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Actor Lee Min Ho displayed excellent facial expressions. Lee min Ho of SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama The One Who Wants To Wear The Crown, Bear The Crown – The Heirs (also known as The Inheritors) starring as Kim Tan made a lot of audiences huge fans of him and beckoned them. His custom-tailored acting of a lot of detail and an output of extreme emotions lingered on for a long time. Fierce-tempered Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) who is very straightforward asked Cha Eun Sang (Park Sin Hye), “Do you like me?” with an sly smile. He also looked at her with envy and love because he was fascinated by her charm. The drama is looking forward to reaching new heights as Yoon Chan Yeong (Kang Min Hyuk) and Kim Ji Won (Rachel Ryu), Kim Tan’s fiancee, appeared. He performed an excellent his role required a lot of detail and an output of extreme emotions, and helped the watchers totally immerse in the television series. Kim Tan told Rachel Ryu who was got green-eyed monster “You are smart, beautiful and mature in my memory for eight years. However, you are not cool now. Don’t do that. Please don’t do that if you do because of me. I’m not beautiful person as much as you think,” with melancholy and sad smile not a cold smile. Listening to the sound of loneliness, he grew up a little bit. The 26-year-old actor displayed sincerity and truthfulness through his outstanding performance with a variety of facial expressions. Especially, his heartrending acting has picked in the episode four. Choi Jin Hyuk (Kim Won), his older half brother, wagged his slanderous tongue when he met Kim Tan, and the younger brother deeply hurt and more than a little upset. The audiences were deeply moved by his eyes were filled with tears, and they noticed, behind the neutrality of his gaze, a great sorrow. Netizens commented, “He would rather cry than calm,” “I can’t sleep. It’s really touching,” “I’d like to cry for you.” “Lee Min Ho is great actor. He fully understands his character and knows how to express, control and moderate his emotion.” an official said. “Notably he is excellent at expressing emotions through his eyes. He has own particular charm,” he added. SBS’ The Heirs airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. Lee Min Ho is excellent at expressing emotions through his eyes in The Heirs eng Subtitle. Watch online new korean drama in korean Series. Lee Min Ho is excellent at expressing emotions through his eyes in The Heirs Recap Watch Episodes Reviews