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Thank you @axosrain for tagging me! here are my results.
I love my results! not only did I get my favorite song but I also got my UB Junhyung oppa!. lol fangirling just a little. funny thing 8s I was playing the SSG and he kept posting on Instagram lol. I got distracted.
he is has purple hair lol.
any who tagging.
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So funny. He was letting you know that he was up. You could have kept screen shooting till you got outfits that follow the theme. They look like they live in dystopia or zombie themes
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OMG his hair matches the picture!?!?! Highlight!!!
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I love it! Junhyung was letting you know he approves of the SSG results. lol
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hahaha i love this one! those outifts are amazing still!
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