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2AM's Seulong went to the hospital to visit fellow member Jinwoon. On October 17, Seulong tweeted, "The concept of 'nuisance man.' This is the concept. As Jinwoon is feeling a lot better, do not worry. We are in the middle of eating patbingsu (Korean shaved iced dessert with sweetened azuki beans, fruits, ice cream / yogurt, and sweet tteok)," and uploaded the above picture. In the picture, it appears Seulong rather than Jinwoon is occupying the hospital bed. He looks like he is the patient comfortably sleeping while Jinwoon is the visitor watching over him. Jinwoon is currently recovering from surgery on his right leg due to an injury sustained from his car accident on the 6th. It appears he felt a lot better after Seulong's playful visit as Jinwoon responded to Seulong's picture on Twitter with his own tweet, "I laughed because of hyung's visit. Thank you." Hopefully, he feels all better in no time! Get well soon, Jinwoon.