knew that I love her but what I had with Shin Hye was different. They were two different types of love but they were equal to one another."

You bit your lip not realizing you had already arrived,"Oh honey, I thought you got lost. I told you to bring Seungkwan with you!" The woman nagged the old man and looked at you finally realizing that you had been there. You immediately bowed and put down the groceries,"Nice to meet you. I saw he was struggling with the groceries and I helped him." She smiled and bowed for gratitude,"Thank you! How about you come in for a snack." You shook your head," I have to get back to where I'm staying."

She frowned as she went inside her house and came out with a bag full of tangerines,"Here share these with your friends." You nodded in thanks as you grabbed the bag."Uhm actually this might be weird but is it okay if I take a picture of you two?"

The two elders looked at one another and the old man laughed,"Go ahead! I don't know what for but go ahead." You smiled taking out the camera and snapped a photo of them. You smiled at the couple and bowed one last time,"Good bye. Take care!" You then walked back to the direction of the beach.

You suddenly reached a fork in the road. You looked at the roads. They both looked unfamiliar. You looked back. Maybe I took a wrong turn somewhere back there. You turned back to be met with another fork. What am I doing here again? You felt a growing anxious feeling. You took the road to the right and you looked around maybe the area would look somewhat familiar. Still nothing. What am I doing here? You thought to yourself as you continued to wonder around the neighborhood.

It got darker and darker but you felt like you were getting farther from your destination. Your destination. What was your destination? Where were you going? You shook your head fighting the urge to cry. It was getting late and for some reason you still stood there confused as you walked around.

When you heard someone scream your name. You immediately turned your head to be greeted with a sudden embrace. The man hugging you was out of breathe and his heart was racing so fast you were scared that it will pop out. It was beating so loud as if though he ran a 100 miled. But who was he? How did he know you?
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