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Who Got a Snapchat? or snow?
hello everyone! It's Me! bunny! Vinny! twistedpuppy!
how is everyone doing? I'm great! just you know adulting, yes it's a thing lol.

Okay so now to serious business..
Who HAS a Snapchat or a snow?
this is serious thing it's Important....why is it important? well... you see....
I'm bored and I need friend that like kpop on snap with snap to watch because I be bored lol. so LET BE FRIEND ON SNAPCHAT I'LL ADD YOU BACK WE CAN SNAP ABOUT STUFF IDK LOL same on snow I have no one really so added me!!
I'll send you sexy pic of kpop idol!
speaking of idol know any of them who have a Snapchat? or actors and actress?
even western celebrities lol.
so let's be friends I can be fun I'll be awesome! lol I just wanna watch Snapchat lol. ..
that my Snapchat you can added me by username which is Coupdetat_Vinny

for snow added me by username twistedpuppy_vinny
so let's be friend wasn't this a very serious discussion lol added me Lol.
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Finally! I have no one on Snow but my Snapchat it laqueeta or something like that. I'll add you for sure 😊
9 months ago·Reply
9 months ago
Snapchat: karlypandaramos Snow: karlykanda66
9 months ago·Reply
okay I'll added you back soon
9 months ago
I added you!
9 months ago·Reply
Oh yas!
9 months ago
mines jinnyrod3 on both
9 months ago·Reply
Oh yass!!
9 months ago
Snapchat: Karbe4r Snow:Karbe4r I just added you to both
9 months ago·Reply
awesome I'll add you back soon
9 months ago