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Que tal peeps!

This is a small part. I know I've been late with my posts but I get discouraged cuz I have to pull out my laptop and write these in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste into Vingle, since Vingle has been deleting ish!

This will be a short part so wait for part 3.5

I enjoyed being Jay’s bae as I knew I would. We have been rocking for almost a year and I know I'm in love. He was my first and will be my last. I've been with him through so much, but it hasn't been easy. Jay only know is money and hoes, so it was a huge transition for him this passed year. It was hard to gain that trust despite me knowing him for so long.

"Why were you talking alone with Cha Cha?" Jay asked while looking up at me as I but on my robe.

"Um, because it is my job Jay. I am your assistant baby."

"Naw, you are my lady first. I don't need for a second to think you are....." Jay paused and took off his shirt.

I place my hands on my hips. "Think what? That I'm cheating? Jay you need to stop tripping."

"I'm just saying he my boy, but yall were all cheesing and ish."

"You know I'm getting tired of you accusing me of cheating Jay. I might else well go out and be a THOT. Are u cheating? "


At this point I got super pissed. I began looking around the room as if I lost something. Jay looked confused.

"What's your problem?"

"I'm trying to find who da fuck you are talking to like that? As you said I'm your lady. Don't get fucked up Jay talking to me like I'm a fucking hoe." I said then stormed into the bathroom.

I jumped in the shower trying not to punch a hole in the fucking wall. I'm so tired of Jay random mood swings. All he does is assume I'm cheating. Should I begin accusing him. However, just know this was too disrespectful.

Jay looked totally frustrated. He tried talking to me but I ignored him. I allowed the warm water to flush away my anger that was building up inside like a brick wall. Suddenly Jay walked into the shower. My back was turned to him. I could feel him hug me from behind.

"Look baby I'm sorry. I'm just stressed. I know you are loyal. I'm just not used to this. You know I love you."

I turned around and faced him. "Jay being stressed is no excuse. You need to do better if you want us to be. I've given you all I can give baby."

Jay softly kissed my lips and then the kiss grew intense. He slipped his finger deep inside me without warning and began sucking on my neck. I gasped loudly. We had sex for the first time 2 months ago and I was still getting used to the feeling. I bit down on my lip. Jay lifted me against the wall and pushed inside me. He let out a groan as he entered into me.

"Shit you still tight as fuck baby." He mumbled in my ear.

He began softly and slowly pumping into me until I relaxed. It felt so good as I let go. I dug my nails into his wet back as we moaned to the rhythm. Our wet skin clapping to the beat. He picked up speed and plunged deeping into me. I could feel my orgasm coming on strong. Jay was groaning louder so I knew he was about to explode. My eyes rolled back as my vision and body began shaking. I moaned out his name. Jay pulled out cussing and sprayed his goodness all over me. It was hotter than the shower water.

I yearned for more. I smiled and grabbed him while stroking him.

"No papi I want more..." I said in a girlish tone.

"Oh Damn baby. You are so hot. Imma give you more." He said while bending me over and spanking me.

Suddenly Loco busted in. He covered his eyes. "Um yall might want to wrap it up and come down here. It's super urgent."

"Wrap it up? Pulling out is fine." Jay laughed.

Loco grinned. "Well yeah that too but for real bro."

We quickly dried off and ran down stairs. Loco handed Jay a baby. Jay and I looked super confused.

"Loco you babysitting again?" I asked.

"Naw, I went to get the mail when I found this basket on the doorstep. I realized it was a baby from the noise coming from the basket. I couldn't leave it out there . Here is a note with your name."

Jay opened the note.

Dear Jay dis is your baby. You rich, so take care of her. I named her Bella Park and the birth certificate is in the basket. I'm too sexy to be a mom. From Natasha.

I almost choked. Jay almost fainted. Loco grabbed him while I caught the baby.

"What the fuck? This is not my baby. I used condoms with that hoe cuz I didn't know what she was carrying. Besides, this baby has no Korean features. Wasn't that guy she was fucking with was Black? This baby is obviously half Mexican and Black!"

I was lost for words. What kind of woman would do this to their own child? Natasha was a true hoe, but this was a real low.

"Bro, bigger issues. I just got a text from Simon Dominic he said turn on the news." Loco said.

We walked into the TV room with this baby and there was Natasha crying on TV.

"Yes, Jay Park kidnapped my baby Bella. She super cute and he's the father. He took her away from me, because his stupid current tramp can't have kids. They stole my Bella and he won't pay child support."

"Turn that shit off for real!" Jay yelled.

"Wow that bitch is crazy!" Loco said.

Suddenly, the police came knocking on the door. My heart dropped as they came through and placed Jay in cuffs. The lady cop took the baby. As I heard the cop read Jay his rights I tired to stay calm. Jay looked me dead in my eyes.

"I love you." He lipped.

"Jay imma get you out of this. This got to be illegal baby." I yelled.

I was seeing red and I was super pissed off. All I knew is that I had to get my baby off the hook for some dumb ass shit and I had to fuck this bitch up.

she can always use the note she left with the baby to get him out and prove Natasha is lying I hate her CX
Wow! That's some crazy stuff. 🤓
that is crazy
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