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Upcoming MBC weekend drama 'Golden Rainbow' unveiled photos of leads UEE and Jung Il Woo's meeting for their poster shoot! The cast held their laid-back photoshoot at Sky Park in Sangamdong, Seoul on the 16th. With their bright smiles, UEE and Jung Il Woo looked like a perfect fit as a couple already. Cha Ye Ryun, who plays the role of Baek Won (UEE)'s older sister Chun Won, and Lee Jae Yoon, who plays the role of Baek Won's older brother Man Won, also joined the photo shoot, making it a family affair and confirming their casting. The drama will talk about the story of 7 orphans who go through hardships with a bond even stronger than that of blood-related siblings. UEE will play the role of Baek Won, the oldest of the orphans. Kim Yoo Jung will be playing her child counterpart, and Kim Sang Joong will be playing her adoptive father. Jung Il Woo will play the role of Do Young, who grows up in an estranged family after his father Jin Ki (Jo Min Ki) remarries, and later becomes a prosecutor. He later meets Baek Won who becomes a strong source of support for him and develops a romance with her. 'Golden Rainbow' will premiere on November 2!
Uee is so pretty i'm jealous >.<
can't wait to watch it.
nice i want to watch it :)