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BEAST MV SSG results
The perfecr game right now! Wait til you see the results!
Would you look at that! By far my favourite song and now it's their name.
Perfect for a lead. Let's go Doojoon!
I love all the colours!
Oh girl that dress is so gorgeous! If I'm wearing this let's call it a day and go out.
Doojoon forget what they said about not wearing shorts. YOU ROCK THOSE SHORTS!
Thats right, you like my dress too. Haha

Thanks so much @axosrain this game was the best!

Ooo snazy
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Not really. I got the sit around one...no dancing just sitting around with props. How boring. I came up with a new one when it was too late...I couldn't put them together
9 months ago
I was trying to figure out why your results were so familiar and then I realized you showed them to me before you posted the card.
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