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Be Respectful Please!! I'm just saying...

Que tal peeps!

I'm not here to bash ppl, but I have been a victim of some rude comments and my peeps have too as it pertains to our fictions we write.
I just felt like the advocate in me just needed to stand on her soap box for a bit.

Basically if the shoe fits wear it....
I'm very blunt so....if you boo

As writers we can be very sensitive. It take a lot of guts to put our work in display. We write first because we love it. However, we write for you all too because we care. Our projects are like our babies. If someone said something rude about your child wouldn't you get defensive?

Anyhow just be respectful with your comments peeps! If you have something constructive to say just message the writer. PLEASE DON'T PUT THEM ON BLAST ON THEIR OWN CARD IN THE COMMENT SECTION.

That's rude asf!

If you don't like the writing then don't view or like the card. I personally don't mind constructive feedback when I ask for it. Again...when I ask for it...I'm just saying.

I remember a certain some one who did not like my cards but always comment when or if I misspelled something. Someone even had the nuts to correct my spelling for our house name. I'm not gonna say who....but um...they who they are.


As writers we break rules and the reasoning for the different spelling had a meaning to it. I just did not do this for the hell of it. Someone might think they are helping....but um...just message the writer as I said again.

"No not today!" -BTS

Yeah I had to throw that in there! lol

Besos and Blessings up!!

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Its sad that you had to post for something like that. Its like that golden rule, if you don't have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything. or something like that
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I really respect all of you who put yourselves and your writing out there. I think one of my favorite quotes applies here - Don't let the bastards get you down. I applaud you all for your creativity and ability. like you said, if they don't like it, then don't read it. pretty simple
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@resavalencia awe馃槞馃槞 thanks boo! thanks for ur support
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wow that's just messed up
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well that's completely not cool of something like that
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