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Hey you guys it is the end of the week and I have another selection of songs for you. This week was my busy week by far and I had been mostly posting from my phone so I didn't really post nearly half the songs that came out this week. But I'll make up for it here in my weekly wrap-up.

Finally able to open my draft and add music videos you guys!!!!! So these are all the songs and artists I couldn't post about last week. I hope you enjoy them!!!!!

SOMA -Pale Blue

SOMA -Midnight In Paris

BTS -Not Today


Monday Kiz & Kim Na Young -Tears

CHEEZE -I Love You (bye)

Han Hee Jun -Think of You

Todays Hot Song -Good Thing

Yoo Yong Min-Unfamiliar

J Soul Brothers -HAPPY

Solar -Happy People

Tim -Beautiful

100% -Sketch U

G2 -Bread

G2 -Bang

Damsonegongbang -I Love You

Dash -I See U

Hello Sleepwalkers -DNA

San E -What If

Heeseong -All We Do

Heeseong -Walking in Love

Junggigo x Chanyeol -Let Me Love You

Dream Ami - I Want to See You Soon

Subin -Strawberry

Subin -Circle's Dream

Lee Aram -How About You

LuHan -What If I Said

Daystar -Flow


MONODAY -The Day is Gone Without You

Berry Goodman -Sakura

FAKY -Surrender

Ok so I meant to post this song but my phone wouldn't post it for some reason.....but I really like this group.

Misokkasu -Meiji Line

O'Lee -Your Name

O'Lee -Marshmallow Bossanova

High Notes -Endless

Gavy NJ -An Obvious Melo

This is another song I wanted to post but didn't get around to. But enjoy the soulful tunes of Gavy NJ.

Tokyo Girls' Style -Predawn

Grace -Zombie High

Noblesse -The Time Remains as a Question

Yoon Jong Shin x ZICO -Wi-Fi

I have to say that I really like this song.

Bill Stax -38 Flexing

Ali x Yesung -You are not here

Rabbits Project -Black Night

Rabbits Project -Red Moon

Rabbits Project -Think About You

Lee Si Eun & Jung Sung Hwan -Tears

This is another song I had trouble posting but really like.

Zero Gravity -North Pole 725

Yoon Beom -Ella

Stellarjet -What Is Love

Jung Yeonsu -Demian

YunB -Yayo

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