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The perfecr game right now! Wait til you see the results!
Would you look at that! By far my favourite song and now it's their name.
Perfect for a lead. Let's go Doojoon!
I love all the colours!
Oh girl that dress is so gorgeous! If I'm wearing this let's call it a day and go out.
Doojoon forget what they said about not wearing shorts. YOU ROCK THOSE SHORTS!
Thats right, you like my dress too. Haha

Thanks so much @axosrain this game was the best!

Ooo snazy
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Not really. I got the sit around one...no dancing just sitting around with props. How boring. I came up with a new one when it was too late...I couldn't put them together
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I was trying to figure out why your results were so familiar and then I realized you showed them to me before you posted the card.
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