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Don't you just love it when you see idols with tummys...their eating instead of starving and that is just beautiful...
And I'm really happy to see that the break EXO got has been good to Chanyeol...at the EXO'rDIUM in Hong Kong he flashed us the cutest tummy!
Lol the things Suho goes through...
I watched an old program they were on, and boy are they savage towards Suho. He puts up with a lot.
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I'm also glad to see a tummy on Channy.
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I saw people making fun of him. I got so ill. To me, a tummy means that baby is eating well. Which makes me happy.
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He has the microphone stuff on tight which pushes everything up.....I bet when that's off, he doesn't have a tummy. I hope EXO doesn't see any of the stuff where people are making fun of them....that's so sad. I also want to see them eating well.
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