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Okay, so this card right here is to explain WHO my BTS bias is & why I love him so damn much.
This is also for the entry to @JessonWang9094 BTS giveaway.
First I thought it would be fun to have a little bit of guessing in this. Kind of like an intro to the epicness that is my bias. (However if you follow my BTS card(s) you should already know his identity)
Okay so first thing is, my bias is extremely hard working at almost everything he does. I KNOW I KNOW they all are very hardworking, but this is me talking about one specific member. Anyways, he is very hardworking at what he does in the group. Whether it'd be rapping, performing, or writting music.
What would your first guess be???
Rap-Moster maybe???
As that is a very good guess(and yes I love him with all my heart).
But that is wrong.
Yes, I know I'm super sad to. I won't lie Namjoon has tried to come for my list more than once. Especially now with his purple hair OMG KHIOEUHNSDKFJN....
I'm sorry, I semed to have lost my train of thought.
Ah, yes my bias.....okay second clue. He was said to b-boy in the past. He may not show it off now, or maybe even know how to do some moves anymore, but he said dring American hustle Life that he was once a b-boy.
Okay, NOW who do you think my bias is????
Did you gues the one & only sunshine of my life??? HOBI?!?!?!?!?!
If you did then, you my friend are actually.....

Even though Hobi lights up my life bighter than the damn sun with his smile & dancing, he is NOT my main bais. He is, however, one of the BIGGEST bias wreckers I have ever faced(along with one other member).
Alright, alright, I'll stop rambling on.
Final hint, and this one is going to give the whole thing away. My bias has released some solo work, a full mixtape actually. It did SUPER well & I must say I was one very happy ARMY at the support he was getting.
NOW do you know who my bias is?????
THAT'S RIGHT!!!!!! IT IS!!!!!!

Lol, I'm only kidding Jimin is trying to steal my heart, but I will forever(IHOPE IF JIMIN STAYS IN HIS DAMN LANE) love.....
Min Yoongi!<3!
Yes, Min Yoongi a.k.a. Suga a.k.a. Agust D is my main bias of BTS (& possibly my UB)
His spirit is just pretty much exactly how I am. All the way from his depression & struggle to his hardwork & passion to his laziness lol.
Now for whhy I love him so damn much.
First reason HAS to be his beautiful smile

How could you not just fall in love with that smile!?!? It really just makes me want to smile with him, even if I had a bad day lol.
The next couple of reasons don't really have photos/gifs to go along with them.
I love him, because his lyrics speak to me on a whole new level, even if it isn't the same language. His depressin & anxiety reminds me of myself. The way he overcame oll of it to be where he is todday makes me feel hopefu. It honestly gives me more strength than I ver even thought I would have had on my own. The way he pushes himself to do better almost always inspires me. He had almost NO support when he chose to follow his dreams of being a rapper, but he did it anways, He overcame ALL of the doubts in his mind & all the negativity from his family to do what he loves doing. If that does not inspire you, then I really don't know what will.
He always feels, or felt, alone in the world. His heart was in pain, or is in pain, for who knows how long. I honestly feel that way a lot. I relate to him on so many levels. I feel that connection to his songs, that I have never felt with any other artist. It feels like the songs are what I have always wanted to say loud, but never really knew what words to put together.
The amount of thought & heart in his lyrics is amazing. Whether it is in the group track, or even hs solo work.
However even with all of that emotion brewing inside of himself, he still manages to keep a smile on his fac. He can honestly be one of the most goofy mmbers at times lol.
Even though he is thought to be the most serious member of the group, he can actually be really funny lol. He doesn't mind doing weird dances(like I tend to do lol) or singing at the higest notes possible even if his voce can't hit all the notes(LITERALLY ME) lmao. He is such a quite little fluffball!
I can honestlly go on and on about why I love Min Yoonig, but that would make this card longer than what it honestly already is. I am so sorry if this card is ABSURDLY long, I just haven't made a card in a while & was having fun making this one haha.
So I will leave this ff with a big I love you Yoongi! Keep working as hard as you are, and keep climbing up that ladder to greatness! And to @jessonwang9094 I really hope you liked the card. I really had a lot of fun making it :) It made me want to do more cards again! Maybe even write a couple fics again! Well that is my entry for your giveaway, I do hope you & evryone tagged in this card enjoyed it. I hope it wasn't too long either, I'm sorry if it was /.\... WEll have a nice night you all (:
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called it😎 hahaha only cuz he's mine as well😂😁👍
I almost cried! So good! 👏🏻 Loved it! ❤️
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I loved it! ^-^ and no problem! Thank you for making the card! ❤️