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Hello B2UTYS!

@axosrain created another fun SSG for us. This time we are the star of a BEAST music video.
If you'd like to play along, and we highly encourage you to do so, here is the link.

And now for my results!

The MV is for "We Up"! I'm cool with this. It's funky song and this should be fun.

The leading man is none other than my cutie patootie YOSEOB?!?!?! I'm such a lucky girl! Now to be able to act professional with him and not constantly babble and drool the entire shoot...

The MV concept is... Zombies? Hmmm... that's a new one for BEAST. Though with this song, I could see a kicking ass and taking names theme (taking zombie names?) We could make this work. Though, no intimate smoochy scenes when you're constantly running for your life.

I will totally kick ass and take zombie names in this AWESOME outfit. Can I keep it after the shoot? This is totally my aesthetic.

First, we totally match (what are the odds?), second this isn't really Yoseob's style but I'd LOVE to see him in this outfit.

There's a love triangle? With who???? A zombie? Another member? I need more info. Does someone die? Do they turn into a zombie? What happens???? I must know!

Well, I hope you join us in playing along. The link is at the top of the card. Please feel free to share your results with the community!
wow yours really matches well! haha this story tho
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Hahajaja Yoseob will still look great in that outfit. Also your music video is playing in my head