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Beast Music Video SSG
Hey guys Axos's again. This week you get to be the main or only girl in a Beast music video. WhATS the song? Who is your main guy? Etc. Please enjoy guys!?! Also DONT FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT OR MAKE YOUR OWN CARD WITH YOUR RESULTS. We would love to see your results and hear from you.
What Song?
Who is the lead guy?
What do you wear? (I provideD more then one outfit for multiple themes so feel free to screenshot till you get a suitable outfit for the theme.)
What did he wear? ( Same thing for this. Screenshot until the outfit works for the theme)
What happens in the video?
This looks like fun.
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I tried
9 months ago
i just took mine!
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9 months ago
Can I still try it out?
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@axosrain ok! great 😊
9 months ago