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Okay everyone, here's the final part of this story, the epilogue. I hope it's fluffy enough while not being too cheesy. Okay, cheesy is alright, lol. But, anyway, for those who don't read to the end comments, I just want to thank you all for sticking with me this entire story. I'm glad I wrote something people could enjoy. Thank you for being my motivation to keep writing, even when I didn't feel like it anymore. I love you guys for real.

Thank you to all of you who are reading, liking, clipping, following, and commenting.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up and BTS themselves are not BTS in this story. And, of course, I don't know the BTS boys personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
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Beginning: Chapter 1
Warning: May contain mild language. Some sensuality.

Two years later

SooJin fidgeted with her hands. She looked in the mirror and tried adjusting the dress that didn’t need adjusting. Again.

“Unnie,” JiEun groaned in annoyance for the 100th time that day. “It looks perfect, stop messing with it.”

“But, don’t you think—“

“Unnie, it’s perfect. You’re perfect. You look beautiful and Hoseok is going to think so as well. Stop fussing.”


“No ‘but’s. Look at me.” JiEun grabbed her hands. “Trust me. He’s going to think he’s seen an angel.”

HyeMi came in. “Alright, it’s about to start. Are you ready?” A moment of panic settled on SooJin and she started tearing up. “Oh, dear, don’t cry. You’re gonna mess up your makeup. Look, you’re supposed to get emotional, but at least wait till you’re walking out or Hoseok’s gonna think something’s wrong. Trust me, you can do this. You have to. I’m using you as a reference for my turn.”

“Me too,” JiEun added.

Yoongi’s wife came in. “They’re ready. Are you ready SooJin?”

SooJin took in a shaky breath and HyeMi gently patted her arm. “I’m ready,” she finally said. As much as she was nervous, she was also crazily ecstatic. This was the day that would change her life once again.

Because they were Maid of Honor and bridesmaids, the girls had to leave SooJin alone to go to the front. SooJin waited just around the corner while the wedding director moved the flower girls, her aunt’s two daughters, and the ring bearer, SunYung’s four-year-old son into place. The door opened and the kids started down the aisle, giggling as they dropped flower petals in their path.

SooJin’s breath caught in her throat. The director indicated for her to come over. The music started and the doors opened again. SooJin grew nervous again as she saw all eyes on her. She looked up to the front and saw her husband-to-be waiting for her, dressed handsomely in his tuxedo. Their eyes met and Hoseok face showed a combination of awe and elation. That was all SooJin needed to see. She smiled broadly at him and started walking down the aisle. Their eyes never left each other until she had to walk up the couple steps to the front.

Hoseok held her hands the second she stood in front of him. “I know this can’t be real,” he said quietly to her, tears standing in his eyes, “because it’s not possible for one guy to get so damn lucky. You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my entire life.”

“As unreal as having your perfect self in front of me, dressed in a tuxedo and getting ready to marry me is, it’s so unbelievably real. And if it wasn’t, I still would never want to wake up.”

He leaned in. “The guys are betting which of us is going to cry first.”

SooJin laughed and a few tears finally fell. She wiped at the tears just as Hoseok’s tears started to follow suit. “It’s pretty damn close.”

“Are the bride and groom ready?” the officiator asked. They both laughed and nodded.

The ceremony was beautiful and perfect. The small interruptions of the kids only added to the fun of the ceremony. Their vows were exchanged and, with the promises of ‘I do’, the two shared a kiss, signed their papers, and were officially married.

The reception was in an adjoining building so they didn’t have to go far. The wedding was small, just the way the two wanted it to be. The people who attended were all family and friends. There was dinner, then cake. The two made an extra effort to shove the first pieces of cake all over the other’s mouth making everyone laugh. When that finished, it was time for their first dance as husband and wife. Hoseok held out his hand to his new bride and she gladly took it. He swept her out to the open floor. With his hands on her waist and hers on his shoulders, the music started. Jin was their singer; he had such a beautiful voice.

Only a minute in and the two gave up the more formal dancing. SooJin slid her arms around Hoseok’s abdomen and rested her head against his chest. Even with the music, she could hear his heart beating. It was the most beautiful sound she’d ever heard and she got to hear it every morning since they’d moved out together.

“I can’t believe I can finally call you my wife,” Hoseok told her, his voice rumbling through his chest and into SooJin’s ears.

“I can’t believe I can finally call you my husband. It doesn’t seem possible to be this happy.”

“No it doesn’t, my beautiful bride.”

The song ended and the hired band started playing. A tap on his shoulder caused Hoseok to turn. Mr. Kim stood there. “May I dance with my daughter?”

“Of course,” Hoseok replied. He gently pulled away from SooJin and she took her turn to dance with her father. Jin took his turn to dance, then Jimin (who had managed to get leave from his military duties), then the others. Between all the guys asking to dance with her, Hoseok didn’t get a chance to dance with his wife for another few songs. He was happy when he got to dance with her again. Another two songs and SooJin was ready to sit down for a bit.

Even though it was small, the reception was full of life. It was a real party and SooJin was so happy to see everyone together and enjoying themselves. She missed the excitement and insanity they used to enjoy when they all lived together. The reception eventually ended and everyone reluctantly parted ways. Hoseok and SooJin would leave for their honeymoon the next day, but first, Hoseok had a surprise for her. He made her keep the blindfold on so she couldn’t tell where he was taking her.

They reached the cabin and Hoseok carried SooJin in, bridal style, without removing the blindfold. It was the beginning of spring so no snow gave away their location. The sound of a roaring fire, which Hoseok had asked to be lit in advance, caught SooJin’s attention.

“Where are we?”

“You’ll see in just a second.” He set her down and turned her to face the open view of the lake. “Okay.” Then he removed the blindfold.

SooJin gasped in surprise and tears welled up for the umpteenth time that night. “Oppa…”

Hoseok wrapped his arms around his wife from behind and settled his chin on her shoulder. “Do you like the surprise?”

“I love it! You know I do. We haven’t been here since the first time…” Her cheeks turned pink.

“Truly a blushing bride,” Hoseok laughed.


Hoseok kissed the exposed skin at the crook of her neck. “Who, me?”

SooJin hummed in agreement, already distracted by his touches. The alcohol was really working on her and right now all she could think about was how she really wanted him touching her just the way he’d touched her the first time.

“What are you think about?” Hoseok asked, noticing the increase in her breathing rate. Everything about her sent blood rushing down below.

“You know exactly what I’m thinking about—husband.” And with that, she pushed back against his already awaken lower half. Hoseok groaned and held her there.

“You know just how to drive me crazy.”

“And now you’re stuck with that.”

With a loving smile he said, “I think I can handle that.”

Three years later

“Oppa!” SooJin yelled and waved her hands above the crowd. She slipped through an opening and managed to get through the front of the crowd. Hoseok’s face brightened up when he saw his beautiful wife waiting for him. Somehow, she looked even more beautiful than when he’d visited on leave for Jin’s wedding a few months previous. Hoseok passed through the gates. As soon as he was through, SooJin was right there waiting for him.

“SooJin!” he yelled happily when she wrapped her arms around his neck. He dropped his military duffel, and wrapped his arms around her waist. “SooJin-ah…” And then he swooped down to capture her lips in a kiss. SooJin reveled in the feel of his lips against hers. She’d missed him so much.

He broke the kiss and stared into her eyes, a loving smile on his face. “I’m back.”

They hurried through the freezing temperatures to grab a taxi home. The two of them held hands the whole way. When they reached the house, SooJin bounded out happily, pulling Hoseok along behind her.

As soon as he stepped through the doors, she turned to him and said, “You’re home.”

“I’m home,” he confirmed. He kissed her again, gently pressing her against the closed doors. SooJin moaned and Hoseok began kissing down her neck. The heavy jacket was in his way, so he started to unzip it.

SooJin quickly grabbed his hand. “Wait.”

“S-Sorry. I didn’t—“

“Listen before you start apologizing,” she giggled. Hoseok nodded. SooJin guided him to the couch in the living room and sat him down. “I have a… surprise for you.” She bit her lip nervously and fidgeted with the zipper of the jacket.

“What? Whatever it is, you don’t have to be so nervous.”

“I just… I don’t know how you’ll feel about it since you just got out.” Hoseok encouraged her to tell him. SooJin let out a shaky breath and started unzipping the jacket. She dropped it to ground. Hoseok didn’t respond as he didn’t understand what he was supposed to see. SooJin walked up to him and grabbed his hands placing them under her shirt on her belly. At first, Hoseok was startled by her forwardness and still confused. And then he felt it, just barely. He didn’t care if SooJin had gained weight, she was beautiful no matter what. But that couldn’t possibly be why she was so concerned. He moved his hands to better feel the small bump.

“Are you… Is this…” Hoseok started to ask hesitantly. SooJin bit her lip and nodded. “You’re… you’re pregnant?” SooJin bit harder and nodded again. Hoseok pulled the shirt up so he could see it. “You’re pregnant… you’re pregnant… we’re pregnant… We’re gonna have a baby!” Hoseok exclaimed in delight, startling SooJin. He stood up and pulled her into a tight hug. “We’re gonna have a baby! We’re gonna have a baby!”

He kissed her and then let go. He started running down around the room, screaming the same thing. SooJin smiled broadly, tears slipping down her face. She had been worried about how he would take it, but he looked like the happiest person in the world.

“AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he howled and then ran back to SooJin. “A baby! A baby!”

“Yes, a baby, a baby! You sound like a crazy person,” she laughed. She was cut off when Hoseok pressed his lips to hers. She melted into the kiss.

“I am a crazy person,” he muttered against her lips. “Crazy for you…” He deepened the kiss as he walked her back to the couch.

“You’re so cheesy.”

“You love me.”

“Mmm, that I do.”

He gently laid her down on the couch, their lips never parting. “Is it ok to have sex when you’re pregnant?”

“Hell yes,” she murmured back, running her fingers through his hair.

“Thank God,” he responded before pressing against her lips more firmly.

The next day, everyone came by to see Hoseok. Hoseok’s parents, SooJin’s parents, Taehyung’s parents, and all the others with their significant others came. Hoseok was bursting at the seams to tell them the good news. When everyone was finally together, SooJin let him tell them about their pregnancy. Everyone congratulated them.

When the uproar had died down and everyone had gone back to their conversations, Jimin came up to them.

“Noona, hyung, congratulations.”

“Thanks, Jimin,” they both responded.

“And congratulations to you as well, Jiminie,” Hoseok told Jimin.

“Thanks, hyung. She really makes me happy.” Jimin caught his now-fiancé’s attention and she came over.

Jimin and Hoseok started talking with each other to let SooJin and Jessie talk together. Jessie was a former classmate of SooJin’s. SooJin had introduced Jessie to Jimin after Jimin finished his service and finally stopped being so self-conscious about himself. The two had hit it off immediately and, after almost two years together, he’d proposed to her just the week before. The two girls talked about plans she already started thinking about for the wedding. Jessie asked SooJin to be her Maid of Honor and SooJin happily agreed.

Taehyung’s girlfriend of a year came over and chatted with them as well. A very pregnant JiEun waddled over to them and sat down close to join the conversation; her and Jungkook had married just the year before. Jin’s wife, Yoongi’s wife and their year-old son, and HyeMi and her two-year-old daughter came over. The men started joking about how scary it was when women congregated like that.

They all made promises to meet together for Chuseok the next month. By then, there would be another member of their large family from Jungkook and JiEun’s side. They were reluctant to part ways, but it was getting late. Goodbyes were said and everyone left.

After everyone left, Hoseok carried SooJin bridal style to their bedroom. Their long greeting the previous day wasn’t enough to make up for the two years of barely getting to see each other. It was amazing that the two had even been together long enough for SooJin to get pregnant. And while everything had been fast and desperate the day before, they could now take their time with each other. The moans, groans, and so many other noises of pleasure were swallowed by the thick walls of their room.

Five years later

Once again, they all gathered together for Korean New Year. By this time, their families had grown. Hoseok carried his one-year-old twin girls around as they would whine whenever he put them down. SooJin was talking to HyeMi and Jessie about HyeMi’s third child that would be popping out in a few months. SooJin kept an eye on her son and Jimin’s almost four-year-old daughter who were holding hands while laughing hysterically at Taehyung and Jungkook’s wrestling match. Jungkook’s daughter was watching over Taehyung’s wife who was holding her six-month-old. Yoongi’s oldest was just like his father and sat quietly while watching the adults. Yoongi’s only other child, a two-year-old girl, played ‘dolls vs monsters’ with Jin’s two-year-old girl.

JaeSeok, SooJin’s son ran up to his mom with Jina, Jimin’s daughter, in tow.

“Mommy!” he yelled to get her attention.

“Yes, Jae?”

“Jina and me are married now.”

“Is that so?” SooJin asked with a laugh.

“Yeah! We kissed, so now we’re married!” The women burst out laughing.

“Sweetie, that’s not how it works,” Jessie told him.

“Nuhuh! I even gave her a ring.” With a beaming smile, Jina showed her mom the gacha machine ring.

“See, mommy? We’re married,” Jina told her mom. “And we’re gonna be happy just like you and daddy and Aunt SooJin and Uncle Hoseok!”


Jina huffed and turned away from her mom who was apparently refusing to acknowledge her obviously completely real marriage to JaeSeok. “C’mon, oppa. Let’s show our daddies. They’ll be happy.”

The two walked off swinging their arms. The women started laughing again.

“She’s a snarky, clever little thing just like her mom,” HyeMi said.

“Oh, no. She definitely gets that from her father,” Jessie responded.

SooJin looked at her. “You both are exactly the same.” The women burst into laughter. They heard Jimin’s voice arguing with his daughter about how she couldn’t marry yet and it made them laugh harder. “He’s gonna be a super protective dad when she’s a teenager.”

“Yeah, but he’s also a daughter’s fool.”

Hoseok came over still carrying the girls. “They want you again,” he laughed.

“Come here,” SooJin held her arms out. The girls squealed in delight and practically threw themselves into her arms. Once there, they held their arms out for their dad again. Everyone was laughing at the sight. Hoseok picked them up again and they tried to go back to SooJin. “Stay with daddy. I’m gonna set the food out, okay, babies?”

“Nomnom, nomnom, nomnom,” they started chanting enthusiastically.

SooJin went to the kitchen where Jin was already setting up the tables.

“Oppa.” She hugged her brother.

“Yes, little sister.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, silly.”

SooJin smiled at the old pet name.

“Thanks for helping out. I super appreciate it.”

“Anything for my sister.” SooJin smiled again and helped.

“Dinner’s ready!” SooJin called out a short time later. The house was full of the sounds of children squealing happily. The older kids helped the young ones to the table and their respective parents helped them into their highchairs.

SooJin surveyed the fluid movements of the large collective family. That’s what they all were; family. And their kids would grow up together just like their parents. They would have each other’s backs and would protect each other. They would, of course, have arguments and fights, but they would always be there for each other. One huge net to catch them when they fell. Maybe they would fall in love in a similar fashion to their current crushes, maybe it would be someone else, or maybe it would be someone outside the circle.

But anyway you looked at it, they would have each other. Their pains would be shared and so would their love. No matter what, they had each other.
So, what'd you think? A good enough epilogue? I hope so. I hope you really enjoyed it. Thank you again for everyone who read this story and commented, liked it, etc. It helped me to keep with it. And please don't be afraid to tell me if you think I screwed something up or if there was something I could've done better. I really like hearing people's opinions because I'm the only one editing my stories. Any imput (preferably constructive) is welcome.

FYI, so glad I did a final edit. I was checking and noticed I started writing the name of my next character instead of SooJin's name. It's a problem when you're trying to write two stories at once, lol.

For those of you who would like to go back and check out how it would've gone with Jimin, click here for chapter 17, the one right before the split in case you need a refresher. Or click here for chapter 18, which is the first Jimin specific chapter. Or you can click here to start at the beginning again for a complete refresher. Or if you're content with your choice, then I'll leave it here. Thank you all again, and I'll see you soon when I make a general announcement for my next story. Or if a one-shot catches my attention, lol.

Thank you @Mavis2478 for the story. This story was basically entirely your idea. I just tweaked it a bit and wrote it into chapters. I wouldn't have been able to write this if you hadn't messaged me about it, so thank you. I hope I was able to bring it to life the way you hoped I would and I really hope I didn't disappoint.

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