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안녕하세요 Vingle Fam, It's 스카이 (Sky) Here~!

I Honestly Wasn't Expecting Anyone To Like My First '*Insert Name* As Your Boyfriend.'(I thought only 5 people would like it, even if that was the case, it's the thought that counts :D)

So~I deicided to make another one.

To make life a bit easier, I put all the members names on a slip of paper & putting them in a hat before pulling in out. Fate has it, I picked Jungkook ^~^

Sorry for this long Author's Note, Let's get started


⭐Shy Smol Bean #2

⭐Hearing Him Call: "누나~" 24/7(A/N: I know this doesn't work for me since I'm 3 years younger......bUT THE THOUGHT PHYSICALLY KILLS ME)

⭐Playing Video Games(Mainly Overwatch) All Night ( A/N: I love Jungkook & I love video games...sIGN ME TF UP)

⭐Hearing Him Softly Sing As He Does Everyday Activities Around The House

⭐Going To The Movies or Bowling For A Date

⭐Manages To Catch Short Glances Of You Before Quickly Turning Away

⭐Gets Flustered When His Hyungs Tease Him About His Relationship With You

⭐Passionate Make Out Sessions (A/N: not sure if I should out this in the smut part... but I'll keep it here lol)

⭐Shyly Holds Your Hand In Public

⭐Always Wants To Take Selcas With You

⭐Tells You How Lucky He Is To Be In A Relationship With You

⭐Watching Superhero Movies(Mainly Marvel....yass) All Day

⭐Having Adorable Arguments About Superheros(A/N: sorry Jungkook but *cough* tHOR IS 100000000000000 TIMES BETTER THAN IRON MAN *runs away*)

⭐Loves Nuzzling His Nose Onto Yours

⭐Wearing Matching Couples Outfits(A/N: TBH...just throw on a pair of Timberland Boots & you're good xD)

⭐Lots & Lots Of This:
A/N: .......why........just why...?
⭐Always Encourages You When You're Having A Hard Time

⭐"You got this 누나, Hwaiting!"

⭐Awkwardly Tries To Comfort You When You're Sad(Or Even Crying) & 'Tries' To Figure Out What's Wrong

⭐"ㄴ...누나, What's wrong?? Did I do something?? Did someone else do something?? ㅠㅠ" *Rambles on & on*

⭐Low-key Fanboying/ girling over G Dragon (Just Big Bang As A Whole xD)
ok......I was debating whether not to write a smut part for Kookie, so I'll just write down a couple things for him ^~^
❤Sweet, Slow, & Shy Sex(A/N: It sounds so awkward the way I out it....I hope you all know what I mean xD)

❤Accidentally Leaves Little. Marks On Your Neck

❤Shy At The First Sight Of You Body Before Becoming 'Hungry' For You
*sees gif* *dies inside*

I Hoped You Enjoyed This Little 'Imagine' of Jungkook~

I Cut The Smut Part For A Reason.... I'm Too Shy To Share Those Perverted Fantasies I Have...Maybe One Day. But Not Today xD (*restrains self from not singing 'Not Today'*)
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OMG SKY!!!! I love this!
i have been trying so hard to keep Jimin in his lane.....I did not see Jungkook swerving in on me tryna wreck my bias list 😭😭😭 why he gotta be so fine ❤💘🔥💔💔
It's cute, but I'm not sure about being noona in the relationship though lol
Awe the baby Busan torture device
@Helixx Thanks Helixx, I'm glad you liked it 😚💜
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