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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x ??? Length: 2243 Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He was my everything, but I was just his game. Part 8/?
Y/N’s Pov: You and Chanyeol had just gotten to the studio and he was rushed in the booth for recording. It's been almost a week since the last incident. Tomorrow is your last day with Exo, tonight being the last night, but you got too used to being with them. You didn't want to be a burden so you usually went to the break room when Chanyeol was busy. You always found members in there, and today you found Sehun texting away. “Hey Sehun, whatcha doing in here?” You asked while making yourself a cup of coffee. “Nothing much just texting Bambam, drinking coffee, but listen I know you got hurt and you're dating the monkey guy of Exo but this is called a break room for a reason.” He said putting his phone down reaching for his coffee trying not to laugh. As you scoffed. “Ha!NO! Really?!? I would have never thought!” You and him started laughing. This became so normal to you. It almost being a week. And once Chanyeol was done he came in and showed you what he worked on. You, him and Kai even dance their new comeback choreography. After that Kai said he needed Chanyeol to see the manager , so they left early to go see him. Sehun had driven you home. The day was coming to an end and it was giving you the same feeling you had when you first left Exo to dance with Got7, but this time with bts. Sure you'd be back in two weeks, but that's only if they didn't find that psycho. You made your way to Chanyeol's room, thinking he was still with Kai you and opened the door. You were stood in shock the room was filled with rose petals and candles lit. The floor was covered with red, white, and pink rose petals. Chanyeol came up from behind you back hugging you. "Chanyeol what's all this, aww this is so sweet why? I should have done this." You said as you closed the door. "Well you already do so much for me and this week with you has been heaven for me. Just enjoy it...enjoy us." He kissed your lips before you could say a word. He took your hand and you two walk to the bed. His bed had pink rose petals on top with chocolate strawberries on the night stand. You both softly jumped on the bed and he laughs. He reaches for you and you grab a strawberry and start to lick the chocolate off it. He licks his lips and grabs it and feeds it to you. He kisses you and licks the sweet juice from your lips. “Here” he said pulling a small box out of his pocket. “With this ring I promise I'll always be there for you.” He put it on your ring finger and you pulled him into a deep kiss. “I’m gonna miss you…” he whispered as he pulled away from the kiss. “Y/n…” he said starting to deepen the kiss more “I love you” he said climbing on top of you slowly starting to kiss down your neck. “I love you too Chanyeol” Jackson's Pov: “Jackson snap out of it already!” JB slurs gently pushing Jackson who was too busy daydreaming. “Yah! “ Jackson snapped “Jackson we’re having a performs tomorrow morning we need to focus” Junior said placing a hand on Jackson's shoulder but Jackson ignores him as he drift off again thinking about (Y/N) and Chanyeol “what if he’d kiss her already or more…” Jackson murmurs to himself “That MOTHAFU!-” Jackson punches the wall startling BamBam who was standing right next to the wall he punched “wae-wae “ Bambam pants gripping his cell phone in fear. “Oh shit, I didn’t see you there” Jackson apologizes starching his head. “Jackson I know you're worried but it's her last night with Exo, and I’ve been talking to Sehun, they've only hugged you need to calm down.” Bambam said holding his phone out. “J-hope and Namjoon are picking her up tomorrow morning, then in week she's with us.” Jackson sighed and went back to dance practice. Y/N’s Pov: The next morning you woke up in Chanyeol's rms. He looked super cute. You could get used to this life. You would die to wake up in his arms every morning. All you did last night was kiss and cuddle watching Disney movies. Singing ‘See the light’ in tangle got you tired. Chanyeol felt you move and he quickly woke up. "Good morning beautiful." He kisses you deeply. Suddenly your stomach growls and so does his. You both laugh. Your phone rings and Chanyeol hands it to you. "Take it I’ll try to make us breakfast." He walks out. You answer the phone. It was J-hope. When the other line picked up all you could hear was Jungkook and Yoongi arguing. "Hello?” You said trying not to laugh. “Hey y/n! We're gonna be there in about an hour, is that ok?” He paused as the guys started yelling. “Hey! I'm on the phone with her, she's gonna be with me anyway, right in between both of your rooms! Now shut up!” He said in an annoyed tone, but you couldn't help but laugh. “Haha they were arguing on who I’m gonna be staying with?” You laughed. “Yeah, but I talked to Chanyeol he wants you with either me or Namjoon so it works out, something about a blanket .” You smiled to yourself he cared enough to talk to the guys, awww. “So is an hour good for you?” “Yeah Chanyeol and the rest of Exo are leaving in 30 minutes so an hours good.” You said reading the boys schedul. “Ok we'll see you later y/n, bye!” And with that call ended. You toss your phone into the bed and decide to check on Chanyeol hoping he wasn't burning down the place. He was happily cooking some Korean pancakes. It smelled super good. You were surprised at how quickly he got things cooking but when you looked over in the other room all the guys were up and looked to be in a rush. He turned around and noticed you. “Hey we gotta be there early, I'm sorry I thought we had half an hour” he said rushing putting your food on a plate. “Here's breakfast I'm sorry” he said quickly putting the dishes in the sink then running back to the room. You giggled to yourself and started scarfing down the food and then doing the dishes. He came back once you were done. “Hey, are you done already? I'm so sorry I can't be here when you leave. I just-” you cut him off with a kiss. He smiled and hugged you. “I'll come see you tonight, ok?” You nodded and walked him out. “Don't forget to lock the doors, please be careful, I love you” you kissed him “I love you too” and closed and locked the door. You started packing the rest of your things and packed one of Chanyeol’s hoodies. He let you use it the second day and you've worn it everyday since. So you decided you'd take it and give it back the next time you come back. It's was around 7:00 when you heard a knock at the door. You looked through the peephole and saw Jhope Namjoon, and opened the it. “Hey guys, everything's in Chanyeol's room already packed, only a few bags, they left early.” They nodded and you help carting stuff to the car. It took about an hour to get everything and double check. “Is that all?” Namjoon asked closing the trunk. “Yeah, see I told you it wasn't a lot” they rolled their eyes and you ran back to take one last check. You stood in Chanyeol’s room and started tear up. This was almost as sad as the first time, working with Exo was great, and moving again is gonna be hard. Not to mention this time Chanyeol is your boyfriend, and you have to leave him, you'll be going back to work tomorrow and you wouldn't know when you could see him again. You ripped your tear and closed the door. You checked the back door to make sure it was locked before locking the front door and going to the car. You had put your stuff in J-hope's room after Jungkook and Jimin set up the spare bed in there. It felt weird but not awkward, it'd be a lot easier to get to the studio now. You finished and noticed the only two in the house were you and Jin. “Hey Jin, where is everyone?” You asked as he turned around. “Oh they left to go record..” he sounded upset and put his head down and then you realized. He didn't go because you can't be left alone, and Jin loves recording. “Um hey Jin?” He lifted his head up. “Can you drop me off at Sm? I uh kinda wanna see Chanyeol, then you can go record….” his eyes lit up and grabbed his keys. “Sure thing!” He took you by the wrist and you rushed you to the car. He drove fast and when you got out he rolled down the window. “Do you want to stay here just in case he's busy?” He said as it starting to rain and it getting into his car. Poor guy. “No you can go have fun it's starting to rain anyway, and if he's busy I'll hang out with one of the other guys.” He smiled and drove off. You walked in the place was filled with a decent amount of people but you looked over at the front desk and saw someone you were not expecting to see. It was the girl from a week ago, the one making out with your boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend. But she was talking to someone, looking to be flirting more like than anything, she had moved in and kissed someone. You rolled your eyes and walked close to see who the poor guy she was seducing was….no! You were stood dead in your tracks, the guy she was all up on, the guy NOT DOING ANYTHING TO STOP HER! Chanyeol?! The same girl that took your first boyfriend is now taking your current boyfriend, and he was just letting it happen! You took off the Promise ring he gave you and threw it on the ground and stormed out of the building. You cried so much that it was even hard for you to even walk in this cold rain. You couldn't bear the hurt you just felt. Such agonizing pain that your heart felt such despair and regret that you felt. "Why did you do make me feel so high up the cloud just to let me fall back down onto the hard cold ground! WAE!“You cried out with so much devastation as you started to run back to the guys house as you let out that awful type of cry. The type where you hiccup and try to gasping for air but it hurt to stop crying. Were you feel this tight knot in your throat as you grunt out this full of pain type of scream as you feel your eyes swollen up, and your voice began to quiver uncontrollable. You lose feeling in your legs as you drop to your knees and body began to arch forward as you try to hold back so much pain.You cried in the pouring rain for a while, getting soaking wet. Suddenly you feel someone place a coat over you. You look up to find the last guy you thought of seeing today Jackson? "Y/n!? What are you doing here!? What happened why are you crying?" he asks you with a gentle voice as he places his hand on your cheek and wiping the tears away. You couldn't help but cry even more. He pulls you in as he embraces you into his arms. You continued crying into his chest for a cool while as he pets your head as he repeated "It's okay everything going to be okay, I promise." a couple of hours finally passed by and your crying had calm down. He took you back to the guys where you changed and helped him dry off. When you were done you went down stairs where you found a newly dressed Jackson. “Did you borrow one of the guys clothes?” You asked. “No I went home to change, I only live about 8 houses down” he paused “...are you ok? What happened?” He said standing up while walking towards you. It had been so long since you’ve seen him and you just hugged him. He hugged back as tight as he could. “Y/n I’m so sorry, I should have never left you alone that night…. and I should have never-” “it's fine Jackson, I'm sorry for not calling.. not talking...” you cut him off and you both pulled away. “Come on let's do something today, something just for us, I wanna be with you as long as I can” you nodded and smiled as he took your hand and you made your way to his car.
WHY CHANYEOL WHY !!!! you were my FCE man WHYYYYY!!!!