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Hey everyone! Happy Friday! *does happy dance* So I know I'm a day late, some unexpected stuff happened yesterday, but I shall still do my Underrated Member card even though it's no longer Thursday! So for today's underrated member since they just had a comeback I shall be covering BTS's SeokJin! Aka my bias. Now there's a lot of reasons why I think he's underrated and I'm going to try to cover them all without this card being too long. I will also be making this a bit of an appreciation post since I do feel like he needs more love. With that being said let's get started!
1st reason: His dancing. How he may not be on J-Hope, Kookie or Jimin's level but this boy can dance and hold his own! He's proven it many times and even more so with each comeback! You can definitely tell he has improved a lot since debut, especially in their dance practice videos. I just don't understand how people can say he's a bad dancer and doesn't get many chances to prove this.
2nd reason: His voice. Oh dear goodness this mans voice. Like the voice of an angel. It's so soft and smooth but also if you listen closely has a bit of a raspy sound at times but it's still so clear and solid. I could listen to his voice 24/7. So I don't understand why he doesn't get nearly as many lines as the others or like he used to. I included 3 links to 3 of Jin's solo songs including Awake. I was watching some of their older mv's and in some I could tell he had way more lines back then compared to what he has now. I know I know he had a solo song on Wing's but still.
3rd reason: Even though one of his titles in the group is visual let's face it this boy hardly gets any screen time! He did a good amount in Blood, Sweat and Tears which made me extremely happy but still compared to other mv's he doesn't get anywhere near as much screen time as say Jimin or Kookie. Now these are all my opinions and thoughts so I know there may be people that disagree with me but that's okay you are also entitled to your own opinion. Now with all that said and done let's take some time to just appreciate this man shall we.
This video right here (sorry app still freezes when I try to add a video to the actual card instead of a link like this) is my entire life! There are so many reasons to love Jin but these are the main ones!
This video too! There's multiple parts to this video but I will just include the first one. One more funny moment. But can we just take a minute to appreciate how SEXY Jin can be?! Like he's always acting cute and adorable but omg when he acts sexy...death.
And lastly let's just appreciate him wearing glasses.
And on that note I shall end my card here. Please continue to love and support BTS and please continue to shower Jin with all the love and appreciation he deserves!
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Jin is so Beautiful 😍 but yes I agree that he seems to get less attention lately
He is! Yeah I'm not sure what happened but he's been getting less attention and it makes me sad
Aww, i adore Jin and i agree, he deserves way more attention.
He is! I don't understand why people hate on him and why he doesn't!
I feel so bad Jin, he's so underrated it makes me sad
Same! I want nothing more to get the love and attention he deserves.