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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung
What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby)

Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes..

Ju Kyung's POV

Jay, Chase and Ju Kyung didn't go to JYP headquarters he wasn't stupid. He did however, lie to Y/N. His bloodied knuckles came from torture the bump on his head and the scratch by his eye came from his car getting hit. While Ju Kyung's men followed up on the capture of Jai Er, Minjun's buddies, the Thai princes. Nichkhun and BamBam were pursuing Ju Kyung and Jay. They ran them down in Ju Kyung's Mercedes. The three of them were driving to Jai Er's best friend's garage. Mark was an easy target to find but getting close to was probably another challenge.

Nichkhun smashed his car into Ju Kyung's causing it to spin out of control. Ju Kyung bumped his head on the steering wheel enough to cause the bump.

"Long time no see Jay!" Nichkhun screamed from his car.

He got out with his gun in hand and Ju Kyung looked to Jay.

"Can you handle him?" Ju Kyung asked.

Jay nodded. Ju Kyung got out of the car and fired shots at Nichkhun to get him to hide behind the car for cover. Cha cha took the back road which was good, both Jay and Ju Kyung anticipated the ambush just not by who. Bam Bam came after Jay, shooting at the side of his car to get him. Jay used the passenger door as a shield from his bullets. Ju Kyung focused on Nichkhun who took another shot at him. Ju Kyung aimed his shot at their windshield breaking it completely. Nichkhun looked back for a second but a second was all he needed. Ju Kyung shot at Bam Bam only getting to his leg but enough to make him buckle in distraction. Jay ran into Nichkhun just as he looked at Bam Bam. Ju Kyung quickly circled around the side of the car and shot Bam Bam in the shoulder as he tried to get back up and aim at Jay. Nichkhun and Jay were on the ground pounding the stuffing out of each other and Ju Kyung had captured Bam Bam. He lifted him up and threw him into his back trunk. Jay was still fighting with Nichkhun while Ju Kyung shot Bam Bam in the leg. His loud groan in pain as was intoxicating to him. The feeling of inflicting pain on him was too beautiful. Ju Kyung turned to see Nichkhun on top of Jay punching him in the face furiously. Ju Kyung quickly pressed the gun to his head making him stop his assault.

"We've wasted too much time already." Ju Kyung said.

"I had him." Jay said.

"Sure you did hyung." He said.

Ju Kyung got Nichkhun to stand up and get into the trunk with Bam Bam. He closed it on them and him and Jay went into their back seat to grab more guns. Ju Kyung had knives away in his suit and his guns we're concealed in his pants with two additional in his hands. Jay and Ju Kyung both headed off towards the doors. Jay and Ju Kyung both busted through the doors of Marks garage and ten men stood before them. They took a second to register the danger they were now in. Immediately, the men raised their guns shooting at both boys. Jay took cover behind a desk on the right while Ju Kyung took the desk on the left. Ju Kyung looked to the left and aimed at one man's leg. He only caught one man falling from Jay's bullet. He stood up for a moment aiming at two men behind a couch in the room. He got one in the head and the other one grazed his arm before Ju Kyung had to take cover again. Jay grabbed a pillow and pelted it at one man on the right and shot the other in the neck then shot the one he hit with a pillow three times in the stomach. Ju Kyung hurried to the one he shot in the leg and shot him in the head. He shot one by the window and all seemed quiet. Ju Kyung jumped on the couch to see the man reloading behind it. He shot him in the head.

"Some are missing." Jay said.

"Yeah two of them. We need to get to the back quickly and help Cha Cha." Ju Kyung said.

Jay nodded and the ran down the hall. The sound of gun shots continued in the distance and Ju Kyung and Jay followed them. They were stopped by two sudden shots that hit the walls beside them. Ju Kyung aimed at the guard across him shooting off multiple rounds the same as Jay. His gun clicked: empty. He pulled out another gun and fired. The guard fell down and Jay moved in ahead of him. He checked to see if it was clear. They ran in and got to the large opening of the garage. The back door was opened, the light came in making the bodies before them silhouettes; Ju Kyung stepped forward and saw Chase standing behind a hand cuffed Mark.

"What took you so long?" He said.

"No fair you got the easy part." Jay said

"Yeah apparently they don't understand the concept of guarding the perimeter." Chase said.

Ju Kyung shook his head,

"Jai Er is young he wouldn't think of that." He said.

Chase led Mark out to his car and put him in the trunk. Jay took the back seat and Ju Kyung sat in the front.

"This is still his friend, even if he wasn't as heavily guarded Jai Er has to have some way to keep in contact with him when he's in danger." Ju Kyung said.

"Yeah I already thought of that. One of those big guys pressed a button on the wall I don't know what it did but I figured it had to be some emergency signal." Chase said.

"Let's get him back to West Corridor and then deal with him." Ju Kyung said.

Chase nodded. Ju Kyung's phone began to ring and he picked it up seeing it was Yoojin.

"What's up Yoojin?" Ju Kyung said.

"Hey I just met Y/n in person. Cute girl, very lovely a little sheepish. She happened to tell me you're at West Corridor through. Just one question, what the hell are you thinking?" Yoojin snapped at the end.

"Where Taehyun is involved I can't afford to be soft. You didn't tell her anything did you?" Ju Kyung's asked.

"Just that, that place makes you different."

"She'll worry about me."

"She's already worried Ju Kyung and she's pregnant. What's going on with you?" Yoojin scolded.

"I love her, no one is going to do this to her, no one." Ju Kyung said.

Yoojin sighed,

"Look is there any way I can help so that you don't go back to the dark side?"

"Actually yes. Y/N's house was burned down. I need you to get your men to sweep her office, her car and my place. Make sure there's nothing there, nothing planted that could hurt her. She goes back to work tomorrow and I don't want to put her in any more danger."

"Alright fine. I'll talk to you tonight."

"We'll be staying at Mom and Dad's." Ju Kyung said.


The phone call came to an end and moments later they arrived back at West Corridor. Jay and Ju Kyung pulled Mark out of the trunk and into the building. Mark looked around at the hall they walled him down and then brought him into Ju Kyung's favorite room. The room even Jay and Chase hated coming in. Jay sat Mark down in the chair in the middle of the room and tied his arms down. Mark looked at Jay and Ju Kyung with irritation. Chase had taken his stance by the door. He didn't have a weak stomach but Ju Kyung's form of torture was beyond his liking. Ju Kyung checked Mark's pockets for his cell phone. He put it on the table and Jay stepped back. Ju Kyung took the knife in his pocket out and brought it up to his neck. He made a small cut on his neck just to watch the blood drip down. He came to his arm and pressed his blade into Mark's skin. Mark gripped the arm of the chair as he slowly pulled the blade back adding more pressure for a deeper cut. Mark groaned all the way through it, the pain being just enough to make him clench his teeth.

"Fuck." He cursed.

He was already breathing hard and Ju Kyung hadn't done much. He punched Mark in the face, his knuckles connected with his jaw and the impact was wonderful. The pain he inflicted wasn't nearly enough though. Mark spit blood onto the ground and looked back up at Ju Kyung with defiance in his eyes. Ju Kyung punched him again, then again. Something about the way his fist pounded into his face was exhilarating. He hit him again and then suddenly stuck his knife into Mark's shoulder.

"Ahhhh!" Mark screamed.

Ju Kyung twisted the blade in his wound making him scream louder. The perfect sound to Ju Kyung was the pain he inflicted. Jai Er burned Y/n's place down with the intent to kill her. He was almost disappointed his intent wasn't to kill Mark. His mouth was bloodied and now his donut jacket was too. The white tank he wore under it stained red and he was huffing. He pulled the knife out and pressed it into his other arm and quickly slashed his arm. His blood ran down his arm and Ju Kyung pushed the knife back into his shoulder. Mark screamed, his hand gripped the arm so tight his knuckles turned white.

"Ju Kyung maybe that's not enough." Jay said.

"No it's not."

"Jai Er is going to want him alive."

"I won't kill him." Ju Kyung said.

"You're close to it."

"I haven't hit anything vital."

He stood Mark up and chained him up. He had him sit down on the ground and let the machine pull the chain to raise him upside down. Mark hung off the ground upside down and his blood began to drip to the floor. He yanked down his jacket and shirt to reveal his back and brought out a tazer and tazed his back. The tazer was up high enough so Ju Kyung could see Mark's muscles contracting and his body spasm.

"Ju Kyung that's too much." Chase said.

"He'll be fine."

"You're taking your anger for Jai Er and Taehyun out on him. Normally that would be fine but don't forget the main objective. Taehyun gets stripped of JYP assistance and the only way to do that is to keep him alive and make the deal." Jay said.

Ju Kyung slipped away from him and grabbed the metal bat leaning against the wall. He didn't want to kill him but Mark was who was in front of him now. He swung the bat into Mark's abs. Mark coughed and groaned through the pain.

Why are you like this?

Ju Kyung swung the bat into Mark again and he yelled out in pain.

Do you want to punish me?

He swung again into his back and Mark screamed.

Do you want to punish me because of the men I choose?

He swung once more into Mark's chest again and Mark looked up at him with tears in his eyes. Ju Kyung stared back at the damage he'd done. He pulled the knife out of Mark and set him down on the ground.

"Get his phone and send pictures to Jai Er. I'll be back and make sure he's alive." Ju Kyung said.

He walked out of the room and down the hall. He pulled out his cellphone seeing Y/n asleep as his wallpaper. He'd taken the picture a long time ago. Long before they were together, before he even considered asking her to be a pet but when he was falling deeper into his attraction for her. She was asleep on his chest, they had been at Jay's, partying and settled down for a movie and she ended up rolling onto him and falling asleep. He snuck the picture while everyone else was looking away; it had been his wallpaper for a good while. He thought about calling her to check up on her. Her questions in his head sobered him up and made him realize what he was doing. There was a reason he walked away from West Corridor. He went and washed his hands of Mark's blood, even Mark's tears fucked with his head. Mark didn't do anything, it was simply because he was Jai Er's friend that he targeted him. The same reason Minjun had targeted Y/N to be killed by Taehyun. He took his anger out on Mark when all he wanted to do was kill Jai Er, Taehyun and Minjun. Killing Minjun would start a war too though, Minjun had his friends and he had all of JYP backing him up. Ju Kung had Jay, Chase and Hyun Jung, they weren't bad partners either and they were heavily skilled.

Yoojin was right though Y/n was a huge weakness for him. He loved her so he had to keep her safe. He tried staying away from her and that only lasted a day before he had to have her back. Now she was pregnant and even more at risk which made him even more worried about her safety. He couldn't call her just yet. He had to stay focused and he had to make sure he kept JYP out of his way. If Taehyun pulled them as a resource he wasn't sure how much damage Jay could do, JYP was still his family at one point. Jay didn't show weakness during fights but the love for his former family still existed in him. It was harder for him to pull the trigger than it was to beat the shit out of them. Part of the reason why Jay and Nichkhun just kept it fist to cuffs rather than a shoot out.

"Ju Kyung." Jay called to him.

"What is it?" He said.

"Jai Er, he's called. He wants to speak to you."

Ju Kyung gathered his composure and walked into the room again. He took the phone from Chase and said,

"Jai Er."

"What the Fuck do you think you're doing taking him?" He said.

"Oh I wouldn't use that tone with me Jai Er remember I still have him in my possession."

"What do you want?"

"What I want, is you dead for trying to kill my fiance. What I want is Minjun's head on a stake and what I want is for everyone including that parasite Taehyun to stay the fuck away from her."

Jai Er sighed over the phone.

"Here's what I'll settle for. You go to JYP and you have him call me, I need to hear it from his mouth. JYP will not interfere in my pursuit of Taehyun, that means none of his men or women can help Taehyun or hinder me while I'm after him and I'll give you back your friend."

"You know he won't do that just for one guy." Jai Er said.

"Convince him Jai Er. You're still Chinese and the Chinese can retaliate within their means according to the Circle. They can retaliate against JYP for not saving your friend if you wanted. I want JYP away from my girl. Minjun and everyone else can't touch her, they can't hurt her. In return, none of my men will come after JYP and I will return Mark to you."

"So immunity for both sides."

"As long as no lines are crossed, even he has to understand if he goes back on his word than so can I." Ju Kyung said.

"Let me talk to Mark." Jai Er said.

"Go ahead it's on speaker phone."

"Mark." He said.

"Yes." He said weakly.

"Sorry about this."

"It's okay," Mark coughed.

"It's a flesh wound." He lied.

"Flesh wound my ass. I'll get you back okay."

"Yeah." Mark said weakly.

"I'll call you back Ju Kyung." Jai Er said.

"You better." Ju Kyung said.

He hung up the phone shortly after...

Y/n's POV

You were back in the guest bedroom after eating and just finished taking a shower. The bathroom door was open while you were rinsing your face from suds. Ju Kyung came into the room locking the door behind him. He was dressed casually which you liked because it seemed more normal to you. He walked in behind and he wrapped his arms around your body. He kissed your cheek and his hands roamed your stomach. He kissed your neck sparking a light moan to leave your lips.

"You're so naked." He smiled.

"You're so observant."

He slapped your butt and his lips took over your neck. Your moan came out and you bit your lip. Your body leaned forward but he pulled you against him. His hand slowly trailed down and his finger tips met your clit. You let out a soft moan while his fingers made circles on your clit.

"Ju Kyung." You moaned softly.

You looked up in the mirror and saw him watching you with a little smile. You moaned louder.

"Shhh, baby they'll hear you." He said softly.

He kissed your cheek then down just under your ear. His tongue ran down your neck and you grabbed the counter; you bit your lip trying to keep sounds from escaping but that only encouraged him more. He bit down on your neck sparking a louder moan that echoed off the bathroom walls. You quickly covered your mouth with your hand and laughed a little.

"You like the idea of getting caught don't you baby?" Ju Kyung smiled.

You looked back in the mirror at him, your hips moved on their own, rolling against his finger tips to get some extra friction.

"You like it more than me." You smiled.

"Look how pretty that smile is. My little bunny is too cute."

His tone teased you as he lifted your leg and made it rest on the sink. He always attacked you in the bathroom. It was just a perfect opportunity for him to get to you and you weren't one to really refuse.

"You're so wet." He smiled at his work.

"I'll have to shower again." You said leaned up on the sink.

"Yes you will. I'm going to make you so dirty bunny."

"Ew." You stuck your tongue out a little with a smile.

He smiled and cocked an eyebrow, you bit your lip expecting punishment. His hand came down on your perfect little ass, the sting lingering and making you grip the counter. Excitement rose in you and your body grew hotter. You looked in the mirror with a smile and he grinned. He slapped your butt again and a gasp rose from how hard he hit. You saw him lick his lips, he got off on pain. He said it himself, that might not ever change and you were liking each sting gifted to your ass.

"I don't hear you counting my little bunny." He said.

"Two." You said.

He smiled and smoothed his hand on your butt. You sighed as the bite on your skin faded away. He smacked he other side of your butt and you counted. Your heat begged for him to just be inside you already. He smacked your butt again and you counted. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down.

Only four smacks?

He must've wanted you. He moved with haste and pushed into you, proving your theory. He quick covered your mouth knowing you were going to scream as soon as he rammed into you. You continued to moan loud into his hand while his hips made powerful thrusts into your body threatening to break you. You gripped the counter and swatted his hand away just so you could breathe. His lips met your ear and licked your earlobe and you whined. His hand came to your neck and squeezed a little to make you light headed. It felt good but you were cautious of him grabbing your neck again. You swatted his hand away and his hand found your waist to yank you back on him while he slammed into you. He hit your spot making you cover your mouth in a scream.

"Ju Kyung, Fuck!" You moaned in pain and pleasure.

"You got so tight baby." He cooed in your ears.

"Ease up Ju Kyung you're going to destroy me." You said.

He smiled and said in your ear,

"Maybe that's the point."

You sat up and reached back to touch his cheek. His hand came to your belly and teased your belly button. You kissed him, his tongue swirled in your mouth. He took possession of your lips. You turned back to the mirror to see your lips swollen and breast bouncing from his rough hard thrusts. His lips met the nape of your neck and sucked on the beautiful flesh, possibly tasting little drops of sweat now. His body was hot; your body was hot and you were ready to cum hard. He quickly pulled out of you and flipped you around. He hooked his elbow under one of your legs and raised it up. He entered you again. He kissed you covering up your long moan. Your arms wrapped around his neck. You only just realized he was mostly still clothed while you were completely naked. You reached for the hem of his shirt and he smacked your hand away. He grabbed your hand and forced it behind you. Your leg wrapped around his body to keep him close. His breath was ragged and his moans were so fucking sexy.

"I like this." He said.

"What?" You said gripping his shoulders.

He stopped moving making you whine,

"No don't stop, please please." You begged.

He smiled and cupped your cheek and kissed you. He leaned over you and kissed you deep. One hand was behind you to support you while the other one brought him closer you.

"I like you being completely naked under me."

"I want you naked too." You whispered in his lips.

"I will be soon baby but not now."

"Ju Kyung."

He kissed you and bit your bottom lip. His hand gripped your hair and pulled your head back so he could get to your neck. He licked slow and long all the way up to your jaw. You released a heated exhale and your hips wiggled to ask him to move in you. Your body called to his and twitched while you whined.

"Ju Kyung please fuck me." You begged feeling you were going to die from the wait.

"I want you to be my pet baby."

"Okay, just please let me cum. I'm going crazy." You said.

Your hands gripped his shirt and you were panting. He had filled you up but you wanted a release. He smiled at you,

"Hello Velvet." He said.

"Hello Master." You said with haste.

He smiled and took off his shirt. Your hands quickly ran up his smooth skin. They trailed over the tattoo on his chest and up to his neck. He pushed down his pants all the way and kicked them off. He walked you into the shower and turned the water on hot but the initial cold water had you gasping in high notes against his body. He was pressed up against you and carefully thrusting into you while the water turned warm and rained over you.

"Tell your master what you want Velvet." He said.

His voice was so seductive you couldn't help but cry.

"I want you."

"What do you want me to do Velvet?" He said.

"Let me cum please." You whined.

You could hear your voice bounce off the walls as you cried for a release. He kissed your neck and the hot water steamed up the bathroom. Your hands scratched his back making him growl into your neck. He looked up at you with feral eyes and your body reacted. He pulled you close to him. His nails bit into the cheeks of your ass, his teeth bit your collarbone and neck.

"You taste so fucking good." He groaned.

"I'm close." You said breathless.

You ran your hand through your hair and sighed amazed by the rush going through your body. Your legs gripped him tighter, you loved the feeling of his short beard running over your skin. Your fingers came down to your clit to get you there faster.

"Ask to cum Velvet."

"Can I come Master?" You whined.

He kissed you hard and pulled you from the wall so he could slam into you.

"Yes bunny." He said.

He slammed deep into you once more making you scream you release. He kissed you to keep you quiet but you pulled away and leaned against the wall. He pushed deeper into you, staying on your lips to ensure you stayed silent. You clawed at his back until your body's spasms calmed down. He let you down while still kissing you. He brought his hands to your face and pulled away slowly.

"Get on your knees." He commanded.

You obeyed, keeping eye contact with him, you lowered to your knees knowing what he wanted you to do. He positioned himself by your mouth,

"Open." He said.

You opened your mouth sticking your tongue out so he could run his tip along the surface of your wet tongue. Your lips soon enclosed around his head and you sucked on him. He hummed while biting his own lip, loving the image of you down on your knees completely submitting to him. His dear little pet bunny giving him everything he wanted. His hand came to the back of your head and pushed you down on him. He made you hold his length in your mouth until you choked. You took in a deep breath before bobbing up and down on him making him moan more as you did. He held you down on him, your tongue wiggling below his cock and you gagged, coming off him for breath.

"Fuck Velvet, I'm going to cum in that pretty little mouth." He groaned.

You moved your hand up and down his swollen length, just waiting for the perfect moment to burst. You licked your lips and took him deep again until he was at the back of your throat. He groaned seeing you look up to make eye contact with him. He bent down to kiss you rough and hard; he was hungry for you but more than that he was close to his release. Your hand jerked him off while he kissed you but he quickly pulled off of you and pushed into your mouth again.

"Come on baby. Fuck." He groaned.

You sat up on your knees and took him deep into your mouth. You sucked on him harder and took him deep. He pushed you down on him while his hot substance shot inside your mouth.

"Fuck, swallow it bunny." He said.

You looked up at him and forced yourself to swallow him. He pulled you up and pinned you to the bathroom wall and kissed you.

"Good girl." He said between kisses.

"Thank you. Master." You responded.

He ceased his kisses so you two could wash up together and get out. He dried you with your towel and you brushed your teeth again, you slipped out of the bathroom quickly to get dressed in the dress he brought over for you. It reminded you of your place through. You sat on the bed in deep thought about everything you had in there. Gifts Jay and Chase gave you for your birthday, photos of you and the gang. Everything important was now gone. Ju Kyung and the baby was all you had left. You sighed thinking about everything going wrong. You couldn't stress about it through. You had to stay strong for the baby. You were going to have a shit load of work when you got back to the office though.

"Baby have you called Ren yet?" Ju Kyung said coming into the bedroom.

You looked up at him slipping his T-shirt back on and shook your head.


"Call her for me when you get a chance okay." He said.

"You said she knows the darker side of you." You said.

He nodded as he crawled over your body, your hands came to his shoulders and he kissed you.

"She a pet you can be open with. She was someone else's pet before she was mine too. I just want to make sure you're okay and you have someone to vent too. I expect myself to become rough sometimes, I was a little rough today wasn't I?"

"Just a little." you said.

"I get like that, just like how I lose myself when I punish you. I want to be good to you and all you need to do is tell me to calm down and I will. You have more power over me than the others, more than you know but it's just who I am. I like to take women rough, I like to-"

"Inflict pain, yes I know." You said.

"It's just better if you have someone you can talk to, not just Catlynn."

You smiled,

"You just don't want me talking to Catlynn because she wants to fuck me."

"You're absolutely right. I also know you wouldn't mind fucking her back. I'm not so uncomfortable with it than I would be if it was man though."

"Are you finally realizing I just like to play with women?" You laughed.

"Yes but isn't it natural to want to keep the one you love all to yourself?"

"I wouldn't know, you're the first person I've ever loved. It feels weird but I do love you."

"That makes me so happy baby. I'm your first love and I hope to be your last." He smiled.

You smiled and shock your head,

"You won't be."

He looked at you shocked then pouted. He nuzzled himself into your neck and said,

"Why? Who else would you love?"

Your hand slipped between you two and rubbed your tummy while you smiled. He looked down and smiled and then chuckled against your lips. He kissed you then said,

"Okay, I'll take second to the kid."

"You won't be second Ju Kyung. I love you both with the same heart at the same time. You just won't be my last love. You'll always be my first." You smiled.

"I love you." He said.

"I know." You whispered.

A knock came to the door and you both turned to look at it.

"Hey are you two still going shopping with mom and dad?" Yoojin's voice called from behind the door.

Ju Kyung smiled and got up, he pulled you up with him and he checked you out from head to toe. He kissed your forehead and took you out of the bedroom. Yoojin stood before you two and he looked down at you and smiled.

"Hi Y/n." He said.

"Hi Yoojin."

"Can I hug my almost sister-in-law?" He asked Ju Kyung.

"No." He said.

You looked up at Ju Kyung and slipped your hand from his and walked into Yoojin's arms to give him a quick hug, Yoojin hugged you back with a laugh and you went back to Ju Kyung's hand. He looked down at you baffled by your actions. You looked up and smiled at him. He cupped your cheek and kissed you,

"Bad bunny." He whispered.

"I know." You smiled.

You pulled him along down the hallway and saw Mrs. Sun and Mr.Sun. Mrs. Sun smiled seeing you two holding hands. Mr.Sun smiled as well and reached out for Ju Kyung. You could hear the faint whisper from his father saying,

"I'm proud of you son."

Ju Kyung's response was,

"Thanks dad."

Mrs. Sun wrapped her arm around yours and walked you out of the house while talking to you. You both were headed to her car and in deep conversation when Ju Kyung suddenly shouted,

"Yah! Mom she's not going with you she's going with me."

"She's had you all morning Ju Kyung."

"You had her all day yesterday." He retorted.

She laughed and shook her head,

"Oh my he's just interested in keeping you all to himself isn't he?"

"I'm afraid so. I'll sneak away from him in the store, you and me can shop alone together." You said.

"Good idea." She laughed.

"Hey don't you two go making plans against me." Ju Kyung called to you two.

You and Mrs. Sun laughed and you hurried over to Ju Kyung's car while Mr.Sun made his way over to his wife. Ju Kyung held the door open for you and pecked your lips before you got in the car. He closed the door behind you and you got your seatbelt on. He pulled off and his parents followed behind.

"I told you my mother likes you." He said.

"I like her too she's very sweet. You could be a little nicer to her though. I wouldn't have minded going with her."

"I wanted to talk to you about something that's why I asked you to come with me, plus I like you a lot." He grinned at you.

You shook your head,

"What is it Ju Kyung?"

He started reaching for his phone and dialed up Cha Cha and Jay in a three way call.

"Guys I've got her in the car so she can't flip out." Ju Kyung said.

Jay laughed on the other end along with Chase. You looked at him confused.

Why would you flip out?

"Ju Kyung what's going on?" You asked.

"I want you to start going to therapy." He said.

Your body tightened and you were ready to flip out just by instinct. Instead you balled up your fist and looked out the window. You kept yourself from cussing but you were annoyed Chase and Jay were involved in it as well.

"Considering I haven't heard the car screeching, I'm assuming you're still alive Ju Kyung." Jay laughed.

"Yeah for now." Ju Kyung said.

"Y/n no one is going to think less of you if you go okay but you can't do this alone. Your record with men and your experience as a child is what makes it hard for you to find a healthy relationship." Chase said.

Your hand loosened as you heard that. You took a deep breath.

"Listen kid, I adore you and I'd like nothing more than to see you alive and happy. I know Taehyun was your ex and if I had known you were dating him I would've done everything I could to break you up because I know who he is. Y/n you're addicted and the only way to break an addiction is to get help." Jay said.

You looked to Ju Kyung, the car came to a stop and he looked at you. He saw how upset you were. He looked at you sympathetic,

"I can't let you got but I know you'll seek it out again no matter how much you love me. You haven't dealt with your past, if you talk more, especially to someone who won't judge you but will look to help you than things will get easier and maybe you'll be happier. I live for that beautiful smile." He said lifting your chin.

You looked away from him and looked out the window with a sigh.

"Jay, cha cha do you know I'm marrying Ju Kyung?" You asked.

"Yeah." The both said.

"You know Ju Kyung is a sadist." You said.

"Y/n." Ju Kyung breathed.

"We know." Chase said.

You swallowed and looked away, you wiped your eyes.

"You're telling me to go to therapy for a pain addiction when I'm marrying a sadist. You know I love him and he loves me. If I have to go shouldn't he? Or would you suggest I leave him?" You said.

You saw Ju Kyung's hand grip the steering wheel. The boys went silent. You shook your head,

"I appreciate the concern but if you can't bring yourselves to answer that question honestly then why should I listen to you?"

"Ju Kyung go with her." Jay said.

"She'll probably be more comfortable." Chase said.

You smiled a little,

"I'll go Ju Kyung." You said.


"I got up this morning with another nightmare scaring the hell out of me. I've got panic attacks that add stress on my body and I'm just so tired of being scared of everything. I saw my mother when I woke up this morning and honestly I hated that image so much. I cared about my mother and I think she loved me too but she had no fight in her. There was nothing in her but weakness and when I think about being that weak with this baby I hate it. I'm so scared I'll lose the baby because I let myself be weak. I want to be strong enough to protect this baby- so I'll go." You said.

Ju Kyung smiled.

"Looks like we didn't really need to convince you at all." Chase said.

"Well that's not entirely true, I wouldn't think about therapy at all. So maybe this was for best." You said.

"Alright mommi be safe." Jay said in English.

"Bye Jay, Bye Cha Cha." You said.

You clicked the button to end the call on his Bluetooth. You leaned back against the seat with your hands on your stomach.

"How upset at me are you?" Ju Kyung asked.

"Not very. I don't know, I just wish you would've talked to me first."

He parked the car in the parking lot you two had finally arrived. The cars blocking you two were perfect to shield what he did next. He popped off his seatbelt and leaned over to you and gave you a sweet kiss but as he did his hand slipped up your dress and pushed your panties to the side. He slipped his fingers inside you making you break the kiss with a gasp,

"Ju Kyung." You moaned.

Your hand went to the arm that was pumping two digits inside your heat and you tried to stop him. He kissed your neck and whispered below your ear,

"This is how I'm saying sorry bunny. Just cum as quick as you can."

"Haven't you had enough?" You said.

"No." He whispered seductively.

You moaned at the sound of his voice and relaxed into what he was doing to you. You gave into to him, moaning in the car as his fingers pumped into you and his thumb tortured your clit.

"Come on baby, cum for me." He cooed.

You opened your eyes to look at him and your hand cradled his face. Your eyes had locked onto his but your vision came in clear and you saw a man standing in front of the car watching you two. You jumped up quickly pushing Ju Kyung hands out of you and pulling down your dress. Ju Kyung looked back but your eyes widened. You jumped out of the car and Ju Kyung followed but the man ran off. Ju Kyung started to head after him but you grabbed him and stopped him. You stared down watching the man run down between the cars and he glanced back to look at you one last time.

"Y/n?" Ju Kyung said.

"Why didn't you let me go after him?" He asked.

"That man- h-he looked like- my father." You said dumbfounded.

"What? The coward,"

Ju Kyung started to turn to go after him but you grabbed his arm and stopped him. You quickly wrapped your arms around him and came into his body,

"No please don't. Don't leave me okay. It's impossible that he was my father." You said.


"M-my father died a while ago there's really no way that could be him, he just-- looked like him." You said.

He cupped your face with both his hands.

"Are you okay baby?" He asked.

You nodded. He was gone, he just looked like your father. He kissed you and you heard Mrs.Sun yell,

"Y/N! Ju Kyung come on." She called.

You chuckled seeing her with her arm wrapped around her husband's. He patted her arm and you assumed by the way he did, he was telling her to calm down. You thought it was cute for them to be married and hold onto each other like that even after so many years. You pulled Ju Kyung's hand from your face and locked your fingers together with his.

"Let's go, we don't want to keep her waiting." You said.

He smiled at you and kissed the tip of your head.

"Come on baby." He said.

Ju Kyung's POV

Mark's phone rang and Ju Kyung quickly picked it up. On the other side of the phone was the deep voice of the man in charge of the group Jay Park himself was once aligned with. JYP adored Jay and did everything he could to keep him apart of the group but Jay left anyway, he had to. Now, his mature voice met Ju Kyung's ears with very little patience but enough interest to make the call in the first place.

"Hello." Ju Kyung said.

"You want to make a deal?" JYP's serious voice said.

"Let's talk." Ju Kyung said.

Jay and Chase looked to Ju Kyung and a smile formed on his lips....

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