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Ok I just found out how to get them. like I said before in the last card that you get Special items in the Poke Stops. I'm here to let you know that is true. As you see above I got a Sun stone. And before any one ask no I did not get it on my 7 Day I actually got it on the 5th day. So that means the sepcail items are going to be giving out at random. So the question is how lucky are you?

Also I just found out that sometimes when you level up you get special items as well but onces again like the Poke Stops it is random.
Next to talk about is how to get Espeon and Umbreon. Unlike Jolteon, Flareon, and Vapreon these two you have to give an Eevee a certain name. Which is Sakura and Tamao. Depending on which one you what you have to give them that name. If you want an Espeon you name an Eevee Sakura. If you want an Umbreon you name an Eevee Tamao.
and that's all I have for this card if I found out any more I'll let you know. Also a special thanks to @Anime4life20 for the help.
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