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I have seen TONS of kdramas... with the ups and downs, the love triangles, the sometimes amazingly... mind blowing plots... and the almost always crazy mother of the male lead... (she is usually bat sh*t crazy!) and out of all the kdramas I have seen... I can definitely say that this couple is in my Top 5!

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

Characters: Kim Bok-joo and Jung Joon Hyeong (Played by Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joon Hyuk)
I loved watching the characters grow from a friendship type of relationship to a romantic relationship. And their chemistry was out of this world!

Definitely a #RelationshipGoals kind of couple!

If you have watched Weightlifting Fairy... what is your favorite scene from the show and/or who is your favorite character?

Lemme know :D

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I loved this show. I came across it by accident and I was hooked. Super cute couple. Nam joo hyuk was so dreamy!! Kim bok joo was my favorite character for sure. innocent in love but so tough and inspiring!Her dad and uncle cracked me up
I love this drama. It has become my new favorite. I can watch it over and over. My favorite scenes are the jealous ones. They both get jealous 😂
I loved this show it was so cute and the characters it was great
It was a cute show....once I got over the main character's voice (she's always played 'nasty' female characters). I adore Nam Joo Hyuk (Cheese in the trap, Prince 14 in Scarlet Heart Ryeo), and this character ended up to be so sweet. I love how Jota and his friend from Scarlet Heart (Prince 13....can't think of his name off hand) had cameos.